Gwellian Beavan 1713

Gwellian Beavan 1713

Of the parish of Goytre, sick in boyde but good and perfect memory.

£10 to David Beavan my executor.

£15 wch money lieth in the hand of Charles Morgan to be payed this month after my decease to my best beloved father the sum of six pounds ten shillings.

To my best beloved brother William Beavan six pounds and sixteen shillings wch mony lieth in William Beavan and then ten shillings to be paid to my executor, to be paid three years after my decease.

Give and bequeath to my beloved sister Jane, the wife of John Morgan, one shilling.

To Cecgill Walters the wife of Beavan all my wearing apparel and the rest of my goods.

To my executor, David Beavan, my father of Goytre, I appoint executor,

The mark of Gwellian Beavan.


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