Perrott Mr T R – 1964

3rd January 1964

The death has occurred at the home of Mr & Mrs Perkins, 13 Plough Road, Goytre, of Mr Thomas Reginald Perrott aged 84 years.

Mr Perrott was well known in the district, having lived for many years at Upper Twyn, Glascoed. The funeral took place at the Baptist Church, Glascoed, where the Rev. W Morgan officiated and Mrs A Pritchard was the organist.

Mourners were; Mrs A Scott and Mrs T Powell, sisters; Messrs Reg, Bert and Jack Perrott, Mrs D Perrott, C Jeremiah, G William, and J Sainsbury, nephews and niece; Mrs J Perkins and Mrs E Jones.

Bearers: Messrs John Evans, Don Jones, A Williams, A Pritchard, H Lewis, J Perkins, C Pritchard and L Jones.

Others present included Messrs T H Ball, J Lewis, A J Evans, Ray Ellis, O Price, W Lewis, W G Knight, J Morgan, J Sainsbury, William and Henry Crowe, G Williams, R Smith (also representing F Williams, Trostre Farm) and J Lambert.

Flowers: Flor, Tom and Bryn; Alice, Percy and Doreen; Maud, Flor and John; Reg and Lucy; Children of the late sister Em; Bert, Lucy and children; Gert, Cyril and children; Davy, Daisy and family; Mr & Mrs Alf Williams and family; Mr & Mrs Jack Evans and Bryn; Mr & Mrs Evans and family, Goytre; Ernie and Tan; Mrs Goode, Mrs Douglas and Delmore; Neighbours, Plough Road and Frondeg.

Funeral arrangements by T Jones and Sons, Usk.


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