1964 Free Press

Jan 3rd – Obituary

Mr T Perrott, Goytre. (In Obituaries)

March 6th – Advert

Goytre, charming detached freehold bungalow. Three bedrooms, bathroom/wc, lounge, diner/kitchen, reception hall, central heating, garage. £4,500.

March 6th – Goytre Women’s Institute

Mrs Swinnerton presided, Mrs Enid Evans, (Pontllanfraith) gave an informative talk on drama, costume and production and was thanked by Mrs Young.
Miss Ada Kondeki from Northern Rhodesia spoke on her activities as a social worker amongst backward tribes and was thanked by Mrs E Jones.
Mrs Jenkins won the competition and Mrs Whittington, senior, the raffle.
Tea hostesses were mesdames Edward, Ellis and Essex.

March 6th – For Sale

Lease considered. – Shop premises, recently constructed. This is ideally suitable for Chemist which is badly needed. There are two doctor’s surgeries in the area, plus the service from doctors in Usk. The nearest chemist is 5 miles away, either at Abergavenny, Pontypool or Usk. Also there is a strong possibility of an off licence being granted to suitable applicant.

Delightful corner plot in Fairfield Estate, on which A L Way Ltd, private builder, will build to your special requirements.

Fairfield Estate, beautiful new well designed, three bedroomed bungalow. Stone fireplace for open fire plus gas central heating. Freehold £4,000.

March 20th – Entries down at Goytre VPA Spring Show

Entries in the horticultural classes of Goytre VPA eighth spring show at Llanover Village Hall on Saturday were very disappointing – there were only 21 exhibitors, although the show was open to the Women’s Institute of Goytre and Llanover.
A E Messenger (placed first in eight of the 14 classes) won the award for highest points. Other successes were E R Bradley, Mrs D V Morris, Mrs L Owen, Mrs M H French, Mrs R Rees and Mrs A Jenkins.

Industrial Classes
Fruit cake: 1. Mrs D V Morris 2. Mrs M Sturley. 3. Mrs V Jones
Victoria sponge: 1. Mrs V Jones 2. Mrs French 3. Mrs G M Young
Bread: 1. Mrs Morris 2. Mrs L Owen
Welsh cakes; 1. Mrs D Welch 2. Mrs L Owen
Sausage rolls: 1. Mrs French 2. Mrs Morris
Lemon Curd: 1. Mrs Bradley 2. Mrs L Owen
Marmalade: 1. Mrs Skidmore 2. Mrs Mrs French
Blackcurrant jam: 1.Mrs Bradley 2. Mrs Owen
Cold sweet: 1. Mrs French 2. Mrs Morris
Wine: 1. Mrs Wilson 2. Mrs Morris
Minature floral decoration: 1. Mrs A Meadowcroft 2. Mrs Bradley
Container of flowers: 1. Mrs Skidmore 2. Mrs R Rees
Garment, double knitting: 2. Mrs Meadowcroft
Matinee coat: 1. Mrs M Harper
Hen eggs: 1. Mrs V Jones 2. Mrs Rees

Children’s classes
Fancy cakes: 1. Shirley Knox 2. Judith Sturley 3. Valerie Jones
Queen cakes: Malcolm Bradley 2. Judith Bradley
Craft work: 1. Judith Sturley
Freehand drawing: 1. Judith Sturley 2, Geoff Gulliver 3. Robert Morgan
Girl’s craft work: 1. J Lewis 2. Susan Hughes 3. Susan Arthur
Freehand drawing under 7: 1. Stephen Peglar 2. Lyn Cook 3. Catherine Parsons
Illustrated story: 1. C A Meadowcroft 2. Nicholas Potter
Minature garden under 11: 1. C A Meadowcroft 2. J Lewis 3. Catherine Jones.

Special prizes
Floral art:  Mrs Skidmore
Best pot of bulbs: A E Messenger
Novice class: Mrs L Owen

March 20th – Obituary

Mrs A Gwatkin ( In Obituaries)

March 20th – Obituary

Mr E Thomas (In Obituaries)

April 24th – Goytre Village Hall Committee

Tenders are invited from experienced Building Contractors for the construction of a traditional Village Hall on Newtown Road, Goytre, near Pontypool, Mon.
Plans and specification may be obtained from the undersigned, subject to a deposit of £3/3/0 which will be repayable on receipt of a bona fide tender.
Tenders, in a plain sealed envelope, endorsed “Erection of Village Hall” and addressed to the secretary, must be returned by 12 noon on 1st May 1964.
The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender.
BFW Bishop
Goytre, Abergavenny, Mon.

April 24th – Work will start soon on Goytre Village Hall

Building will shortly begin on Goytre’s new village hall but efforts which have made this possible must not shaken, since the hall will have to be maintained after it is built said Mr R A Higginson, the treasurer, at the annual meeting.
Mrs R Rees of Goytre Hall (president) in the chair paid tribute ti the work if the late chairman, Mr O Morgan, who died shortly before Christmas and praised the work of the retiring committee.
Retiring officers and committee were all re-elected.
Mr M M Wilson, chairman thanked supporting organisations and the general public for the immense amount of help they had given the committee in all their functions. The past year had been an active one but the work had been well worth while in view of the rapidly increasing population of Goytre, who would make use of the new hall and its facilities.
Mr Higginson was able to report a very satisfactory financial position.
The committee now consist of elected members: Mr M M Wilson (chairman); Mr A Morris (vice-chairman); Mr B F W Bishop (secretary); Mr R A Higginson (treasurer); Mrs N Knox, Messrs S Hayes, D Jones, W Morgan, P Siddaway, F Robinson and H Young.
Representative members – Mrs E James (VPA), Mr W Owen.

April 24th – Goytre Women’s Institute

The monthly meeting of Goytre WI was held at Goytre School, Mrs Swinnerton presiding.
The minutes were read by Mrs Willson.
A talk was given by Mr Frank Hamer on pottery, illustrated with coloured film. He then judged the competition for the prettiest piece of china and awarded the highest marks to Mrs Maisey.
Thanks were expressed by Mrs R Skidmore, Mrs Wilson won the raffle.
Tea hostesses were mesdames D Jones, C Jones, B Jenkins and Jenkins (jnr.)

May 15th – Obituary

Mrs E Owen (In Obituaries)

May 22nd – Goytre Man’s Flu Caused Crash

A man who failed to stop after his dangerous driving had caused an accident was suffering at the time from a bad dose of influenza, Pontypool magistrates were told on Friday. William Charles Shepherdson (54) bricklayer of Goytre, pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving, failing to report the accident to the police and failing to stop after the accident.
He was fined a total of £13 and had his licence endorsed after his solicitor, Mr D P Tomlin had pleaded for leniency in the usual circumstances.

The court heard from Mr Michael Jennings, prosecuting, how a Mr Vaughan was driving past Hafodyrynys Colliery about 4.30 pm on March 7th at about forty miles an hour and on his own side of the road. As he was passing a stationary vehicle on the other side of the road, another car pulled out and collided with him.
Mr Vaughan did not see the other car stop. He halted and found extensive damage to his own car. A bus passenger later testified that the road was strewn with metal and broken glass – all of which was on Mr Vaughan’s side of the road.
Police who later went to Shepherdson’s home found him ill in bed. He was obviously so ill that they decided to postpone their questioning. His car displayed extensive damage to the bodywork. Paint marks on it corresponded with the other car.
When finally questioned, Shepherdson was convinced that the other drive was at fault. He claimed that he stopped just around the corner and decided that the other car must have driven on and could not, therefore, have sustained any serious damage.
His denial of his own responsibility had been in good faith, though he now realised that he was in fact to blame, this was only after he had been convinced of the actual facts later.

May 22nd

Taken just before the Guard of Honour for the departing Governor of Hong Kong, this photo shows Cpl. Brian Mathews (left) whose parents live at Beech Mount, Pontnewynydd and Cpl. Ian Morris whose home is at Arrow Cottage, Goytre. Both Corporals have served in Germany with the South Wales Borderers and travelled to such countries as Norway, Denmark and Holland before coming out to Hong Kong, where they are at present serving.



June 26th – Goytre Queen Chosen

A large crowd attended the selection at Goytre School of a carnival queen and court for the Goytre flower show and fete on August Bank holiday Monday.
The judges, Mrs G Wilson, Little Mill and Mr T G Crook, Risca, chose Elizabeth Jones as queen; Diane Litten, Hilary Hughes, Shiela Owen and Caroline Frewin as court ladies.
Christine Meadowcroft and Janet Griffiths as flower girls; and Philip Jones and Stephen Andrew Griffiths as page boys.

June 26th – For sale

600 yards from the village of Penperlleni and on the A4042 trunk road, Abergavenny 7 miles, Usk 4 miles, situated on the Monkswood road in beautiful rural surroundings, overlooking the village, with 380 yards of road frontage.
19 acres of agricultural land known as Ty Bach. Land by auction at the Goytre Arms on Thursday July 9th at 8pm.

July 24th – Ty Gwyn, Nantyderry

On a quiet side road, midway between Abergavenny and Pontypool, 5 miles ffrom Usk, detached freehold residence known as Ty Gwyn.
Well laid out gardens to front and side with lawns, small orchard at rear, RV £76.
Submitted to auction on Friday August 14th at 7 pm at the Goytre Arms, Goytre, Pontypool.

September 18th – Goytre Man’s Van Collided with Standing Lorry

Gerald Hugh Jones, 24, of Park View, Goytre, was fined £20 and disqualified from driving for 6 months and ordered to pay £11/9/1 costs at Abergavenny for driving dangerously in a mini-van. He was allowed three months to pay.
Jones, who pleaded not guilty and was represented by Mr Colin Clark, admitted driving at “about sixty” shortly before he was involved in a collision with a stationary lorry although his mini-van was restricted to a speed of 40mph.
Inspector Wilfred Evans said that a lorry which had broken down and was stationary on the Abergavenny side of Ochran Bends on the main Pontypool-Abergavenny road was struck by the defendants mini-van on July 17th. Although the lorry’s brakes were on, it was pushed forward several feet.
Jones said in court that when he saw the lorry parked his immediate reaction was to stop and he braked. The rear of his van began to slide and it skidded for about 50 yards before striking the lorry.
Cross-examined by Inspector Evans, he agreed he was travelling faster than he should have been.

September 18th – Trouble in the Singing Room at Goytre

Two Goytre brothers were fined £5 each with £7/5/10 costs at Pontypool on Friday for disprderly conduct in a public house.
Raymond Geoffrey Webb (20) and Michael George Webb (19) of 17, Frondeg, Goytre, pleaded guilty by letter.
Mr Evans, licensee of the Goytre Arms, said that ten minutes after he called time, he went into the singing room and told the crowd of youngsters it was time they were going. Thereupon the younger Webb went over to another youth and attacked him with his fists.
Mr Evans asked the Webb’s to leave but they refused and continuously attempted to punch other customers who had given no provocation.
The Webb brothers threatened to wreck the premises if the police were sent for.
They were eventually ejected by other customers but uttered more threats outside the premises.
Royston Gibbs, of Pontnewynydd, said he and a number of friends occupied some seats in the singing room twenty minutes after the Webbs had vacated them. Some time later they came back and one of them said “They are our seats shall we shift them?”
Then after closing time one of the Webbs came over and started the fight.
Damage was done to glasses and windows during the fracas.

October 23rd – Usk Milkman Attacked by a Boar

An Usk milkman, Mr Denis Gardner, who lives at Ty-Llwyd Farm, Goytre, was attacked and savaged by a boar near his home on Sunday.
The animal reared on its hind legs and as Mr Gardner raised his right arm to defend himself, the boar buried its fangs in his forearm, breaking bones in the hand and tearing flesh and tendons.
Mr Garnder was lucky not to be more seriously injured.
The boar was shot as it lay asleep in its cot after the attack.


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