1878 Free Press

6th January  – Cottages to be Let

Two Cottages with gardens & c. at Nantyderry with an extra blacksmiths shop with the one cottage and all conveniences.
Also [after Xmas] a portion of land for a coal wharf with part of a good shed.
Rent moderate apply William Williams refreshment rooms, Nantyderry.

9th February – Royal Oak – Transfer of a License
Mr A. Morgan, solicitor applied for the transfer of a license to James Howard, Goytrey.

March 2nd  – To be Let at Nantyderry
A Smith’s shop, with a good cottage to be had at once.
A Cottage and Garden, vacant
A Cottage at Upper Village, Goytrey, to be let
A Neat Cottage, called Goytrey Cottage, with a large walled garden, a paddock and about 5 acres of rough ground, now occupied by John Jenkins, to be had in May next; a;so,
Goytrey Mill and Pantglas Farm, in extent about 30 acres.
Apply to Rev T Evans, Nantyderry House.

March 7th– To be Let
The Beerhouse known as “The Nightingale,” situate in the parish of Goytrey on the main road from Pontypool to Abergavenny with Grocers, Wheelwright and Blacksmith’s shop and TWO Cottages adjoining and about an acre of garden ground.
There is a good supply of water on the premises.
The Stock-in-Trade and Fixtures to be taken at valuation.
To view, apply to Mr James Jones, on the premises; and for further particulars to Waite and Son, Auctioneers, Clarence Street, Pontypool.

March 16th– Goytrey
SHOCKING FATAL ACCIDENT: – At noon on Wednesday, Mr William Jenkins, farm bailiff to Colonel Byrde J.P., met with his death under very distressing circumstances.  He had been out superintending the exercise of the horses and had himself a young colt attached to the cart.
On returning home and in passing over the Canal Bridge near to Colonel Byrde’s residence the horse suddenly swerved and overthrew the cart.
The animal itself fell and knocked Mr Jenkins down falling upon his chest.  Assistance was immediately at hand but the unfortunate man simply exclaimed ‘I am badly hurt’, and died almost directly.
Mr Essex was sent for, but his services were, of course unavailing.  Deceased who had been for 23 years in Colonel Byrde’s service was widely known and much respected.


To Wheelwright, Carpenters, Blacksmiths and others
Messrs WAITE & SON

Have been instructed by Mrs Cobner to SELL by AUCTION, on Wednesday the 3rdday of April 1878 on the premises as above a quantity of:

Timber, Wheelwright & Blacksmiths Tools, Household Furniture and Effects, Comprising;

Turned and other stocks, well seasoned oak spokes, elm and ash felloes, yellow pitch pine planks, red deal and spruce planks, ash, oak, pear and cherry tree planking, panelled doors, sash frames and glazed sashes, chimney pieces, cupboard frames and doors, elm boards, a quantity of dried timber, nails and spikes, bolts and screws, iron-work and fittings, paint, pots and brushes, vice, bench and wheel horse, sawing and carpenters benches, hoop iron, iron-mongery, quantity of old iron, pit and other saws, gate-posts, fire wood and ladders, grind-stone, fenders and fire-irons.

Arm and other chairs, kitchen top and other tables, sofa, high back circular settle, clocks, crockery and glass, ten trays, four post bedstead, featherbed, washstand and dressing table, engravings, looking glass, pots, pans, brushes, buckets, saucepans, two moderator lamps, books, slates, iron weights, wheelbarrow, washtub, wine casks, kidney bean sticks and other useful effects

Sale to Commence at 12 o’clock

Auctioneers Office:
Clarence Street
March 14th1878


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