Watkins, Mr A – 1955

February 18th

Obituary – Mr A Watkins

The funeral took place at St Peter’s Church Goytre of Mr A Watkins aged 64 of Bryn View Goytre. The Rev. C W Kelly officiated.

Mourners: Elizabeth, wife; Arthur, son; Gloria and Marie, daughters; Sarah and Rhoda, sisters; John, son-in-law; Charlie, Bill and Ben, brothers; Elsie, cousin; Palm, nephew; Vina, niece.

Others present: Mmes Motley, Phipps, Hale and Hickman; H Williams; S Mathuen; E Williams and J W James.

Bearers: Messrs F Phipps, J Jenkins, Morris, I Dobbs.

Flowers: Elizabeth, Artie and family; Gloria, Peter and family; Maries, John and family; Man, Dad and family, London; Rhoda and Alan; Sarah and Ben; Annie, Glyn Ivor and Palm; Violet, Charlie and boys; Betty, George and children; Jeff, Joan and Paul; Una and Bill; Doris Melvin and Vivian; Jim, Keith, Colin and Philip; Jack, Elsie, John and brothers; Edith, Ted, Elsie and Mr Williams; Tom, Gwen, Iris and Aubrey; Mr & Mrs Ivor Dobbs; Mr & Mrs M Hall and family; The Custom GA; Arthur Jones, GA; All at the Walnut Tree; Mr & Mrs Hickman; Les and Mel Workman; Staff at Little Mill brickworks.


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