Walter Cecill 1692

This Indenture made the fowerteenth day of September in the yeare of our Lord God according to the computation of the Church of England one thousand six hundred ninety and two betweene the right hono’ble George Lord of Abergavenny of the one part and Walter Cecill of the parish of Llanover in the County of Monmouth gent of the other part. Witnesseth that the said George Lord of Abergavenny for and in consideration of the surrender of a lease bearinge date the five and twentieth day of November in the fower and twentieth yeare of the reigne of King James the first made betweene the right hono’ble Edward Nevill then Lord of Abergavenny and Sr William Sedely of Aylsford in the County of Kent Knight and Baronet of the one part and Bartholomew Springet of the City of Bristoll merchant of the other part of a certaine parcell of land called Alt and Burgum conteyning one hundred acres beinge in the parish of Goytree in the Lordship of Abergavenny formerly part of the Lords wast .

To have and to hold the said hundred acres unto the said Bartholomew dureing the naturall lives of the said Bartholomew William John Morrite of Llanvihangell Pont Mole and Richard Hanbury the son of Philip Hanbury of Trevethin in the sayd County of Monmouth or any such of them longest liveing under the rents covenants and reservations therein conteyned as by the said lease may appeare.

The before named Richard Hanbury living. As alsoe in consideration of the sume of forty pounds of lawfull English money unto him the said Lord George in hand payd as alsoe for the rents covenants and services herein set downe and to bee payd and pformed by the said Walter Cecill his heyers and assignes hath demised graunted and to farme let and by these p’sents doth demise graunt and to farme let and set unto the said Walter Cecill all the said land called Alt & Burgum by meares there well knowne.

And alsoe one other parcell of land called Tyr Gorvith haveing … held by Copy of Court Roll scituate on the mountayne neere the sayd Alt and Burgum conteyning about thirty acres bounded north by the free lands of the said Walter, east to the said Alt, south and west by the said Lords Comon or wast ground. And alsoe about forty acres of the said wast or …ntained ground lying on the east side of the said lands called Tyr Gorvith and adioyning to the said Alt (…? excepted out of this devise all mines of coale, iron oare or other mettalls whatsoever) to have and to hold all and singular the fore demised premises with theire & every of theyre appurtnances (except as in the before excepted) unto the said Walter Cecill his heyres and assignes for & dureing the naturall lives of James Cecill, Walter Cecill and Lary? Cecill sons of Phelip Cecill of Werne Coome in the parish of Llanvetherin in the said County gent and the longest liver of them three yeldinge and payinge there fore yearly dureing the said terme unto the said George Lord of Abergavenny his heires and assignes or to such person or persons to whome the re… or remainder of the premises after his decease shall come or of right appe… the summe of six & thirty shillings and eight pence for Alt Birgam and three shillings fower pence for Tyr Gorvith and the said wast. And alsoe five shillings in the name of a herriot at the death & change of every tenant of the premises or any part thereof. And moreover yelding and payinge one couple of well fatted capons at every the feast of St Thomas thapostle. And the said rent at the feast of St Michael tharchangell & thnuncacon of our blessed Lady St Mary the virgin by equall portions yearly dureing the said terme. And to do sinte? and service every yeare dureing the said terme at the h… Court of Llanv… the sd Lo… of Abergavenny and if it shall happen that ……………………… six and thirty shillings & eight pence for Alt Birgam or three shillings fower pence for Tyr Gorvith and the forty acres of wast to bee behind in part or in the whole by the space of eight & twenty dayes ………………….it ought to bee pd being lawfully demanded that then and from thenceforth this present lease to cease and determine any thinge in this prsents ….. to the contrary notwithstanding and the said Walter Cecill for himself his heyres exors adm’rs & assignes and for every of them doth covenant and graunt to and with the said George Lord of Abergavenny his heyres and assigns and to and with every of them by these presents that the … Walter Cecill his heyres and assignes shall and will at all tymes dureing this demise when & often as need shall require well & sufficiently inclose fence & maintayne the sd Alt & Birgam and Tyr Gorvith in and with …………….. sufficient fences & inclosures and the same soe well and sufficiently fenced and inclosed shall leave …. up at the determination of this lease provided alwayes that it shall and may … lawfull to and …………… of Abergavenny his assignee or assignees at any tyme dureing the sd lives to open any mine of coale ………….. minerall mettall whatsoever with

(On the cover of the document)

Seal’d & dd in the presence of …? Powell; Phillip James; Will Prichard

NOTE: It looks as this document has been attacked by mould – there are black patches of various sizes all over it. Also the bottom of the original is folded up thus hiding the last several lines of text. DW

NOTE: Re the above “24th year of James I” – according to my list of regnal years, James didn’t finish his 23rd year which was 24 Mar 1625 to 27 Mar 1625. Charles I came to the throne 27 Mar 1625. DW


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