Louisa Waite – Throwing Water over a Neighbour 1872

15th June 1872 – Throwing Water over a Neighbour

Louisa Waite, who did not appear, was charged with assaulting Martha Williams at Goytrey.

Mr. Alexander Edwards conducted the prosecution.

Service of the summons having been proved, complainant disposed that on the 11th of May she was going to Pontypool Market when the defendant threw a bucket of water over her, as she was riding in the trap with her husband. Next day she was taken ill and had medical attendance and had been ill ever since.

On 29th April, defendants little boy was throwing stones at complainant’s turkey and complainant called him a naughty boy and told him to go home. That was the only provocation that was given to the defendant.

A medical certificate was produced, to the effect that the throwing of the water brought on premature confinement.

In answer to the bench, complainant said that defendant was quite aware of her condition.

The Bench considered it quite an unprovoked assault, and fined defendant 60s or one months hard labour.


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