Waters, Mr Enoch – 1932

October 14th 1932.

Mr Enoch Waters, Goytrey.

Goytrey’s oldest inhabitant has passed away. A remarkable character in many ways, Mr Enoch Waters was born and bred in the village, he died on Thursday last at his residence, Llaswern Cottage at the advanced age of 92 years.
Of a careful and industrious disposition he had built his house, Llaswern Cottage. Like his father he followed the occupation of a besom maker and supplied all the residents and gentlefolk of the district as well as some of the works and colliery’s with that useful though sometimes humble commodity.
To that, for many years he added that of coal merchant except for a break of ten years, during which he was employed at the old British Iron Works, Abersychan and at the works in Glamorgan as a puddler, he lived in Goytrey all his life.
The wages paid then were different from what they are today. His earnings were 2s per turn, but by dint of perseverance he eventually increased this to 30 shillings a week and was then considered a well paid man.
It is said of him that he was a man who always loved his work.
He commenced to fend for himself at the early age of ten years on a farm. A life long non-smoker Mr Walters was a man of remarkable physical strength and his faculties remained unimpaired to the last. He could always hold his own. Honest and upright, he was respected by all who knew him.
In politics he was a staunch Liberal and in religion a non-conformist, being a member of Saron Baptist Church.
On Sunday, amid manifestations of sorrow, deceased was laid to rest in Saron Burial ground, in the grave of his wife, who preceded him some twelve years ago.
Chief mourners were;
Mr Brinkworth, Cwmody (nephew);
Mr & Mrs Alfred Marsh, Porth, (Stepson and daughter in law)
Mrs Jones (Cwmffrwdoer
Mrs Rogers, Crumlin
Mrs Mallarney, Hafordyrynys
And other relatives


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