1936 Free Press

April 7th – Pontymoel Corner Again

Goytrey Woman Cyclist Crashes into Shop Window
A woman cyclist was involved in an accident at Pontymoel corner, Pontypool on Friday and again a plate glass window at the shop of Mr W.T. Herbert [Herbert Bros.] was broken.
Mrs Phillips of Canal Cottage Goytrey, the cyclist sustained cuts to the face, a hand and a leg. She received attention at the shop and was treated at the surgery of Dr T J McAllen and was afterwards taken home.

August 7th – A Peculiar Accident

Schoolmaster’s Mother Injured at Goytrey
On Friday evening Mr T. Evans Jones a master at the Twmpyth school, Pontypool, was driving his saloon car from Pontymoel to his home at Abergwellan and had with him a passenger in the front seat, his mother Mrs Emma Jane Davies.  As he was negotiating the dangerous S-bend near the Wern Farm, Goytrey Hall, the wide camber of the road at this spot and consequent strain on the near side of the car when taking a right hand corner resulted in the door swinging open.  Mrs Davies, in an attempt to recover the door, was flung heavily into the roadway and at first appeared to be seriously injured.

Passing motorists rendered all possible assistance and Mrs Davies was carried into the Wern, where Mr & Mrs Davies gave valuable help until the doctor arrived.

P C Jermayne, Llanover, was quickly on the scene and also the Rev. T. J. Richards rector of Goytrey who’s daughter first reported the accident.

The Injury
Dr. Parry of Abergavenny was wired for and on arrival found Mrs Davies was suffering from concussion, injuries to the head, bruises to arms and legs and shock. Fortunately no limbs were broken and after receiving medical treatment Mrs Davies was taken home in the Rector’s car.  Mr Jones who was naturally very distressed rendered first aid until the doctor came.

Mrs Davies, considering her advanced age showed great courage and rallied so well that her removal to hospital was not considered necessary.  This was her first ride in her son’s car since her recent illness, as she is subject to asthma attacks in the summer.  Mr Jones was uninjured but has experienced accidents on other occasions.

The latest information as to the condition of Mrs Davies is that she is making slow improvement though still suffering from head bruises and shock.

August 14th – Damage by Boys To Apple Trees and a Hedge at Goytrey

‘This is a common thing every week and if it is allowed to go on I may as well open the gate and leave the orchard to them”.
So said William Harris of Glenusk Farm Goytrey at the conclusion of his evidence against five Pontnewynydd boys aged from 15 to 17 who were summoned for malicious damage to growing apples trees and a hedge to the extent to £1, at Pontypool petty sessions on Saturday. The boys pleaded guilty.
Prosecutor said at 4.45 on the previous Wednesday he saw the boys on the road and they saw him go into the house for tea.  His attention was called to the fact that the defendants were in the orchard and he went out after them.  They rode away on their bicycles and he followed them in his car.  Two boys left their bicycles and he took them to the house to be claimed.  The hedge that was damaged was a newly planted one.
Imposing a fine of 7s  6d each the chairman remarked ‘I would not blame Mr Harris if he gave you a good thrashing.’

September 4th – Mrs Ann Jones – An Esteemed Old Resident of Goytrey

The funeral took place on Wednesday of Mrs Ann Jones aged 85, the wife of the late Mr Thomas Jones of Walnut Tree Farm Goytrey.  She is survived by a son and two daughters.
Services were held at the house, conducted by the Rev. E. Simons, pastor of Chapel Ed, where she was a faithful member and at Goytrey Church, by the Rev. T.J. Richards.  The hymns ‘Jesu Lover of my Soul,’ and ‘Abide with me’ were sung at the house and Church respectively. The internment was at Goytrey churchyard.
The principle mourners were: Philip and Amelia, son and daughter in law; Jane and Arthur, Emily and William, daughters and sons in law; Bessie, David, Philip and Doris, grandchildren.
The bearers were Messrs Abram Jenkins, Richard John Jenkins, Philip Cook and Sidney James Walton.
Floral tributes were sent by:- Philip, Amelia and family; Jane, Arthur and family; Emily, Will and family; Mr & Mrs J. Owen, Goytrey; All at Ty Hir, Goytrey; Mrs Cook, Goytrey; All at Pentwyn Mamhilad; R. Wilks, Goytrey; Mr & Mrs Williams and Pam; Friends and faithful members of Chapel Ed, Goytrey; The place she loved.
Messrs W. Jackson Goytrey carried out the funeral arrangements.


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