Griffiths, Emily – 1868

January 11th
Child Burnt to Death

On the morning on Monday last an inquiry touching the death of a little girl, between two and three years of age, named Emily Griffiths, was held at the Nightingale Inn, at this place, before ED Batt, Esq., and a respectable jury.
It would appear that deceased had been left in the house with two other children on the evening of the Saturday previously and, as it is supposed, they commenced playing with the fire, by which some straw, of which it is said a quantity was on the floor, became ignited and the flames communicating with the dress of deceased, the poor little thing became so fearfully burned that death put an end to its suffering at six o’clock on the following morning.
The jury returned a verdict accordance with these facts. We may add that O D Thomas Esq., surgeon, of Pontypool, was early in attendance and found that Miss Byrde of Goytrey House had already administered such aid to the sufferers approved of by medical skill under such circumstances.


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