Vimpany, Mrs Susan – 1954

The funeral took place at St Peter’s Church Goytre of Mrs Susan Alice Vimpany of Hay Meadow, Goytre, the Rev. CW Kelly officiated.

Harry, Ern, Bill and Harold, sons.
Ena and Tom, daughter and son-in-law.
Georgina, sister.
Gordon and Leonard, nephews.
Marion, niece.

At the house:
Elsie, daughter-in-law.
Vera and Jessie, nieces.
Mrs Rees

Others present:
Mmes: D Price, Hatchley, Powell and Highley.
Messrs: I Jones, Gwatkin and B Price

M/s A Messenger, R Hamer, W Powell and W Morgan.

Ena, Tom and family.
Harold, Elsie and Gordon.
Ern, Bill, Violet and Peggy.
Harry and family.
John, Jill and Len.
George, Marion and family.
Georgina and family.
Mr & Mrs Watkin and family, Parc Bach
Mr & Mrs Messenger and Betty.
Mr & Mrs Powell and family, Gelli.
Mr & Mrs Rees and family, Freeholdland.
Mrs Court, Low, Bill, Linda and David.
Nos. 3 and 7 Llwynu Lane
Mr & Mrs Hamer and Robert.
Mr & Mrs D Brice and Bobby.
Mr & Mrs Pritchard and family.
Bricklayers and mates of BNS.
Mrs Highley, Billy and Leslie.


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