1946 Free Press

January 11th – No License

For driving a car without a license at Pontypool on December 22nd Reginald Jones, 30, milk vender of Pentre Vach, Goytrey, was fined 10/-.
Inspector A. Bowkett said that when he stopped James at Clarence Street he produced a license which expired in April 1945, he said “I thought it was in order.”

January 11th – Funeral of Mrs A Lewis

The funeral took place at St Mathews Church, Monkswood, of Mrs. Alice Lewis, aged 66 of Llwyncelyn Farm. She had been in business at Pontypool market for over 40 years and was very well known and esteemed. The Rev C A Rees (Saron Baptist Chapel and the Rev. Howell Witt (curate of Monkswood) officiated.

Mourners: Husband; Harry Florrie and Harold, Lilly and Will, Mabel and Archie, daughters and sons-in-law; Roy Ball; Sylvia, Doreen and Peter Jones, Doris Pitt, Bert, Archie and Harry James, Mary Gratton, grandchildren. Mrs F Pitt, sister. Mr A Pardoe, brother; Mrs C Pardoe, Sheffield, sister-in-law; Irene and Ted Williams, Cliff and Dai James, Mrs E Foster (Birmingham), Mrs H Bridgeman, (Caldicot), Mr J Shepherdson, Mr & Mrs W Summers, Mrs E Orman, Mrs V Smith, Mr T Pitt, Mr & Mrs I Pitt, Charlie, Jack and Ivor Shepherdson, Mrs T Price, Mrs B West, nephews and nieces; Mr R Perrot, Mrs A Scott, Mr T Powell, (Newport), cousins.
Nephews and grandsons acted as bearers.
Flowers: Husband; Annie, Sylvia, Doreen and Peter; Florrie and Harold; John, Melda and children; Lily, Will and family; Mabel and Archie; Roy and Mary; Mabel and Cedric (Rochdale); all the grandchildren at Byrgym Bach; Hetta, Dai and Cliff; Irene and Ted; sister Flo and family; Arthur Hilda and family; ann, Jack and boys; Charlie, Flo and Peter; Annie, Eva and Fred (Sheffield); Jane, (Caldicot); Will and Maud; Flo and Tom (Newport);Alice and Percy; Ivor and May; Ada, Harold and Lilly (Sheffield); Olive, Tom and family (Pontnewynydd); Bessie and family (Pontypool); Mr & Mrs Thompson (Pentre Grange); Mr & Mrs H James and family (Pentre Farm); Mr M Roberts and children (The Cwm); Mr & Mrs Nicholas and family (Brynderwen); Mr & Mrs J Howells (The Brook); Mrs Prosser and family; Mrs Walton and Sidney; Miss & Mrs Rogers (The Horseshoe); The family of the late Mrs Jones, The Knoll; Mrs Radmore and Lilly; Mr E Morris and Mr & Mrs E J Morris; Mrs G Williams and family (Caeton Glas); Mrs Jones and family; Mrs Morris and family; Mr & Mrs Gratton, Ernie and Ray; Mrs J Williams and Mr & Mrs Rees, Saron Baptist Chapel.

January 18th
Funeral of Conway
Arthur – (In obituaries)

January 25th
Funeral of Mr C. R. Whatley
– (In obituaries)

February 1st – Evan Morris – 

The death occurred at Bedfont of Evan Morris one of the oldest inhabitants of Goytrey at the age of 85. A native of Monkswood he lived all his life in the district except for a short period at Abergavenny.A staunch churchman he was for many years a verger and sidesman and for 50 years a member of the choir.
He was employed by the GWR for 47 years and was pre-deceased by his wife 14 years ago. He is survived by his three sons and one daughter.
Funeral service at the house and church were conducted by Canon S G Morgan – Mr Merrick was at the organ.
Mourners: Edwin, Albert and Ernest, sons; J Garland grandson; Stewart Garland, son-in-law; J Jones, A. Probert, W. Trawford, J. Lewis, J Davies.
At the house: Florence, daughter; Melda, granddaughter, Win and Hattie, daughters-in-law; Mary, Gladys, and Clarice, nieces;
Bearers: M/s W. King, T. Jennings, J. Davies, A James, I. Dobbs and S. Haines.
Among the general public were:
M/s W. Morgan, senior; F. Morgan jnr; C. King; Reg Cupper; A. Preece; all of Abergavenny; J. Mugford; W.B. Warne; H. Reardon; A. Jones; F. Walters; W. Griffiths; G. Dobbs; P. Jones; I. Deaken; J. Taylor; Cpt Jones; C. Vaughan; A. Davies; G. Vaughan; H. Williams; G. Boyce; F. Bishop; W & G Cording; Mmes Haines, Vaughan, Merrick, and many others friends.Flowers: The family; Melda and John; Marjorie, Beryl, John and Betty; Gladys, Alf and Jack; Kate and Clarice; GWR staff and engineering dept Abergavenny district; Neighbours Newtown; Mrs Thomas; Mrs Davies and all at Ty Hir; All at Tillbach Mamhilad; Mr & Mrs Whitney and family; G & M Boyce, Berllan; Mrs E Garland and family Griffithstown; Mr J. Lewis and family Llwyn Celyn.

February 15th  – Mr D H Morgan

The death occurred after a short illness of Mr David Hugh Morgan, aged 76 of the Gwynedd, Goytrey, a prominent figure in the district for many years and for forty years a member of the parish council, whose chairman he had been.
Mr Morgan was an active member of Saron Baptist Church, of which he was secretary from 1896 until 1920. He had also served as choirmaster and superintendant of the Sunday school. In the latter capacity he made splendid work, for he was very fond of children. He was also secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society for Goytrey, Llanover and Lanvair. During the recent war he was a member of the Military Hardship Committee and of the Board of Refugees.
Mr Morgan, a member of a well known farming family, was born at the Wern and had been at the Gwynedd since 1921, of eleven brothers only one survives, Mr Louis Morgan, Bussey View, Goytrey, four died in America.
The widow, Mrs Ada Morgan, is a member of another old Goytrey family, her father, the late Mr Josiah Lewis, was prominent in the religious life of the district. Mr & Mrs Morgan had been married nearly 42 years.
Mrs Morgan’s grandfather gave the ground and stones for the building of Saron Chapel.
The funeral took place at Saron Chapel the Rev H Roderick officiating, assisted by the Rev Boaz Roberts of Abergavenny.
The widow; Herbert and Ada; Mr & Mrs Lewis Morgan; Mr & Mrs D Morgan ( Glyn-neath); Mrs Maud Redwood; Mr & Mrs Powell, (Abersychan); Mrs B Morgan and Miss B Morgan (Godalming); Mrs Williams (Wolverhampton); Mr & Mrs Lewis; Mr & Mrs Lewis and Betty; Mrs A Lewis, Arthur and Mary; Mr & Mrs Powell (Griffithstown); Laurie and Arthur Lewis; Councillor H J Lewis,(Cwmbran)
Others Present:
Mr Morgan (Glyn-neath); Mr & Miss John; Mr & Mrs Lewis (Rogerstone); Mr & Mrs Bottle (London); Mr & Mrs Edgar Probyn J.P.; T P Holmes Watkins; Douglas Evans; Percy Holmes (New Inn: John Owen Y Fenni; C Gameson; David Wilks; John Rogers; W Williams (Cwmbran); and many other relatives and friends.
M/s Ira, Leigh, Glyn, Kenneth, David and William Morgan, nephews.
Wife, Herbert and Ada; Cecil and Olive; Lewis and Hannah; Will, Jennie and family; Mr & Mrs Stock and family; Mrs Knapp; Mr & Mrs Francis; W J Powell; L R Morgan and Miss Morgan; Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Brooks; Mr A R Pritchard and family; Mrs Litten; Mr L Lewis; Mr & Mrs Redwood; Hilda and Ernest; Mr & Mrs Powell; Arthur Lewis; Mr & Mrs David Lewis; Mrs Lewis and family; Mr & Mrs J Rogers; Mr & Mrs Morgan and family (Priddew); Mrs Jones and family; Hanover Chapel and Sunday School; Members of Chapel Ed; Goytrey Fawr Parish Council.

March 8th – Mr H Vimpany, Goytrey.

The funeral took place at St Peter’s Churchyard, Goytrey, of Mr Harry Vimpany, aged 78 of Hay Meadow, Goytrey, Canon Morgan officiated.
Wife; Harry, Ernest, William, Ivor, Harold, sons; Ena, daughter; Tom, son-in-law; Elsie and Doris, daughters-in-law; Georgina and Florrie, sisters-in-law; William, brother-in-law.
M/s Hamer, Price, Powell and Hatchley.
Also present; M/s Churchill; Bybe; Gwatkin; Arthur Gwatkin; R Jones; Messenger; Dobbs and Jones.
Wife, Harry, Ern and Doris; Bill and Ivor; Harold and Elsie; Ena, Tom and children; Georgina; Will, Florrie and family; Mr & Mrs Gwatkin; Gweneth, Bill and Ann; Mrs Lionel Whitehead; Mrs Jones and Hilda; All at Gelli; Amy, Trevor and children; Mr & Mrs Hatchley and Joy; Mr & Mrs Price and Bobby; Mr & Mrs Hamer.

March 8th
Funeral of Mr H Vimpany – (In obituaries)

April 19th – Goytrey Man’s Suicide

A verdict of “Suicide whilst the balance of his mind was disturbed,” was recorded by the coroner Mr D. J. Treasurer, at the Pontypool inquest on Alfred Gordon Williams, aged 56, single, a retired farmer of Highfields, Goytrey, whose sister found him hanging from a beam in an outbuilding on Sunday morning.
The sister, Miss Mahala Williams, said that while her brother had been very depressed he had never threatened to take his life.
Sergt. John Williams, Little Mill, said the rope was fastened to a beam in the roof which could be reached from the floor of a loft extending half way across the barn
Dr. Parry, Abergavenny, said deceased had suffered from neurasthenia for some years and as the result of an attack of ‘flu some months ago his condition became worse.
He was also worried about his brother with whom he resided.

May 3rd

Freehold Cottage, 2 roods, 20 perches of garden and orchard, Yew Tree Cottage, Goytrey, now let to Mr Harold Fishbourne.
Two freehold cottages together with 1 acre, 1 rood and 29 perches of pasture and orchard, New House and Elm Trees, Pengroesoped, now let to Evan Dobbs and H James.
Two freehold villas with large gardens, Bedfont Cottages, Newtown Road, let to E Morris and J Walters.
Sale by public auction.

May 3rd – Goytrey Memorial Unveiled

In the presence of a large congregation, a memorial to the late Eliachim Symmons, late pastor of the church, was unveiled on Sunday at Chapel Ed.
The service was conducted by the Rev Howell Williams of Abergavenny and many friends paid tribute to the life and character of Mr Symmons.
The memorial was erected by members and friends of Chapel Ed, who are grateful to Mrs Shelton Jones for her work in collecting the subscriptions.
The memorial was designed and erected by the Abergavenny sculpture Mr H.N. Davis.

May 17th

Sale of “The Flat” Nantyderry on June 4th at the Greyhound, Abergavenny.
Comprising 14 acres of walled garden, greenhouses etc.

August 2ndSaron Baptist Church

The Rev. A A Rees presided at anniversary service. Those contributing in the afternoon were:
Velma Arthur, Maureen Chamberlain, Robert Howells, Brian Davies, Maureen Lewis, John James, recitations.
Dorothy James, Gerald Jones, Maureen Lewis, Alwyn Lewis, Maureen Chamberlain, Leonard Williams, Dorothy Williams and Gwynedd James, solos.
Senior S.S. scholars, assisted by younger church members gave the evening programme. The choir sang selections and individual items were given by:
Maureen Lewis, Alwyn Lewis, David James, Marion Williams, Barbara James, Stanley Phillips, and messrs Silcox and Langley, solos.
Mrs Jones and Miss Davies duet. John Davis, Gwynedd James, Doreen Jones, Barbara Davies, Peter Jones, Sylvia Jones, Miss Paske, Marjory Roberts, Maureen Lewis, David James and Mrs F Jones, recitations.
Devotions were taken throughout by Barbara Davis and Miss Sylvia Jones and K Losemoors.
Mrs E Rees conducted the singing, Mrs F Jones trained the reciters and Mr Keith Luton accompanied.

August 30th – Flower Show aids Goytre Memorial Fund

The first annual flower and vegetable show, held at Goytre House (kindly lent by Mrs Byrde) attracted a variety and quality of entries that would have done credit to an old established show and the organisers will be assured of success in the future.
The function was in aid of the Goytre Memorial Hall Fund.
Mr H H Hatchley presided at the opening ceremony and said they had every reason to be proud of their success of their first effort.
Mrs Byrde, opening the show said she was proud to be associated with such a worthy object as the provision of a much needed memorial hall.
The value of a flower show, apart from stimulating apart from food production and the development of a friendly competitive spirit, was that they could meet and exchange ideas.
Others who spoke were Mrs L D Whitehead, Canon S G Morgan, Rector of Goytre, who proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs Byrde and Mrs Whitehead and Mr D W Phillips, treasurer, who seconded.
Bouquets were presented by the Misses Marion Jones and Beynon.
The cup for the most successful exhibitor was presented by Miss Molly Thomas, Pontypool, was won by Mr E J Harley of Usk.
The judges were:
E W Luff, Usk, vegetables; Mr C C Jenkins, Usk, flowers; Mr A V Pavord, children’s section; Miss W Davies, Abergavenny, honey; Mrs Spencer, Llanvair, industrial
Officers of the committee:
H H Hatchley, chairman; BFW Bishop, secretary; D W Phillips, treasurer; G Davies, G Knight and R T Messenger.
Show managers:
Mrs D Knight; M/s Howard; I Dobbs; J Litten; T Edwards; E Morris; R Hawkins; and W Rouse.
Vegetable Collection (local)

  1. W Constance, Usk
  2. T Howard, Goytre

Collection Open

  1. E J Harley, Usk

Kidney Potatoes

  1. Harley
  2. Constance
  3. Prosser, Goytre

Kidney Potatoes Coloured

  1. Harley
  2. Prosser
  3. L D Whitehead

Round Potatoes White

  1. Howard

Potatoes Three Varieties

  1. Harley

Autumn Onion trimmed

  1. EA Jones
  2. Harley

Spring Onions Untrimmed

  1. Harley
  2. J Powell, Goytre
  3. E A Jones

Long Carrots

  1. Howard
  2. White, Glascoed

Carrot Stump Root

  1. W Dowding, Usk


  1. Harley
  2. Constance


  1. Harley
  2. Dowding

Runner Beans

  1. EA Jones
  2. Constance


  1. Harley


  1. Constance

Pickling Shallots

  1. White
  2. Jones
  3. Constance

Giant Shallots

  1. Gill
  2. Rouse, Nantyderry
  3. E A Jones


  1. Mrs Whitehead
  2. Harley


  1. Harley
  2. Horler, Snatchwood
  3. E Anthony, Goytre




W E Charles, Usk


  1. Howard

Red Cabbage

  1. Harley


  1. Constance
  2. White
  3. D H Jones

Ridge Cucumbers

  1. Charles
  2. Harley

Cucumbers grown under glass

  1. Whitehead
  2. Harley

Long runner beans

  1. Constance
  2. Howard

Heaviest potatoes

  1. Constable


  1. C Morris Goytre


  1. Charles
  2. Brain Penpellenny

Runner beans

  1. E A Jones
  2. Morris
  3. Hatchley


  1. Davies Goytre
  2. Owen


  1. ProbertDavies
  2. Jones

Potatoes any variety

  1. Probert Little Mill
  2. Charles
  3. Chamberlain Goytre


  1. Powell
  2. Mrs Williams Goytre
  3. Probert


  1. Charles

Pickling shallots

  1. Williams
  2. Brain

Giant shallots

  1. Brain

Dessert apples

  1. E A Jones
  2. Prosser
  3. Mrs Whitehead

Cooking apples

  1. Mrs Whitehead
  2. Ms Williams Goytre
  3. Mrs Haines Goytre


  1. Mrs E Anthony Goytre
  2. Mrs L Messenger
  3. Prosser


  1. Mrs Whitehead
  2. Mrs Messenger
  3. Prosser

Soft fruit

  1. Whitehead
  2. Messenger


Sweet peas

  1. Constance
  2. Jones
  3. Whitehead


  1. Whitrehead
  2. Charles


  1. Whitehead
  2. M Harley
  3. Davies


  1. Mrs Charles
  2. Mrs Jones
  3. Mrs Whitehead


  1. Prosser
  2. Howard
  3. Constance

Cut blooms

  1. Mrs Charles
  2. Mrs Howard
  3. Mrs Watkins


  1. Constance
  2. F L Messenger


  1. Harley





Cut flowers three varieties

  1. Mrs Charles

Pot plant

  1. Mrs Howard
  2. Mrs Williams
  3. Mrs Anthony

Table decoration

  1. Mrs Bailey Coedcae
  2. Mrs Charles

Collection of flowers

  1. Mrs Charles

Collection of wild flowers under 14

  1. Patricia Fagg
  2. Miss Chamberlain

Collection of wild flowers under 11

  1. Miss Constable
  2. Griffiths
  3. Jones
  4. Bryn Gill


Light honey

  1. Mrs L Phillips Goytre
  2. Jones
  3. Messenger

Dark Honey

  1. S E Powell GwehelogChares
  2. Messenger

Light honet local

  1. Phillips
  2. Jones
  3. Messenger

Dark honey local

  1. Charles
  2. Powell


Raspberry jam

  1. Mrs Powell
  2. Mrs Chgarles
  3. Mrs Anthony


  1. Mrs K Salter Llanellen
  2. Howard
  3. Messenger


  1. Mrs J Takel Abersychan
  2. Mrs Horler
  3. Mrs Powell
  4. Any other jam
  5. 1. Mrs Horler
  6. Mrs Charles
  7. Miss Mary Williams Goytre


  1. Mrs E M Watkins Abergavenny
  2. Mrs Takel
  3. Miss Messenger

Bottle fruit

  1. Mrs Messenger
  2. Mrs Jones
  3. Mrs Anthony

Brown hen eggs

  1. Mrs E A Griffiths Pontypool
  2. Mrs Messenger
  3. Mrs Chamberlain

White eggs

  1. Mrs Hatchley

Dish of salad

  1. Howard
  2. Charles
  3. Messenger

Welsh cakes

  1. Mrs Charles
  2. Mrs Thomas Griffithstown
  3. Mrs Griffiths

Fruit cake

  1. Mrs Charles
  2. Mrs Knight
  3. Mrs Griffiths

Sponge sandwich

  1. Miss T Smith Pontnewynydd
  2. Mrs Griffiths
  3. Mrs Phillips

Leather or chamois gloves

  1. And 2. Miss Knight Nantyderry

Handmade door mat

  1. Mrs Watkins

Knitted matinee coat

  1. Mrs Anthony
  2. Mrs Takel

Knitted socks

  1. Mrs Takel
  2. Mrs Watkins

Handmade tray cloth

  1. Miss Knight
  2. Mrs Bailey


  1. Mrs Gill
  2. Mrs Hatchley

Table mats

  1. Mrs Takel

Childs soft toy

  1. Mrs Upstone Penpellenny
  2. Mrs Salter

Thrift garment

  1. Mrs J Gill
  2. Mrs Salter

Handmade wool rug

  1. Mrs Gill
  2. Mrs Watkins


November 2nd – Late Drinks at Nantyderry

A policeman’s late night visit to the refreshment rooms at Nantyderry railway station on October 209th led to the appearance at Pontypool on Saturday of Edward Stanley Williams, 35, the licensee and Reginald Dennis Rouse, 28, of Station House Nantyderry.
Williams was summoned for supplying beer out of hours to Rouse and aiding and abetting him in its consumption and Rouse was summoned for aiding and abetting in the supply and for consuming after hours. Both pleaded not guilty.
PC K Jenkins, Llanover, said he saw a light and heard voices coming from the refreshment rooms at 10.45 pm. He went in and saw Williams sitting at a table and playing cards with three other men. There were four empty beer glasses on the bar counter. Rouse was sitting on a chair near the fire and there was a glass of beer on the mantelpiece near him. He admitted the drink belonged to him and Williams said “I served it before time.”
Forgot his beer
Mr D P Tomlin (Everett & Tomlin) for the defence said the facts stated by the constable were admitted. There was nothing wrong in the refreshment rooms being open, as they were open all night. Williams’s brother had paid for a round of drinks before ten. Rouse, who had an artificial leg and was tired from prolonged walking, only sipped his then sat down by the fire. He dozed and apparently forgot it. Williams had been licensed since 1940 and had a good record.
Williams said the others drank their beer and he put the empty glasses on the counter, he overlooked Rouse’s on the mantelpiece.
Rouse said he was sleepy and forgot all about the drink. Even if the policeman had not come in he would not have drunk it as it had gone flat.
William Williams and Leonard Hawkins, Nantyderry, said no drinks were served after 5 minutes to ten.
The bench dismissed the charge of supplying but on the consuming charges Williams and Rouse were ordered to pay 20/- costs each.


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