Shepherdson, Mr J. W.

February 22nd – Late Mr J. W. Shepherdson

The death has occurred at Sunnyside, Monkswood, of Mr John Wesley Shepherdson, aged 80 years.

Mr Shepherdson was born at Goytrey, and had lived in the district all his life. He had been a churchwarden at St Matthew’s Church, Monkswood, for 21 years. The Rev. R.L. Davies conducted a service at the house and at St.Matthew’s Church. Miss Wrintmore was organist.

Mourners: Charlie, Jack and Ivor, sons; Val and Flo, daughters-in-law; Peter and Andrea, grandchildren; Trevor, Brenda, Blanche and Kit, nephew and nieces; Irene, Cliff, Florrie, John, Roy, Bertha, Arthur, Ivor, Edith and Alice, cousins; Valerie Horner and Glyn Jones, friends.

At the house: Mrs Pearce and Mrs Thomas.

Bearers: Messrs D. Powell, E. Taylor, H. Stinchcombe and R. Burgess.

Others present included Messrs Jim Watkins, Jack Price, E. Owen, J. James, Edgar Skilan, Bill Jones, Ralph Hennessey, Eric Pearce, Oliver Price, D. Cotterell, K. Wilding, J. Bowen, L. Wyatt (also rep. N.Cooper, both churchwardens, St. Mary’s Church, Usk).

Flowers: Ivor and Val; Charlie and Flo; Jack; Andrea; Ann and Alan; Peter and Val; Rose and family (Barry); Alice, Blanche, Bill and the girls; Kit, Will and children; Flo, Harold and Uncle Jack; Irene and Cliff; Edith, Alice and Percy; Arthur, Hilda and family; Dai, Bertha and girls; John, Melda and Bonnie; Mary, Roy and children; Peter, Wyn and children; May and Ivor; Maude (Little Mill); T. Weeks (Usk); Mrs Davies and Elsie; Mr and Mrs Eric Pearce and family; Mr and Mrs H. Stinchcombe; Anne and Raymond; All at the Llan Farm; Mrs M. Harvey; The Old Age Pensioners’ Friendship Club (Little Mill); Friends and neighbours, Rumble Street and Alexandra Terrace; Les, Bronwen, Jane and Nicky Topham; Mr and Mrs E. Owen and family; Mr and Mrs J.H. James and family; Ken and Enid Wilding; Mr and Mrs D. James.

Funeral Arrangements by T. Jones and Sons, Usk.


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