Affiliation Orders

Name of mother applying Date of issue of summons Date of petty sessions Result of the application Name of the putative father in all cases in which orders are made
Jenkins Margaret 1846 ord to pay 1/6 weekly Charles Lloyd Caerleon 11th Aug
Joshua Emma 1846 ord to pay 1/6 weekly Joseph Legg Caerleon 1st Dec
Williams Hannah 1847 ord to pay 2/6 weekly George Rowlands Caerleon 1st July
Gilbert Sarah 1847 ord to pay 2/6 weekly Edward Russell Caerleon 5th Oct
Hughes Amy 1848 ord to pay 1/6 weekly Francis Lewis Caerleon 30th May
Harris Jane 1848 ord to pay 2/- weekly John Hambley Caerleon 11th July
Williams Ann 1848 ord to pay 2/- weekly John Herbert Caerleon 5th Sept
Waters Mary 1849 ord to pay 2/- weekly John Lewis Caerleon 24th Jan
Griffiths Hannah 1849 ord to pay 1/6 weekly Richard Cook Caerleon 18th Sept
Cooper Elisa 1849 ord to pay 1/6 weekly Thomas Mitchell Caerleon 13th Nov
Williams Ann 1850 ord to pay 1/- weekly William Jones Caerleon 16th Apr
Watkin Mary 1850 ord to pay 2/- weekly Daniel Cooklin Caerleon 11th June
McDonnell Catherine 1850 ord to pay 2/- weekly John Bunfield Caerleon 3rd Sept
Rosser Elisa 1851 ord to pay 2/- weekly Frederick Phillips Caerleon 16th Sept
Protheroe Margaret 1852 ord to pay 1/6 weekly Daniel Holiday Caerleon 16th Mar
Heard Haverill 1852 ord to pay 1/6 weekly William Hall Caerleon 17th Aug
Saunders Ann 1852 ord to pay 1/6 weekly Jacob Kembury Caerleon 12th Oct
Rogers Ann 1853 ord to pay 2/- weekly Abraham Hayward Caerleon 3rd July
Lewis Ann 1853 ord to pay 2/- weekly Joseph Williams Caerleon 17th Sept
Collins Honor 1855 ord to pay 1/3 weekly Edward Williams Caerleon 20th Nov
Parker Sarah Ann 1856 ord to pay 2/6 weekly Richard Addams Caerleon 12th Aug
Rees Amy 1857 ord to pay 2/- weekly + 10/- w/wife Abraham Hayward Caerleon 10th Mar
Morgan Selina 1857 ord to pay 2/- weekly + 10/- w/wife Richard Lewis Caerleon 15th Dec
Legg Ann 1857 ord to pay 2/- weekly + 10/- w/wife Thomas Thomas Caerleon 15th Dec
Baker Powlesland Jane 1858 ord to pay 2/6 weekly Thomas Surman Caerleon 16th Feb
Ellick Margaret 1859 ord to pay 2/- weekly Francis Young Caerleon 24th May
Grace Rachel 1855 ord to pay 1/6 weekly + costs Josiah Thomas Christchurch
Reagen Ellen 1855 ord to pay 1/6 weekly + costs George Haskett Christchurch 30th June
Price Mary 1857 case dismissed Thomas Ruddiford Christchurch
Jones Mary Ann 1857 ord to pay 2/6 weekly + costs Edward Thomas Christchurch
Morgan Amelia 1857 case dismissed Job Newbury Christchurch
Attwell Susanna 1857 case dismissed James Stephens Christchurch
Driscoll Ann 1857 2/- weekly + costs Jonathon Leonard Christchurch
Burley Joyce 1857 2/6 weekly + costs Job Thomas Christchurch
Williams Ellen 1857 2/6 weekly + costs John Watkins Christchurch
Crane Eliza 1858 1/6 weekly + costs William Newbury Christchurch
George Abigail 1858 case dismissed James Morgan Christchurch
Thomas Catherine 1858 case dismissed James Griffiths Christchurch
Cullimore Elizabeth 1858 2/- weekly + costs Metrick Bennett Christchurch
Holmes Jane 1845 2/6 weekly + costs Henry Lawrence Christchurch
Waters Ann 1845 1/9 weekly + costs Edward Shorley Christchurch
Davies Elizabeth 1847 2/- weekly + 10/- midwife John Stewart Christchurch
James Mary 1847 2/- weekly + 10/- midwife James Baker Christchurch
Holmes Caroline 1850 2/- weekly + 10/- midwife George Barton Christchurch
Williams Harriett 1850 1/6 weekly +10/- midwife Mark Price Christchurch
Evans Mary 1851 case dismissed Robert Channing Christchurch
Williams Sarah 1851 1/6 weekly + costs William Watkins Christchurch
James Catherine 1851 case dismissed James Thomas Christchurch
Davies Margaret 1851 1/6 weekly + costs William Williams Christchurch
Green Emma 1851 case dismissed Sidney Mathews Christchurch
Green Emma 1852 1/6 weekly + costs Sidney Mathews Christchurch 7th Feb
Richards Rachel 1852 2/- weekly + costs William Day Christchurch 10th Apr
Phillips Ann 1852 1/6 weekly + costs James Williams Christchurch 8th May
Allen Susan 1852 1/- weekly + costs Thomas Harrhy Christchurch 11th Sept
Pritchard Mary 1852 1/6 weekly + costs James Edmunds Christchurch 18th Dec
Evans Mary 1853 1/- weekly + costs James James Christchurch 26th Mar
Sheppard Margaret 1854 case dismissed James Groom Christchurch 24th June
Warren Mary Ann 1854 1/6 weekly + costs Edward Harris Christchurch 12th Aug
Russell Mary Ann 1859 1/6 weekly + 10/- midwife John Cox Christchurch 12th Mar
Price Mary 1859 1/6 weekly + costs Thomas Ruddiford Christchurch 30th Apr
Price Amelia 1859 2/6 weekly + costs Josephine Turner Christchurch 7th May
Price Mary 1859 case dismissed Thomas Ruddiford Christchurch 14th May
Flavery Mary 1859 case dismissed James Western Christchurch 10th Sept
White Emma 1848 2/- weekly + 10/- for the midwife Morgan Taylor Newport Division 19th Feb
Mills Mary 1848 2/- weekly + 10/- for the midwife Thomas Joseph Newport Division 26th Feb
Clancey Ellen 1848 2/- weekly + 10/- for the midwife William Crook Newport Division 22nd July
Driscoll Ann 1848 2/- weekly + 10/- for the midwife William Edwards Newport Division 26th Aug
Williams Martha 1848 2/- weekly + 10/- for the midwife William Phillips Newport Division 9th Sept
Powell Mary 1848 2/- weekly + 10/- for the midwife Luke Thomas Newport Division 28th Oct
Bowen Miriam 1848 2/- weekly + 10/- for the midwife David Lewis Newport Division 18th Nov
Williams Mary 1848 1/6 weekly + costs Joseph Watkins Newport Division 16th Dec
Davies Susan 1848 1/6 weekly + costs John Davies Newport Division 16th Dec
Rook Jane 1845 2/- weekly + costs James Mullock Newport Division 30th Jan
Thomas Jane 1845 case dismissed Wm Toombes Newport Division 24th Jan
Jones Elizabeth 1845 case dismissed Rowland James Newport Division 7th Aug
Smith Elizabeth 1845 2/6 weekly + 10/- costs Wm Loden Newport Division 8th Sept
Morgan Nora 1845 case dismissed Wm Townsend Newport Division 15th Dec
Ryan Mary 1846 case dismissed John Buckley Newport Division 9th March
Jenkins Margaret 1846 case dismissed Daniel Jones Newport Division 27th Apr
Jones Elizabeth 1846 2/6 weekly + 10/- costs George Gething jnr Newport Division 9th May
Jones Catherine 1846 2/6 weekly + 10/- costs James Hughes Newport Division 4th July
Jones Judith 1846 case dismissed Robert Williams Newport Division 23rd Nov
Townsend Louisa 1847 2/- weekly + costs John Kirby Newport Division 27th May
Parker Lydia 1848 2/- weekly + costs Henry Cannicutt Newport Division 10th Jan
Burgess Jane 1848 claim settled Noah Bowen Newport Division 6th March
Townsend Caroline 1848 2/6 weekly + costs Peter Rooney Newport Division 30th June
Jones Susan 1849 1/6 weekly + costs Richard Harris Newport Division 14th July
Samuel Eliza 1849 2/- weekly + costs William Jones Newport Division 14th July
Chivers Ann 1849 1/6 weekly + costs William Jones Newport Division 15th Sept
Harris Jane 1849 case dismissed John Davies Newport Division 27th Oct
Roberts Hannah 1849 1/6 weekly + costs William Thomas Newport Division 27th Oct
Lewis Mary 1849 2/- weekly + costs Benjamin Reynolds Newport Division 12th Mar
Davies Esther 1849 2/- weekly + costs James Evans Newport Division 15th Mar
Weyman Laura 1849 2/- weekly + costs David Evans Newport Division 12th Apr
Doughty Jane 1849 2/- weekly + costs William Beach Newport Division 16th July
Saunders Mary 1849 case dismissed William Bindle Newport Division 27th Aug
Chinn Elizabeth 1849 1/6 weekly + costs Henry Tregaskns Newport Division 13th Sept
Murry Jane 1849 1/6 weekly + costs James Flaherty Newport Division 12th Nov
Richards Mary 1850 2/- weekly + costs William Morgan Newport Division 30th May
Lewis Ann 1850 1/6 weekly + costs William Davies Newport Division 22nd June
Jones Caroline 1850 1/6 weekly + costs Lewis Jenkins Newport Division 7th Nov
Rosser Eliza 1851 case dismissed Frederick Phillips Newport Division 29th July
Hurley Leonora 1851 1/6 weekly + costs John Fitzgerald Newport Division 20th Oct
Vincent Jane 1852 1/6 weekly + costs Knight George Newport Division 29th Jan
Lewis Maria 1852 1/6 weekly + costs Thomas Honeywell Newport Division 12th Feb
Williams Ann 1852 1/6 weekly + costs Thomas Jones Newport Division 23rd Mar
Doughty Jane 1852 2/- weekly + costs Richard Smith Newport Division 13th May
Hooper Harriett 1852 2/- weekly + costs David Rogers Newport Division 13th May
Pilliner Maria 1852 2/- weekly + costs Thomas Flowers Newport Division 13th May
Bevan Caroline 1852 2/- weekly + costs Phillip Williams Newport Division 20th May
Lewis Esther 1852 1/6 weekly + costs Edward Roberts Newport Division 14th June
Williams Esther 1852 1/6 weekly + costs George Hanell Newport Division 19th Aug
Prosser Rachel 1853 1/6 weekly + costs John Rogers Newport Division 12th Mar
James Martha 1853 2/- weekly + costs John Mayo Newport Division 19th Mar
Britton Elizabeth 1853 case dismissed Henry Andrews Newport Division 16th Apr
Richards Mary 1853 2/- weekly + costs George Jeffries Newport Division 6th Aug
Davies Margaret 1853 1/6 weekly + costs Evan Evans Newport Division 26th Nov
Lewis Mary Ann 1853 2/- weekly + costs Edmond Davies Newport Division 31st Oct
Evans Mary 1853 case dismissed William Waters Newport Division 31st Oct
Green Margaret 1853 2/- weekly + 10/- costs James Moseley Newport Division 18th Apr
James Elizabeth 1853 2/- weekly + 10/- costs Edward Kelly Newport Division 21st July
Hatherley Matilda 1853 2/- weekly + 10/- costs Charles Edwards Newport Division 18th Aug
Jones Mary 1854 1/6 weekly + costs Shadrick Davies Newport Division 4th Jan
Casey Mary 1854 1/6 weekly + costs Joseph Watson Newport Division 15th Apr
Edwards Mary 1854 2/6 weekly + costs Evan Francis Newport Division 6th May
Jones Ann 1854 2/6 weekly + costs William Samuel Newport Division 17th June
Lewis Mary 1854 2/- weekly + costs Joseph Milton Newport Division 11th May
Cooper Eliza 1854 2/- weekly + costs William owell Newport Division 13th July
Edmunds Sarah 1854 2/- weekly + costs William Jones Newport Division 17th July
Turner Mary 1854 2/- weekly + costs George Nash Newport Division 24th Aug
Ryan Mary Ann 1854 1/6 weekly + costs Thomas Jones Newport Division 14th Dec
Pearce Ann 1855 2/- weekly + costs George Lewis Newport Division 10th Feb
Jenkins Sarah (twin) 1855 neither party appeared William Rosser Newport Division 10th Feb
Jenkins Sarah (twin) 1855 neither party appeared William Rosser Newport Division 10th Feb
Davies Ann 1855 2/- weekly + costs William Rosser Newport Division 3rd Mar
Llewellin Jane 1855 case dismissed Edmond Morgan Newport Division 14th July
Llewellin Martha 1855 case dismissed Edmond Morgan Newport Division 14th July
Chivers Ann 1855 1/6 weekly + 10/- for the midwife Thomas James Newport Division 22nd Sept
Lewis Mary Ann 1855 1/6 weekly + the doctors fee + costs Edmond Davies Newport Division 22nd Sept
John Hannah 1855 2/- weekly + 10/- for the midwife John Parker Newport Division 6th Oct
Collins Susanna 1855 2/6 weekly + costs John Tilley Newport Division 30th July
Williams Mary 1855 2/6 weekly + costs Jonathan Knight Newport Division 10th Sept
Sullivan Julia 1855 1/6 weekly + costs Cornelius Murphy Newport Division 29th Oct
Edwards Sarah 1855 2/6 weekly + costs Thomas Morgan Newport Division 26th Nov
Murphy Catherine 1855 1/6 weekly + costs Jeremiah Sullivan Newport Division 3rd Dec
Phillips Ellen 1856 2/6 weekly + costs William Watkins Newport Division 13th Feb
Lewis Hannah 1856 claim settled James Henry Williams Newport Division 20th Mar
Elliott Ann 1856 2/- weekly + costs Moore Theophilius Newport Division 20th Mar
Ede Mary Ann 1856 2/6 weekly + costs Moses Watkins Newport Division 21st Apr
Winstone Sarah Ann 1856 2/6 weekly + costs John Moss Newport Division 24th Apr
Oxford Harriett 1856 2/6 weekly + costs Robert Wilcox Newport Division 1st May
Penhowood Sarah Ann 1856 claim settled William Heard Newport Division 1st May
Prichard Esther 1856 2/- weekly + costs Patrick Casey Newport Division 1st May
Rowe Ellen 1856 2/- weekly + costs Thomas Lynch Newport Division 3rd June
Peter Eliza 1856 2/- weekly + costs Thomas Williams Newport Division 8th Sept
Bristow Esther 1856 claim settled Abraham Henry James Newport Division 18th Sept
Collins Ann 1856 neither party appeared David Edmunds Newport Division 31st May
Ashton Elizabeth 1856 case dismissed Thomas Daniel Newport Division 7th June
Carey Mary 1856 case dismissed Thomas Hodges Newport Division 19th July
Williams Jane 1856 2/- weekly + 10/- + costs Rees Jones Newport Division 18th Oct
Williams Mary 1856 case dismissed George Branham Newport Division 1st Nov
Lewis Mary 1856 2/- weekly + costs Thomas Evans Newport Division 15th Nov
Jones Ann 1856 2/- weekly + 10/- + costs Thomas Davies Newport Division 22nd Nov
Evans Ann 1856 2/- weekly + 10/- + costs Richard  Cooper Newport Division 13th Dec
Hellen Mary Ann 1857 2/- weekly + costs William Hamlet Jones Newport Division 22nd Jan
Wait Jane 1857 1/6 weekly + costs Samuel Davies Newport Division 26th Jan
Hallen Mary Ann 1857 2/- weekly + costs William Hamlet Jones Newport Division 26th Feb
Bemish Elizabeth 1857 case dismissed Jonathan Leonard Newport Division 7th May
Troy Mary Ann 1857 2/- weekly + costs Joseph Downs Newport Division 25th May
Kinnett Ann 1857 case settled James Wright Newport Division 12th Oct
Green Caroline 1857 case dismissed William Gingall Newport Division 2nd Nov
Jones Sarah 1857 2/- weekly + costs John Edwards Newport Division 7th Mar
Murphy Margaret 1857 2/- weekly + costs William Jenkins Newport Division 28th Mar
Leane Ann 1857 2/- weekly + costs Charles Williams Newport Division 11th Apr
Lewis Mary Ann 1857 case dismissed John Austy Newport Division 18th Apr
Charles Rachel 1857 2/- weekly + costs Abel Harvey Newport Division 13th June
James Ann 1857 case dismissed Edward Mathews Newport Division 29th Aug
Jenkins Ann 1857 2/6 weekly + costs Grosvenor Munro Newport Division 12th Sept
Morgan Margaret 1857 2/- weekly + costs Edward Morgan Newport Division 19th Sept
James Ann 1857 2/- weekly + costs Edward Lewis Newport Division 19th Sept
Thomas Mary 1857 1/6 weekly + costs Richard Jones Newport Division 19th Sept
James Mary 1858 2/6 weekly + costs John Thomas Newport Division 11th Jan
Jones Mary 1858 2/6 weekly + costs Phillip Jones Newport Division 28th Jan
Williams Mary 1858 2/6 weekly + costs James Lake Newport Division 8th Mar
Evans Jane 1858 2/6 weekly + costs Silas Pearce Newport Division 19th Apr
Marshall Caroline 1858 2/6 weekly + costs James Thorn Newport Division 24th June
Rees Dinah 1858 2/- weekly + costs William Wheatcroft Newport Division 3rd Sept
Taylor Mary 1858 2/- weekly + costs John Bunk Newport Division 22nd Oct
Saunders Jane 1858 2/6 weekly + costs John Llewellin Jones Newport Division 3rd Dec
Jones Elizabeth 1858 case settled John Doughan Newport Division 3rd Dec
Thomas Ann 1858 1/6 weekly + costs Thomas Griffiths Newport Division 20th Feb
Morgan Ann 1858 case dismissed James Richards Newport Division 1st May
Jones Mary 1858 2/- weekly + costs Walter Thomas Newport Division 15th May
Tanner Matilda Eliz.b 1858 2/- weekly + costs William Harris Newport Division 22nd May
Mathews Jane 1858 case dismissed Edward Hallfrey Goodman Newport Division 25th Sept
Cock Jane 1859 case settled Joseph Blackburn Newport Division 21st Jan
Parsons Margaret 1859 2/- weekly + costs William Henry Pennymore Newport Division 27th Apr
Jones Elizabeth 1859 2/- weekly + costs Thomas Donoghan Newport Division 6th May
Edwards Mary 1859 2/- weekly + costs William Nicholas Newport Division 31st Aug
Thomas Ellen 1859 2/- weekly + costs Richard Prichard Newport Division 9th Dec
Falby Mary 1859 case dismissed James Western Newport Division 5th Mar
Higginson Ellen 1859 case dismissed George Hadden Newport Division 19th Mar
Harris Ann 1859 2/- weekly + 10/- + costs David Rowlands Newport Division 13th Aug
Davies Harriett 1859 2/- weekly + costs Mesach Davies Newport Division 15th Oct
Thomas Ellen 1859 case dismissed Richard Prichard Newport Division 5th Nov
Charles Rachel 1859 case dismissed David Morgan Newport Division 5th Nov
Lewis Hannah 1/6 weekly + costs John Thomas Newport Division

Surveyors of the Highways 1785 – 1870

1785/86 Eward Pearson Esq
William Morgan Penstair
1786/87 Eward Pearson Esq
William Morgan Penstair
1787/88 Eward Pearson Esq
William Morgan Penstair
1788/89 John Moses for Mr Cooke
1789/90 William Morgan of Mamhilad Esq
Walter Griffiths park y Brain
1790/91 William Morgan of Mamhilad Esq
Richard Jeremiah for Church Farm Capel Leigh’s Esq
1791/92 Joshua Davies Clerk
Wm Hatfield
1792/93 Joshua Davies Clerk
John Jones
1793/94 Jenkin Rosser
William James Gwern y Byallt
1794/95 Thomas Higgins
John Jenkins for Simon
1795/96 Edward James
1797 John Parrott for Pentwyn
1798 William Morgan Penstair
Edward Jeremiah Assistant
1799 William Morgan Penstair
Edward Jeremiah Assistant
1800 William Morgan Penstair
Edward Jeremiah Assistant
1801 Thomas Higgins
John Sparrow Esq Great House
1802 James Prosser for Mr Dibdin late Humphrey;s
1803 James Prosser for Mr Dibdin late Humphrey;s
1804 James Prosser for Mr Dibdin’s
1805 William Morgan for Penstair
1806 William Morgan for Penstair
1807 William Morgan for Penstair
1808 Thomas Higgins for Mr Sparrow’s Great House
1809 Thomas Higgins for Mr Sparrow’s Great House
1810 Jenkin Rosser &
Edward James for Mr Morgan
1811 Jenkin Rosser &
Edward James for Mr Morgan
1812 Thomas David for his own
Thomas Dunn for Mr Sparrow’s Great House
1813 Thomas David for his own
Thomas Dunn for Goytrey Hall
1814 Thomas David for his own
Thomas Dunn for Goytrey Hall
1815 Richard Jones for late William Matthews
1816 Richard Jones for late William Matthews
1817 Richard Jones for late William Matthews
1818 Henry Bird Esq
William Lewis Berllan Dywyll
1819 Henry Bird Esq
William Lewis Berllan Dywyll
1820 Henry Bird Esq
William Lewis Berllan Dywyll
1821 Henry Bird Esq
William Lewis Berllan Dywyll
1822 James Lewis Goytrey Lodge
William Jeremiah for the Church Farm
1823 James Lewis Goytrey Lodge
William Jeremiah for the Church Farm
1824 Thomas Jenkins for the Lan
William Lewis labourer for his lease Wernog fach
1825 Richard Miller for Henry Morgan
Thomas Lewis for Mr Cooke’s
1826 James Gwatkins for Pentwyn
James Prosser for Mr Dibdin Lan Wysg
1827 Richard Jones for Parkybrain
Richard Proger for his Lease
1828 Richard Jones for Parkybrain
Philip Jenkins for Walters late Simon
1829 John Rosser for Jenkin Rosser
Lewis Williams for Miss Ann Jones
1830 John Lewis Melin y Coed
William Lloyd Church Farm
1831 William Lloyd Church Farm
Thomas David Pentre bach
1832 William Lloyd
Thomas Jones Bwrgwm
1833 William Lloyd
Thomas Jones Bwrgwm
1834 William Lloyd
John Jenkins Penstair
1835 William Lloyd
John Jenkins Penstair
1836 John Williams for Miss Bailey
Philip Morgan Abergwelvan
1837 John Watkins for his lease Ty Hir
John Lewis New Barn
1838 William Vaughan for the Wern
John Meredith for Fferm y Bdyn
1839 James Gwatkin for Pentwyn
1840 Thoams Watkins for Goytrey Hall
1841 Thoams Watkins for Goytrey Hall
1842 Thomas Watkins for Charles Lewis Berllan Dywyll
1843 Thomas James for Mr Cooke’s
1844 Thomas James for Mr Cooke’s
1845 Thomas James for Vaughan Jones Ty Llwyd
1846 Thomas Jenkins Lan
1847 Thomas Jenkins Lan
1853 John Williams Melyn y Coed
1854 Daniell Owen Waters late Simon with a salary of two pounds
1855 William Gwatkin with a salary of £20 to collect all other rates namely income tax, land tax and assessed taxes
1856 William Williams for Park-y-brain
1857 Thomas Watts Ynis Peigea
1858 Henry  Bird Goytre House
1859 John Williams for pen wern
William Harris Nightingale
William Gwatkin with a salary
1870 Jospeh Everson for Goytrey Hall
John Jenkins for New Barn

Workhouse Burials

Evans Thomas buried Llanover aged 78 from Goytrey poorhouse 1814 3rd May
Gunter Clare Buried Llanover aged 67 from Goytrey poorhouse 1821 14th Feb
Thomas William buried Llanover aged 32 from Goytre poorhouse 1821 15th July
Charles Mary buried Llanover aged 88 from Goytrey poorhouse 1828 17th Dec
Edwards Thomas buried Llanover aged 79 from Goytrey 1833 5th Feb
Edwards Wm bur Llanover found dead in the parish of Llanellen no age given 1835 29th Jan
Prytherch Elizabeth buried llanover aged 85 from Goytrey poorhouse 1835 1st Feb
Watkins Uriah bur Llanover from Goytrey aged 2m 3w 1835 22nd Feb
Jenkins Thomas from Bwrgwm buried Llan aged 71 1835 11th Oct
Lewis Ann from Goytrey aged 20 buried Llanover 1840 16th Sept
Hicks Wm of Ty m.dwr Goytrey aged 75 buried Llanover 1863 2nd Sept
Lewis Elizabeth of Goytrey aged 89 buried Llanover 1873 22nd Oct

Inmates Goytre & Pontypool Workhouse

Appleby Amelia Bertha School Hse BN 43 Jun 8 1911
Appleby William School Hse BN 77 Oct 3 1914
Arthur Anne BN 10 19-3-1830
Arthur Philip Llanarth 76 19-11-1834
Arthur Thomas Brooks BN 75 6-6-1842
Arthur Richard Clytha 70 18-8-1845
Arthur Thomas B. House 77 8-1-1847
Arthur Eliza Brook House 40 1-9-1854
Arthur Mary BN 82 8-11-1865
Arthur Susanna Brook House 90 11-1-1867
Arthur James The Brooks 72 25-8-1873
Arthur James Kemys Comm 62 1-1-1886
Arthur Frances Florence Brooks BN 83 26-11-1896
Arthur Ann Brooks BN 85 20-2-1896
Ascott James Kemys Bridge 1 year 26-5-1843
Baldwin William Gwehelog 80 5-3-1813
Blake Thomas BN 78 4-12-1889
Blake George BN 36 10-11-1891
Blake Thomas Black Bear 58 Aug 28 1914
Blake Priscilla Carpenters Cottage 48 Nov 11 1915
Bland William BN 73 29-1-1892
Blizzard Frederick J Clytha 15 1-10-1883
Bowen James Abergavenny 7 mths 29-9-1825
Brooks Anne BN 55 11-8-1815
Brooks Thomas BN 70 3-1-1868
Brooks Thomas BN 39 6-1-1870
Brooks Ann BN 83 14-2-1884
Brooks James George BN 18m 24-1-1888
Brooks William Lower House Kemys Comm 62 11-5-1895
Brooks Thomas John BN 29 1900  -2-Jan
Brooks Charles Cherry Tree BN 60 Dec 7 1905
Brooks Eli Black Bear 32 Dec 21 1910
Brooks (sexton) Eli BN 66 Jul 1 1907
Bruee William Clytha 77 3-4-1894 Clk in Holy Orders
Buffrey Agnes Cwm Ctgs Clytha 8 yrs 11-10-1899
Charles Rachel Clytha 79 11-9-1815
Charles Margaret BN 104 23-12-1824
Clift Elizabeth Clytha 21 5-6-1880
Clift Wm george BN infant 24-11-1857
Coates William Pontypool 46 25-4-1852
Coles George Goytre 60 10-3-1875
Coles Susan Goytre 28-1-1879
Cross Richard Clytha Mill 44 5-11-1843
Davies Elizabeth Monkswood 73 22-2-1819
Davies Esther Llantrissant 55 18-4-1853
Davies David Trump Farm 75 3-5-1872
Davies Ann Trump Farm 78 23-1-1878
Davies Elizabeth Raglan 70 Dec 12 1906 **
Davies Charles Alfred Little Cwm BN 22m Jul 22 1910
Davies David BN 69 Jul 30 1911
Davies Elizabeth BN 80 Oct 8 1914
Dixon John Wysome BN 4 15-10-1873
Dixon William BN 38 17-12-1882
Dixon Sarah Ann Rose Ctg Llanthewy Rhyderch 55 Mar 6 1902
Dobbs Eliza Clytha 6 mths 1-4-1839
Dobbs William BN 39 6-1-1870
Dobbs Mary BN 89 Dec 7 1904
Dowle Elizabeth Mathern 59 15-2-1823
Dunn Thomas Wm Clytha 20 22-12-1870
Dunn George BN 27 6-12-1879
Dunn Ernest Frederick Brynderwen Lodge 20mths 27-3-1893
Dunn Temperance BN 64 1-5-1896
Dunn Charles Abergavenny Asylum 89 Jun 21 1911
Edmonds Martha Kemys Comm 36 3-11-1822
Edmonds Elizabeth BN 80 1-7-1828
Edmunds Eliza Monmouth 29 2-3-1845
Edmunds Margaret BN 59 25-4-1845
Edmunds William Kemys Comm 75 27-6-1860
Edwards Elizabeth Llandenny 67 14-3-1863
Edwards John Abergavenny Union 71 20-10-1879
Edwards Thomas Abergavenny Union 86 6-1-1880
Edwards Edward BN 69 30-9-1886
Edwards Mary BN 78 8-7-1888
Evan Evans BN 82 18-11-1816
Evans Joan BN 80 14-3-1816
Evans Anne Maria Llanfoist 8 19-6-1844
Evans Rosehannah Pontypool 2 7-8-1845
Evans Emma Caerleon 33 4-7-1847
Evans William Mamhilad 22mths 14-1-1865
Gibbons Rachel BN 44 31-5-1891 **
Gillespie Wm Augustus Brynderwen Clytha 65 27-12-1899
Griffiths Sussannah Brynderwen Lodge 68 Nov 24 1910
Grove Fanny Pelican Usk 3y 3m 27-1-1847
Groves Austin BN 8 mths 20-4-1839
Harris Ann Trostrey Common 84 10-4-1855
Harris Elizabeth Brooks BN 66 14-7-1855
Harris James BN 55 1-8-1860
Harris Ann Abergavenny union 93 Feb 8 1908
Harris Elizabeth Nantyfawr Clytha 77 Sep 13 1917
Harry Elizabeth Llan Nigh Usk 92 26-10-1822
Harry Mary Gwehelog 21 22-7-1830
Harry MaryAnn BN 5 8-7-1855
Harry Henry Clytha 3y 6m 19-12-1862
Harry Richard Brynderwen Farm 2 mths 2-3-1892
Harry Alice Brynderwen Farm 3 years 18-8-1894
Hayward Joseph Trostrey 32 18-8-1884
Heyes Joseph Clytha 3 25-6-1826
Holden William BN 66 15-5-1888
Holder Martha Farmsfield Nottingham 85 Sep 9 1903
Holmes Rachel BN 72 20-4-1839
James John Clytha 79 13-6-1817
James William BN 15 22-11-1865
James James Raglan 91 3-7-1898 **
Jarrold John Forge Mill Llanarth 72 27-12-1884
Jenkins Philip Llan Juxta Usk 57 13-1-1818
Jenkins Ann BN 40 25-9-1825
Jenkins Elizabeth BN 1 4-6-1829
Jenkins John BN 47 16-4-1832
Jenkins Edward Lanvair Kilgeddin 61 6-9-1880
Jenkins Elizabeth Ethel BN 11days 7-1-1887
Jenkins Elizabeth Tranch 70 25-5-1893
Jenkins Emily Rachel Forge Hill 31 Feb 28 1908
Jenkins Richard Abergavenny Asylum 62 Feb 2 1911
Jenkins Winifred Olive Abersychan 21 Feb 15 1915
Jones Edward BN 78 3-1-1821
Jones Ann Bryngwyn 77 16-9-1831
Jones Mary Llan Juxta Usk 92 18-9-1831
Jones John Usk 45 18-2-1837
Jones John Goytre 7 mths 25-2-1837
Jones Margaret Raglan 82 6-2-1848
Jones Thomas Raglan 8 9-7-1848
Jones Charity Jane Penrose 10mths 6-5-1850
Jones Sarah BN 70 30-10-1853
Jones Thomas Goytre 65 24-11-1853
Jones Ebenezer Watkin Penrose 13 7-2-1855
Jones Elizabeth King-Coed 27 17-6-1855
Jones Sarah Goytre 22 18-6-1856
Jones Thomas Raglan 76 30-10-1857
Jones Simon BN 76 14-1-1858
Jones Susan Llan Juxta Usk 51 14-11-1859
Jones William BN 20 12-6-1862
Jones Eliza Mamhilad infant 21-10-1864
Jones Mary Usk 68 8-1-1865
Jones Ann Clytha 28 8-3-1865
Jones Jane Goytre 30 13-4-1865 **
Jones Stephen Llan Gobion 19 12-5-1869
Jones William BN 79 6-10-1870
Jones William Clytha 40 7-6-1870
Jones Robert Phumby Court Leicester 33 21-7-1873
Jones Elizabeth Raglan 73 20-2-1881
Jones Mary Ann BN 67 20-2-1881
Jones Thomas BN 77 28-5-1891
Jones Ellen Walterstone 27 17-4-1893
Jones Ann Russells Hill Trostrey 83 11-11-1895
Jones Thomas Llandenny 68 19-5-1896
Jones John Russells Hill Trostrey 55 1901-2-Oct
Jones John Nantyderry 79 Aug 4 1904 **
Jones Thomas Nanty lano Farm Clytha 59 feb 21 1907
Jones George Beynon Rectory Llan Lingoed 71 Feb 26 1915
Jones William Post Offfice Llanvapley 73 May 3 1916
Jones Jane Frances 18 Kingdon rd Hampstead 73 Mar 4 1919
Kerr Susannah BN 80 13-7-1888
Keyes Mary Clytha 80 22-2-1829
Keyes Daniel Usk 85 7-3-1832
Keyes Eleanor Pontypool 5 12-6-1845
Keyes Daniel Newport 79 26-1-1849
Lace Ann BN 59 17-1-1880
Lambert William Bettws infant 11-12-1835
Lang Anne BN 47 25-3-1888 Coroners Inquest **
Lavin George T Hermann The Brooks 44 Jun 3 1908
Lee Emma Birmingham 42 17-11-1887 ***
lewis Edward Clytha 69 1-11-1814
Lewis Mary Clytha 75 4-7-1820
Lewis Anne BN 63 10-10-1831
Lewis Margaret Clytha 78 22-2-1837
Lewis William BN 64 6-1-1840
Lewis Anne Kemys Bridge 50 18-2-1844
Lewis Anne Kemys Comm 18 9-6-1845
Lewis Edward Kemys Comm 73 5-2-1848
Lewis James Panteg 58 7-5-1861
Lewis John Risca 1yr10m 8-9-1867
Lewis Jane BN 55 4-1-1876
Lewis Mary Panteg 73 15-1-1879
Lewis John BN 71 27-1-1882
Lewis Mary BN 55 1900-20-Dec
Lewis William BN died at Abergavenny workhouse 57 1901-11-May
Lewis Albert BN 31 1902-13-Jan
Lewis Wm Edward Llanstephan 39 Feb 11 1906
Lloyd Jacob Raglan infant 11-3-1832
Lloyd Mary Raglan age missing 20-4-1833
Lloyd William Raglan 72 29-10-1862
Lloyd Mary Rhiwlas 88 22-5-1885
Lloyd Edward Jones Rectory BN 61 Sep 17 1920
Lodge William Usk 42 15-4-1865
Mallarney Lilian Mary BN 9 mths 27-1-1888
Marfell Jane Clytha 59 20-1-1882
Mathews Ada New Houses K.C. 8 13-11-1897
Mathews Henry New Cotts K.C. 48 21-6-1899
Mathews Amelia Kemys Comm 59 Feb 26 1920
Mole John Charles BN 6m 19-3-1862
Mole John Clytha 84 15-4-1867
Mole Ann Asylum Abergavenny 82 17-7-1867
Morgan John Clytha 46 15-3-1820
Morgan Ann BN 99 6-1-1832
Morgan James Clytha 64 22-12-1837
Morgan Anne Twyn Clytha 71 28-12-1841
Morgan William The Lane BN 43 26-5-1843
Morgan Charles BN 81 22-1-1850
Morgan Mary BN 80 13-2-1850
Morgan Mary 82 15-1-1854
Morgan William Kemys Comm 44 1-12-1858
Morgan Anne Penrose 54 7-5-1859
Morgan James Penrose 63 13-3-1862
Morgan Elizabeth Penrose 21 28-7-1862
Morgan John Goytre 32 29-6-1865
Morgan Harriet Llanarth 70 5-5-1889
Morgan Isaac BN 45 20-9-1889
Morgan Mary New Wm Street Blaenavon 55 4-4-1892
Morse Levi James Panteg 1yr10m 27-3-1860
Morse Levi James Panteg 55 1-1-1882
Moss Mary Ann Panteg 32 2-8-1858
Nicholas William Bettws 88 13-4-1835
Nicholas Mary Gwehelog 69 22-4-1847
Nicholas John Clytha 28 21-1-1849
Nicholas Ann Goytre 7 19-7-1859
Nicholas Mary BN 2 yrs 7-10-1864
Nicholas Elizabeth Goytre 7 14-12-1864
Nicholas William Llangibby 95 23-8-1876
Nicholas William Llangibby 80 20-5-1897
Nicholas Elizabeth Brook Ctg BN 81 1901-18-May
Nicholas Ann the Bryn Llan Nigh Usk 69 Mar 28 1904
Oakley Wm Henry Thornbury House BN 72 14-8-1871
Oatley Jack Ocean Hse Porthcawl 75 Dec 31 1903
Parry George Clytha infant 4-11-1831
Parry Ann Cherry Tree Clytha 68 26-10-1885
Parry John Cherry Tree Clytha 72 31-8-1877
Parry Susan Illd Farm BN 44 2-8-1896
Phillips Ann Black Bear 79 May 15 1919
Phillips Thomas Black Bear Cottages 76 May 5 1920
Price Sarah Clytha 68 8-3-1886
Price John BN 70 10-7-1887
Prosser Richard Pontypool 4 7-8-1852 s/o James & Mary emigrated to Oz
Prosser Gertrude Annie Jane Chain Bridge Turnpike House 10years 3-4-1899 drowned in the river
Reece Margaret Kemys Comm infant 5-1-1829
Rees William BN 88 19-4-1816
Rees Margaret Union W/h Abergavenny 10 27-11-1841
Rees Margaret BN 77 13-4-1843
Rees Mary BN 76 No Date
Rees John Brynderwen Farm 53 27-11-1878
Rees Mary BN 88 5-2-1882
Rees Ann Lanvair Kilgedin 76 Aug 15 1904
Richards John Clytha 47 5-7-1867
Roberts Sibil Trostrey 70 13-2-1815
Roberts Thomas Trostrey 67 22-9-1816
Roberts Sarah Ann Upper Berthllwyd trostrey 68 Dec 26 1916
Rosser Anne Gwehelog 69 2-3-1819
Rosser Ann Usk 82 7-2-1826
Rosser Mary Ann Clytha 1yr 5m 17-11-1866
Rosser henry Wm Brynderwen Lodge 38 2-2-1898
Saunders Elizabeth Ann BN 1m 19-3-1884
Selby Jane Sophia Brynderwen Lodge BN 9m 2-1-1872
Selby Mary Ann Brynderwen 58 23-10-1877
Selby Sophia Neath 7m 16-2-1881
Shadwell Mary Usk 78 5-4-1825
Sheppherd Elizabeth BN 47 Dec 19 1902
Spencer William Clytha 40 22-1-1883
Stead Frances Trinity Alms houses Abergavenny 80 Jul 9 1919
Steed William BN 62 29-1-1880
Steed Mary Blaenavon 80 0-10-1881
Stretton Wm Richard Brynderwen Clytha 62 30-3-1868
Tamplin Thomas Kemys Comm infant 25-7-1820
Tamplin Margaret BN 38 18-3-1832
Taylor John Gwehelog infant 17-11-1817
Unknown Body found in field near “The Brook” 65 Apr 13 1905
Valentine Wm Henry Thomas BN 3 mths 16-5-1888
Waite Thomas Clytha 66 15-6-1862
Wallington Edith Emily Lunatic Asylum Abergavenny 33 Jan 12 1914
Wallington Wm Edward BN 56 Sep 30 1916
Watkins Joan BN 88 21-6-1815
Watkins Mary BN 80 16-12-1828
Watkins John Penrose 67 15-7-1838
Watkins Susan Brooks BN 34 9-1-1842
Watkins Charles BN 83 14-1-1844
Watkins Charles Edward BN 2 days 18-9-1847
Watkins Jane Penrose 69 16-12-1851
Watkins Sophia The Pant Clytha 70 2-7-1868
Watkins Laura Usk 8 yrs 2-1-1872
Watkins George Usk 71 11-9-1872
Watkins Charles Clytha Hill Llanarth 72 7-7-1875
Watkins Mary BN 72 8-4-1880
Watkins Alfred BN 76 31-7-1881
Williams James Usk 28 8-12-1815
Williams David Usk 83 1-2-1818
Williams Mary BN 1 mth 22-1-1823
Williams Ann BN 12 1-18-1832
Williams Thomas Kemys Comm 8 mths 16-4-1847
Williams John Raglan 78 28-11-1849
Williams Isabella BN 21 16-9-1850
Williams William BN 22 28-3-1854
Williams Elizabeth Gwehelog 74 9-3-1856
Williams Mary Jane Trostrey Common 14 8-5-1858
Williams Herbert BN 87 30-9-1862
Williams Ann Clytha infant 6-10-1866 **
Williams Isabella BN 82 31-3-1868
Williams Margaret Bryngwyn 68 17-12-1873
Williams henry BN 69 6-1-1886
Williams Elizabeth BN 72 5-8-1889
Williams Margaret Gwehelog 88 21-8-1893
Williams Infant s/o James & Mary Cwm Cottages 3 wks 26-12-1896
Williams Thomas Birch Orchard BN 90 Dec 14 1903
Williams Sophia Great Oak Bryngwyn 73 Apr 24-1907
Woodhouse Thomas BN 59 9-9-1879
Woodhouse Sophia BN 65 25-11-1882
Wright Richard The Brooks BN 75 16-4-1869
Wysome Sarah Black Bear 71 2-12-1888

Highways Petition – Goytre Names

To Her Majesty’s Justices Of The Peace, For the County of Monmouth, Assembled In Quarter Sessions, At Usk

The Humble Petition of The Rate-Payers of The Parish of Goytre

Sheweth —

That we, the undersigned Landowners, Tenant Farmers, and Tradesmen, being Rate-Payers, in the Parish of Goytre perceive, with great regret, that it is your intention, at the next Quarter Sessions, to confirm the Provisional Order made at the last Sessions to adopt the new Highway Act, in the County of Monmouth,

That we cannot regard this Act in any other light than that of direct interference with our vested rights, while we are convinced that, in our own case, and probably, in that of many others, the burden of Taxation, which already weighs too heavily on our industry, will, under the provisions of this Act will be greatly augmented.

That our Highways, greatly improved, as they have been, within the last four years, are now in fair average condition, and will compare favourably with the Highways of any other district, so that we can repair by an average Annual Rate of six pence in the pound: we are, therefore, most unwilling to commit ourselves to a new measure, which will not only deprive us of our parochial rights, but will necessarily be expensive in its operation.

That experience has shown us in the case of the Poor Law, that whatever advantages that enactment may be supposed to possess, the working of it swallows up an enormous per centage of our Rates, and that there is every reason to fear that, under the Act in question, the Paid Staff, and other things, will cost as much as the whole outlay required to maintain our roads according to the present system, – a system which, although in some respects defective, is not, on that account, to summarily condemned: and we therefore very earnestly, but most respectfully beg that you will not confirm your Provisional Order in respect of the fore-mentioned Act..

And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pay

Thomas Evans ~ Rector    William Jones           Richard Williams

William Gwatkin                 Edward Charles        William Phillips

Walter Williams                  Isaac Wilks                William Jones

Thos Lewis                        Owen Davies             Rachel Thomas

Richard Pruett                   James Waits              Tom Griffiths

John Bevan                       Charles Lewis             Isaac Williams

William Reece                   John Williams             Jacob Prosser

William Morgan                 Edward Williams         Walter Davis

Lewis Mathews                 W Morgan                   Phillip Jenkins

John Williams                   Thos Tessym               Samuel Heath

Thos Jenkins                    Charles Jones

William Jenkins                Thomas Thomas

William Lewis                   David Evans

Thomas Prosser              Edmond Dixon

John Preece                   John Powells

John Jenkins                  William Watkins

Thomas Roberts            John Harris

Enoch Heath                 Isaac Jenkins

William Price                 William Jenkins

Henry Miles                  John Lewis

Mary Watts                   David Davis

Henry Plaisted             John Lewis

Thomas James jnr       John Proses

Benj Jeremiah             William James

Thomas James           John Williams

William Nicholas         Robert Higgs

John Morgan              George Painter

Mordecai Jones         John Waters

John Ballard              John Steele

William Bevan           William Turner

Daniel Tedman          William Jones

John Lewis                Thomas Lewis

William Jeremiah       Ann Rosser

Henry Cowmeadow Thomas Jenkins

William Francis         Francis Adams

Goytre Infant Deaths 1893 – 1915

Surname Christian Name Age Fathers Name Occupation Year Date Address
Meredith William 10 days George farmer 1893 7-Jun  
Stinchcombe Geo Henry 1m Wm Thomas general labourer 1894 20-Mar Chapel Ed
Dobbs William 2m Richard 1895 27-May Goytrey Cottage
Lloyd Sydney Reginald 2m Edward general labourer 1895 18-Dec Penpedyheol
Barrell Charles Edwin 10 days Daniel carter 1896 15-Dec Pengroesoped
Walker Wm Charles 10m William farmer 1890 14-Jan Chapel Ed
Stinchcombe Henry 11 days George farmer 1898 11-Jun Yew Tree Ctg Farm
Evans Mabel 4 days John farmer 1899 9-Feb Pentre Farm
Evans Ruth 2 days John farmer 1900 13-Aug Pentre Farm
Lewis Wm Isaac 8m Wm Isaac butcher 1901 2-Feb Elm Tree Ctg
Boyce Mabel Amanda 1m Abraham farmer 1901 21-Jun Berthlan
Rochins Jas Humphrey 7m Robert gardener (dom) 1902 11-Apr Pengroesoped
Dobbs   7 hours Richard ag lab 1903 28-Apr Goytrey Cottage
Jones Emily Jane 3 hours Alfred farmer 1904 29-Dec Goytre School House
Parry James 2m James farmer 1904 25-May Pentwyn Farm House
Rosser Violet May 5m Jenkin groom 1905 24-Jan Olive Gardens
Edward John Reginald 1m Albert blacksmith j/man 1907 11-Feb Ty Twmpin
Howells Gwendoline Mary 3m Frank general labourer 1910 13-Jan Road Farm
Howells Gladys 2m Wm John wood turner j/man 1913 22-Sep Royal Oak Cottages
Price Walter Morgan 6m George ironworks labourer 1913 13-Oct Porth Gwyn Cottages
Mortimer Mgt Edith Mary 10m William butcher 1914 22-Nov Royal Oak Cottages
Williams Philip Edward 8m Philip baker/ confectioner 1915 1-Feb Brook Cottage
Jones Vernon 8 hours Geo Thomas eng drvr at pig iron furness 1915 10-Oct Brook Cottage

Anne Evans letters

Correspondence between

Anne Evans (wife of Thomas Evans Clerk, Rector of Goytrey)

And the trustees of her uncle John (Fielden’s) will

Concerning the purchase of several estates

Re: Pentwyn Farm and Goytre Hall In1874

Letter 1 – Wickham, Hants, 6th May 1874

My Dear William
Re: Fielden
Can you, referring to these papers tell me what was paid on the admission of Gittens and myself with copy-holds which are subject to Sterlings mortgage as I am now making out a Wh. & D account from the time of Mr Fieldens deals.
Yours Sincerely
C. Smith
Wm Houghton Esq.

Letter 2 – Nantyderry, Abergavenny, 17th Dec 1874

Dear Mr Houghton
It is very handsome of you to say that on our growing absence that we will sign the deed. You will yourself undulate to send me my due while I thank you. I consider and I am, (?) you also do that Messrs Smith and Gittens have no right to withhold from me my due. It is not honest in them to do it, for much an act on their part you know I can rue them.
It is plain they have no desire to do by me as they have done by others entitled under my uncle’s will.
My consent, as I have told you, to dispose of my uncle’s estate was given to Mr Strickland on the distinct understanding that the property was temporarily placed in the funds in (Naler?) to re-invest. My portion is bankway Pref., or bank stock so that I might have proper value of.
Several years ago I had this matter before Mr Thomas White of Bedford, now who having examined the will, stated that it could be done: and he also said last spring that it could still be easily invested in lands.
I am not particular as to which invested.
I am not tied to any other source therefore the matter could be carried out in your office – I see no reason why I should lose £100 a year through a low rate of interest whilst the respective positions of Messrs Smith & Gittens are made the just of – and especially since by the terms of the will it is evident my uncle intended that I should have equal advantage with them in the event of becoming a wife or mother.
With my Rector’s and my now kind regards to you, wishing you all every happiness at this season,
I am dear Mr Houghton,
Yours very sincerely,
Mr W. Houghton Esq. Anne Evans

Letter 3 Wickham, Hants 6th May 1874
And at 166 Queen Street, Portsea & Jewry Street, Winchester

My Dear William,
Sterlings Mortgage
Please reply to Mr Evans as you propose.
Yours truly
C. Smith
Wm. Houghton Esq.

Letter 4 Nantyderry, Abergavenny, 13th March 1875

Dear Mr Houghton
Since I last wrote to you about the £200, Sir Geo Chetwynd has decided upon selling all is estates in this county.
There are three of his farms in this locality, one of 170 acres adjoining Nantyderry and another within a quarter of a mile and all in this parish.
It has occurred to me that there would be some dipping into it laying out in Railway Pref: shares. About 2 years ago the buildings on these farms were put in excellent order; the one adjoining us is in a high state of cultivation.
Should this place be calculated and the trustees require to further date’s faction that a view of the plans and particulars of the sale when they come out Mr Evans would save your expense of coming down to see the property.
This is an opportunity of benefiting my children in the way of position that can never rise again, properties about being sincerely curtailed, therefore I shall feel it my duty to leave no matter untried to attain so desirable an object, 1st by appealing to the trustees – and in case of refusal, to the court, which I have long ago been advised by Messrs White and Son, can be done and would on a full representation of the case be allowed by the court.
I shall be obliged to you if you will do your best with the trustees to obtain their consent to this reasonable plan as they accede to one plan for peace sake; i hope they will also accede notwithstanding their opposition.
We could easily purchase the farms in other ways but not without making sacrifice as we took up 636 of the last South Metropolitan Gas Shares on which £7 10s each, we now priced out our savings with my own and the Rectors.
With my own and the Rector’s kind regards
I am, dear Mr Houghton
Yours very sincerely
Mr Houghton Esq. Anne Evans


Letter 5 Portsmouth, 25th March 1875

My Dear Charles
I wish to be entirely (?) by Mr Houghton in the matter which I must desire is to purchase from Mrs Evans for his interest in the Sterlings property and if state that by admonishing £200 with the (?) monies on mortgage I think it would be wise to do so.
I return Mrs Evans letter
With kind love and regards to all yours,
W. Feildens


Letter 6 Nantyderry, Abergavenny, 31st March 1875

Dear Mr Houghton
If you and Susanna knew all you would feel as I do. Nothing will induce me to consent to Mr Goldsmith or any other party connected with Messer’s Smith & Gittens to be valuer so near me.
1st because I will have nothing to do with them
2nd because it would not be common fairness that they should be pledges in this matter – any more valuer in this or adjoining county suggested by them would do this, thought to be deemed reasonable and sufficient – the sale will be by public auction in the course of the summer and the valuer ought to be instructed not to give a notion to anybody as to who the purchaser is likely to be , for that would at once raise the interest most sincerely, the property being obviously worth more to us that they can be to any other person by reason of the contingency of the finest farm.
I have nothing but contentious feelings towards Mr C Smith for his own and his present sakes but on the ground will carefully look over my uncles John’s will.
You will see that their power is after all, very circumscribed and my own very considerable.
I am, dear Mr Houghton with our kind regards
Yours very sincerely
W Houghton Esq. Anne Evans

Letter 7 7 Mostyn Cresent, Llandudno, 18th June 1875

My Dear Mr Houghton
The enclosed telegram which I do not wished returned will shew you that we have purchased the farms.
We employed Mr Williams the solicitor and county treasurer from Monmouth, as our own solicitor firm Abergavenny would have been suspected as bidding for us.
I also enclose your plans of the property purchase to be completed on or before 25th December next. We have paid the deposit. We should prefer paying £5 per cent interest for 10 days and taking our Railway dividends if it can be managed.
We return home next Saturday.
With our kind regards
Yours very sincerely,
Mr W Houghton Esq. Anne Evans

Letter 8 Summerhill House, Tunbridge Wells, 20th July 1875

Mr Dear Mr Houghton,
Your letter has been forwarded onto me here. The splendid property and lands in the names of “Harriet Turner”, widow and Anne Evans.
Mr. Evans to Anne has been added by me since my baptism. The funds are being high now and you promised to buy preference stock.
The funds may go down by January and we may have to sell out at sacrifice, therefore if you can get preference stock on which the dividends will fall due about Christmas it would and will do so. It could stand in our joint names. – Anne Evans – CB.
Smith & Gittens – we are here with our friends Mr. & Mrs W C Bernard till after post next Monday, we then move to Brighton all together.
With all our kind regards
Yours very sincerely
Mr W Houghton Esq. Anne Evans

Letter 9 Nantyderry, Abergavenny, 17th July 1877

My Dear Mr Houghton
We are fairly tires that with the long delay over the conveyance. Had we foreseen it, we should have taken other steps as regards the payment, I am now anxious to prevent needless delay on my part.
Will you kindly say whether you are satisfied with the title and that the funded properties will be forthcoming s soon as the estates are duly conveyed?
It is a very complicated title but Mt Gabb thinks we shall be safe as there is no one to claim the property.
It is very provoking because the funds were so high months ago.
I am, dear Mr Houghton
Yours very sincerely
W. Houghton Esq. Anne Evans

P.S.How about my interest from the £200 which interest is my pocket money and must not be included in the capital amount. Will you kindly call on Messer’s Freer, Foster & co., as they have now approved conveyance.

Letter 10 Nantyderry, Abergavenny, 18th July 1878

Dear Mr Houghton
I return the paper duly signed by me and my Rector. Mr Evans wrote last Saturday to apply for £200 at the stock. We shall not know until after the 27th whether the request is granted, though in all probability it will be. Can you therefore go quite at your convenience for the money and interest, our brokers are Messrs Bragg & Stockdale, 6 Throuronto St, London EC, we have always been well treated by them but we shall not require a broker if we get this stock, you will only have to pay the £200 direct to secretary of Gas Light & Coke Co., in the names of A Evans, CB Smith and G Gittens.
The advantage of this stock is that it is not redeemable, need we shall not be worried at a time when money is plentiful to fork out for any other security.
If this falls through there will be no difficulty in purchasing other preference stock.
I am, dear Mr Houghton
Yours very sincerely
W Houghton Esq. Anne Evans

We have paid another call on our South Metropolitan shares, twice I offered them to you as security. Only £1 now remaining to be paid and we would have our shares still worth more than £16000.

Letter 11 Nantyderry, Abergavenny, 17th April 1878

Dear Mr Houghton,
In respect of your letter received this morning I wrote some little time ago to Messrs Grant & Co., and asked them to send me this time their cheque direct i registered letter, such that I would send them my stamped receipt.
We cannot see our way to bank in the new West of England bank in Pontypool, although we much like the old manager still in charge. All the banks are anxious to see us but we have not decided we have undersigned warrants now in the house for over £700.
I am thoughtful to say that we have no shares now in West of England or any bank but plenty of poor people out of work to employ.
Under the circumstances please let me have cheque direct this time when we have a bank I will let Messrs Grant know.
Mr Walter Long married an old school fellow of mine and my Rector knows Mr Hills, his brother in law.
I am, dear Mr Houghton
Yours very sincerely
W Houghton Esq. Anne Evans

Free Press Death Notices

The following is a List of Death Notices taken from the Free Press Newspaper.

Evans, Rufus, aged 56 of Great House Farm, Goytre. Late licensee of Carpenters Arms Inn, leaves a widow, two daughters and a son.

Evans, William, (no age given) of the Wharf, Goytre, Near Pontypool.

Gough, Mary, Mrs, aged 83 of the School Cottage, Goytre, Near Pontypool. Relict of William.

Gough, Mary Ann, aged 8, School Cottage, Goytre.

Gough, William, aged 72, late school master, Goytre.

Griffiths, Edward, aged 72, Coedygric Institution, Griffithstown. Suicide  by cutting throat. Of Goytre.

Guest, Harry, aged 20.  Killed in action WW1. Carpenter of Goytre.

Hanbury, Rachel, aged 66, of Lower Cae Coed, Goytre, wife of Allan.

Hargest, Ann, aged 44. Of Ohio, USA. Wife of Reverend Davies, late Chapel Ed, Goytre.

Harris, Franklyn, aged 64 of Glanbaiden, Goytre. Eldest son of the late Samuel F Harris, Gwenffrwd Woolen Factory.

Hawkins, Mary Emily, aged 32. Daughter of late William Walker, Pontypool. Wife of Avon Linden, Penwern, Goytre.

Howells, Howell (Rev), Rectory, Goytre. (no age given)

Hughes, Elizabeth, aged 77, Goytre. Relict of John, a butcher.

Hughes, Ella, Ellersley, Goytre. Fifth daughter of Rev David Moseley. Wife of Harry of Messrs Henry Hughes Newspapers, Pontypool.

Humphries, Edward, aged 68, Pudda House, Goytre

Humphries, Jesepha, (no age given) of 25 Ludlow Road, Penarth, Relict of Edward.

Humphries, Richard, aged 38, of Edmonton Canada, son of late Edward, Goytre.

Hutchinson, David, aged 73, Refreshment Rooms, Nantyderry. Licensee for 19 years. Born Vrow Farm.

James, Emma, Cross Blethyn, Itton Chepstow, wife of late Thomas, Goytre House.

James, John, aged 68. Pencroesoped, Goytre, son Clifford, daughter Irene, leaves a wife.

James, Thomas, aged 75, Cross Blethyn, Itton, near Chepstow, late of Goytre House.


Jenkins, Ada Ellen, aged 21. New Barn farm, Goytre, daughter of Thomas and Annie.

Jenkins, David, aged 78 at Pontypool Union Workhouse, labourer of Goytre.

Jenkins, James, of Ty Llwyd, Goytre, 6’ 6” tall weighing 18 stone, leaves a wife aged 93.

Jenkins, Jane, aged 85, Upper Village, Goytre, wife of John, cattle dealer.

Jenkins, Walter, aged 91, daughters Mrs Owen, Birch Grove, Goytre, born Walnut Tree Farm, Goytre on 29. 3. 1833.

Jenkins, William, aged 82, Grove Cottage, Goytre.

Jenkins, William, aged 29, Hay Meadow Goytre, second son of William and Ann.

Jenkins, William, at the Royal Gwent Hospital, lived with sister, Mrs Ellaway at Goytre Lodge.

Jenkins, William Henry, aged 47 at Pontypool Union Workhouse, of Goytre.

Jeremiah, Ann, aged 43, wife of Mr B, Goytre

Jeremiah, Miss, aged 9, Royal Oak Inn, Goytre, daughter of William and Matilda.

Jeremiah, Thomas, aged 52 of Glanbaiden, Goytre.

August 1936
Jones, Ann, aged 85, children, Jane, Emily and Philip, wife of late Thomas, Walnut Tree Farm, Goytre.

Jones, Annie Maud, aged 15 months, Pantglas Farm, Goytre, only child of Mr & Mrs George.

Jones, David, aged 71, following being knocked down by a cyclist, retired platelayer, The Knoll, Goytre, husband of Clara.


Jones, John, aged 79, Colebrook, Roath Park, Cardiff. Clerk at Goytre Church for 36 years. (Died whilst visiting son)

Jones, May, Royal Gwent Hospital , Newport following an operation. (nee Hanford), Licensee, Goytre Arms Inn, formerly Talywain, husband Arthur.

Jones, Thomas, aged 35, Goytre, Pontnewynydd, a puddler.

Jones, William, aged 40, milk vendor, Goytre.

Lewis, Alfred, aged 31, Black Beech, Goytre, eldest son of William and Elizabeth, late of LLan Farm.

Lewis, Elizabeth, aged 89, Goytre, relict of W., Tygwyn Farm, Llanover.

?. 8. 1938
Lewis, George Daniel, aged 79 of Ingleton Lodge, Barlston, Newcastle, headmaster, great grandsons of James, Wern Farm Goytre, sons Thomas and Daniel.

Lewis, John, aged 72 of Llanvair Kilgeddin, farmer, Goytre

Lewis, Mary, aged 68 of Danygraig, Goytre, wife of Josiah.

Lewis, P.T., killed in action WW1 of Tyr Ewen, Goytre.

Lindsay, Emily L, aged 10,  (Chestnut Cottage) drowned in the Monmouthshire Canal Mamhilad, daughter of William. 

Llewellyn, Charles, aged 73 of Oak Cottage, Goytre.

Mais, Frances Maria Colston, aged 85 of Penleaf Cottage, Goytre, wife of Richard Colston Esq.

Merrick, Martha, aged 82 at Pontypool and district hospital, nee Wilks, relict of Charles, Feltham Cottage, Newtown, Goytre.

Morgan, Azariah, aged 74 at Hollis Kansas, son of William and Martha, born Wern Farm, Goytre 11.9.1862. Relict of Alice


Morgan, Charles Francis, aged 80 of Maes-y-Beran, Goytre, former builder, sons Thomas John, Stanley A and Wyndham Ivor.

Morgan, Clifford Louis, aged 20, died at Coventry hospital of Budworth, son of Mr & Mrs Louis, Old Stores, Goytre, gasworker.

Morgan, F Mabel, aged 39, of Oak Cottage, Goytre, relict of Horace.

Morgan, Gladys, 6 months, Park Bach, Goytre, daughter of Lewis and Hannah.

Morgan, Harry, aged 39, of Pudda Goytre, son of Mrs & Tom, Pwllmars, (Pwllmerick) Goytre.

Morgan, Horace Llewellyn, aged 32 of  Ty Arrow, Goytre.

Morgan, Martha, aged 81, wife of David, Road Farm, Goytre.

Morgan, Mary, aged 84 of the Wern, Goytre, relict of William.

Morgan, Sarah Ann, aged 62 of Glenusk Farm, Goytre, wife of William.

Morgan, Thomas, aged 73 at Pontypool Union Infirmary, farm labourer, parish of Goytre.

Morgan, William, aged 64 of Wern Farm, Goytre

Morris, Gertrude E, aged 15 of Penwern Cottage, Goytre, eldest child of Evan and Jane.

Morris, Jane, aged 76 of Bedfont, Goytre, wife of Evan, daughter of John Jones, parish clerk, children Ted, Bert, Ernie and daughter Florence.

Morris, Valentine, aged 42 of Ash Cottage, Goytre wife of Winifred, Old Stores, leaves 9 children.

Newman, Abraham, aged 83 of Cross Lace, Raglan, native of Goytre, carpenter, sons Arthur and William.

Owen, Edward, aged 85 of The Gables, Goytre, native of Cwm Ddu, Radnorshire, bootmaker, leaves 4 sons and 2 daughters.

Owen, Harriett, aged 75 of The Gables, Goytre, wife of Edward.

Owen, Rachel, aged 54 of Nightingale Cottage, Goytre, wife of Albert, children, Eddie, Will, David, Winnie, Annie and Gladys.

Pape, Thomas Brinkly, aged 68 of Pengroesoped, Goytre, 30 years a stationmaster, Nantyderry.

Pardoe, George, aged 61, sisters Mrs James, Elm Tree Cottage, Goytre, brothers J. (Sheffield) and A. (Glascoed)

Peel, Guy Alban, aged 36, mother, Avebury, New Ferry, Cheshire.  B.A. of Penwern, Goytre.

Phillips, Abraham, aged 67 of New House, Goytre, relict of Elizabeth, born Croesnypant.

Phillips, Amy, aged 71, Junction House, Pontymoile, wife of William, buried at Saron Chapel, Goytre

Phillips, Amy, aged 62, of Croesnypant, wife of John, water tender on canal.

Phillips, Elizabeth, aged 61, of New House, Goytre, wife of Abraham, late of Pontypool Road.

Phillips, Mathias, aged 78, of Vine Tree cottage, Goytre.

Poulsom, Sarah, aged 59, of Sawtells Terrace, Pontnewynydd, buried Goytre, wife of Francis, children, Frances, Olive, Ethel, Clarice, Iris and 2 sons.

Powell, Eva Diana, aged 32 of Sunnybank Goytre, wife of Arthur W.

Power, Charles, aged 20 of Croesnypant, agricultural labourer.

Price, David, aged 69 of Castle Cottage, Goytre.

Pritchard, David Francis, aged 75 of Goytre House, JP. Born Llanfeigan 17.8.1848.

Richards, Gwendoline, aged 9, (died of malnutrition) illegitimate daughter of Mrs Florence Richards, Rumble Street, Goytre.

Rosser, Aaron, aged 65, Oviel Garn, Goytre, farmer.

Rosser, Elizabeth, aged 76, Mamhilad Villa, wife of John, farmer.

Rosser, John, aged 77, farmer, Goytre Mill.

Rosser, John, aged 72, Mamhilad farm, farmer.

Rosser, Keturah, wife of James, Goytre.

Sansom, William George, Ellersley, Goytre, native of Wareham, Dorset, leaves a wife and family.

Sexton, Walter George, aged 56, Park View, Goytre, daughters Ann, Elizabeth, Gladys, Ethel and son George.


Shepherdson, Emma, aged 66 of Twyn Cecil, Goytre, wife of William.

Shepherdson, William, aged 76 of Twyn Cecil, Goytre.

Summers, William, aged 43, of Goytre.

Thomas, David, aged 69, husband of Susan, Old Stores, Goytre, formerly of Penyrheol. (There were 16 children, 4 sons and 4 daughters survived.)

Thomas, Irene, aged 7 months, daughter of David and Susan, Old Stores, Goytre.

Thomas, William, killed in action WW1, of Goytre.

Vaughan, Elizabeth, Abersychan, relict of John, Goytre.

Walker, William, killed on railway line, of Penwern Farm, farmer.

Waters, Enoch, aged 92, of Laswern Cottage, Goytre, besom maker, step-father of Alfred Marsh, Porth, Glam.

Watkins, Elizabeth, aged 84, Old Castle, Goytre.

Watkins, Mary Ann, aged 50, at Pontypool Union Infirmary, wife of George, a general labourer, of Goytre.

Watts, Thomas, aged 62, timber dealer, Goytre.

Weeks, W., aged 85, Bryn View, Goytre, late GWR engine driver, children, Bess, Gretta, Addie and William.

Whitehead, Lionel Digby, aged 60, died of a ruptured aorta near Sennybridge, Brecon. Of Goytre Hall, head of steel and iron co., leaves wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters.

Whitney, Edith, daughter of Thomas, Ty Cooke, Goytre.

Whitney, William, of 26 Bishop Street, Abertillery, only son of Thomas, Ty Cooke, Goytre.

Wilks, Catherine, aged 61, of Penperllenni House, Goytre.

Wilks, Elizabeth, aged 83, of Phoenix Cottage, Goytre, relict of Isaac.

Wilks, Isaac, aged 54, born Goytre, son of late Isaac.

Wilks, John, aged 89, (Deacon of Chapel Ed for 60 years.) Born Penperllenni 9.4.1842, founder of Little Mill engineering company.

Williams, Joseph, aged 87, worked at Little Mill brick works for 30 years, of Griffithstown, native of Goytre, children, Ted, Jim, Joe, Mary Ann & Ada.

?. 9. 1893
Williams, Joseph, aged 52, at Pontypool district hospital, native of Goytre, son of late Joseph and Mary.

Williams, Mary, Miss, aged 76, suicide by drowning, Bedfont, Goytre, cousin Miss Rachel Wilks, Phoenix Cottage.

Mrs Williams, aged 45, Goytre, wife of Walter, farmer.

Williams, Reggie, aged 8, Bridge House, Goytre, sons of Mrs and David.

Wood, Agnes Jane, sister of Mrs A Boyce, Berllan Farm, Goytre.

Griffiths, Mrs Annie – 1918

Abergavenny Chronicle, 7th June 1918.


The death took place at her residence, quite suddenly on Sunday night, the 26th ult., at the age of 68, of Mrs. Annie Griffiths, Maesyberan, Goytre. Although the deceased had been ailing for some considerable time, her intimate friends had hoped that she would have recovered and been spared for some years. Warned by her medical attendant, Dr. Foley, she knew for some time before death that the end was at hand, but she faced it with composure. When only 19 years of age deceased went to an aunt in America and entered different business establishments whilst there, until. owing to leading a too strenuous life, her health gave way. Her medical advisers recommended her to return to the old country, where she quickly recuperated. The business knowledge she acquired abroad had a great fascination for her, and being a very strong-willed lady she embarked upon various business enterprises, which she conducted most successfully. The deceased lady was born at The Duffryn Farm, being the second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, Cwm Farm, Govilon. 

Samuel Deverall 1910


Samuel Deverall of 44, Cross-street. Abergavenny, grocer, a former mayor of the borough, who died on August 3 last at Pant Glas Farm, Goytrey, Monmouth, aged 44 years, left estate of the gross value of £3,703, of which the net personalty has been sworn at £1,613. Probate of his will, dated April 1, 1892, has been granted to his widow. The testator left all his property to his wife. expressing himself as “having a perfect trust in her, and, therefore, knowing she will do that which is just and right for our son.”

(Link to an August 5th 1910 Free Press article covering the suicide and inquest of Mr. Samuel Deverall).