Miscellaneous Leases 1530 -1890

A list of Leases in alphabetical order for the period 1530 -1890
Absalom William yeoman:cott + 3 parcels land called Gree y croft + Wain Vach 1768
Absolom William cottage + 3 parcels of land called Gree y croft + wain vach 25th June 1768
Andrew Anne house, gdn, orchard + 4a land 1736
Baker Thomas land Pudda 1867
Ballard John cottage, garden + parcels of land – Star 1859
Banfield William tailor: cottage + 2a land being part of Pellenny common 1703
Beaven David yeoman 4a land being part of Pellenny common 1706
Bird Henry house and land – 444 1861
Bird Col H John Stephens lease: in village 1889
Bird Col H 4a 1r 7p : 689,795 + 796: small pt 795 surrendered in 1890 1890
Bosville Henry Llanellen: Cae Susannah: attached are memoranda 1733
Bridgett Bosville par Llanellen widow + Hugh Bosv esq; 2. Geo Hanbury Lanfoyst; mess,etc yrly vlue £18 50 now in ten of Dvd Morgan 1747
Byrde Col H Rachel James 1861
Cadogan Richard innholder:cottage + 2a land being part of Pellenny common 1755
Cadogan Richard cottage + 2a part of Pellennygg common 1755
Cadogan Richard house and land – Gafr Llwyd in occ of John Walbeof 1807
Cecill Walter Llanover, yeoman:100a land called Alt + Bwrgwm 1692
Cook John gent: parcel land called tyre lowarth 16a par Mamhilad 1750
Cooke John gent: parcel of land called Tyre Lowarth 16a 1750
Cooke Thomas Clydach: iron master – land called Fose-y-booch pg 1797
David Howell John of Goytrey: one tenm.t called cae pwll yn greig d duy 4a land in Mam 52
Edwards Daniel labourer: 2 parcels land 2a 1793
Edwards Daniel 2a land parish of Goytret 1793
Edwards William labourer cottage + 1a 1797
Evan William labourer: cott + close of land Wernock Vach + 3a thereto adjoining 1701
Evan Rachel house + 4a land part of Pellenny Common 1703
Evan John Morgan house, gdn, orch,4a land Pellenny common: att memo Nov 30 1790 new lease for this property 1732
Evan Walter to farm and lett piece of rough ground called Cae yr Orloth 1749
Evan Wm Morgan messuage, garden, orchard + 4 parcels (3a) manor of Pellenigg 29th Sept 1790
Evans Walter mason: messuage, gdn + 3 parcels land also site of a house + several parcels near Pellenny in Goytree 1740
Evans Walter yeoman: lease of a small parcel of rough land called Cae yr orloth 1749
Evans Abraham Bishopsgate Ldn woollen draper: cott, gdn, barn + 8 closes of land – 10 covers 1800
Griffith Cecil 2 decayed houses + 6a land in parish of Goytrey 1707
Griffith Walter house and smiths shop in Goytrey 1736
Griffith Walter smith: house and smiths shop in Goytrey 1736
Griffith Walter blacksmith: lease of decayed cott + barn + 3 small parcels of land 2a 1749
Griffith John Mamhilad yeoman: cott + close of land called Wernock Vach + 3a adj 1758
Griffith Joseph blacksmith: part of a messuage or dwelling house 1807
Griffith Joseph cott + garden – Glan-y-nant 1859
Griffiths John mamhilad: 2 decayed cottages + 6a part of Pellenny waste 1754
Griffiths John lease of a cottage + garden called wernock vach + 3a 1758
Griffiths William cott, shop + gdn half acre of waste pt Pellenny 25th June 1768
Griffiths Joseph blacksmith: messuage or dwelling house 29th Sept 1807
Grono Philip John lands late in his occ: 1856
Gwatkin William cottage and land 3a ?
Hanbury Richard Gent Pontymoile: 4a land being part of Pellenny common 1701
Harries John Gent Lanelen: 10a land being part of Pellenny common 1694
Harries John Lenelen: 10a land on Pellenny common 1694
Harry Gwellian widow: cottage garden + 3a land being part of the common 1702
Harry Ann widow: cottage + garden at a place called Penhewl Burgum 1782
Harry Ann widow: cottage and garden at a place called Penhewl Burgwm 25th Dec 1782
Hobbes Thomas doctor of physick: land called cae susannah 18a 1792
Hobbes Thomas cae susannah 18a` 1792
Howell William yeoman: the site of a house garden + 4a of waste being part of Pellennyg 1755
Howell William site of a house + 4a waste land being part of Pellennygg 30th March 1755
James John labourer: messuage + 2a land in Goytrey 1732
James Jane widow: cottage and garden in the parish of Goytre 1767
James Jane widow: cottage and garden in the parish of Goytre 1767
James Jane cottage and garden 1st Jan 1767
James Edward Hereford: cottage garden orchard + 2 parcels of land 4 covers – Maesyberyn 1777
James Edward of Llanguain Hef: cottage garden + 2 parcels of land 1777
James William blacksmith: cottage garden + 3 parcels of rough land 1781
James William cottage + 3 parcels rough land 25th Dec 1781
James Edward agrees to the lease no 93 1793
James Edward farmer: cottage garden + 2 parcels of land 3a 1807
James Edward farmer: cottage, garden 2 parcels of land (3a) 29th Sept 1807
Jayne Elizabeth cottage + 4a in pG 14th June 1763
Jenkin William labourer: cottage + 3a part of Pellenny common 1701
Jenkin Wm Howell lease from David Wms:mess gdn + 1 parcel land called kaier therwen: from M/w tow creigethea:from Mam tow PK + lands of Rich Wm Evan 1609
Jenkins Roger 2 parcels of land called Coom Kellyn + Brin vaur pg 2a 1687
Jenkins John house garden + 4a of land 1701
Jenkins Thomas miller: 7a land in the parish of Goytrey 1701
Jenkins Frederick LK labourer: cottage garden + 3 covers of land part Pellenny common 1707
Jenkins Thomas husbandsman: cottage + 4a land on Pellenny common + another 7a land 1750
Jenkins Thomas carpenter: cott garden + 3a with another one + half acres called wil bach 1755
Jenkins Thomas yeoman: cottage + 2 small plots of ground in par Llan + G 1761
Jenkins Mary cottage garden + 3a land being part of Pellenny common 1768
Jenkins William F yeoman: cottage garden + 2a rough pasture 1770
Jenkins Wm Frederick cottage garden 2a rough pasture 23rd Feb 1770
Jenkins Gwilliam labourer: a small parcel of land 1805
Jenkins Gwillim lease small parcel land 25th March 1805
Jenkins Thomas carpenter: 2 parcels of land = 3a 1807
Jenkins Thomas 2 parcels of land 29th Sept 1807
Jenkins Philip yeoman: a parcel of land 1a 1820
Jenkins Philip lives of self dec: John Jeremiah 9: John Stephens 8, 2,3,4 1820
Jenkins Philip parcel od land 25th March 1820
Jenkins Philip John s/o Wm Jeremiah 9:John Stephens s/o Wm 8: 1820
Jenkins John cottage and land 5a – tithe 349 The Croft 1860
Jenkins William house and land 14a – 402 Cider Mill 1860
John John ap for one tenement part of a tenm.t called altwithy cont 4 parcels 46
John Morgan ap wife Ann:messuage barn gdn 4a 3r 3p meadow 12a £40: owner Lewis Morgan +John Howell 1602
John Morgan of Mamhilad mess + ten pg 30 years bond £80: JCH 0396 20th May 1707
John Morgan par Mamhilad: land Goytrey: owner Hanvury 1707
John Morgan release £43 + messuage: 1707
Jones Gwellian Llanover spinster: cottage + 2a of land in Goy + Llan 1700
Jones Richard labourer: messuage + 4a 1700
Jones William labourer: 3a land part of the waste of Pellenny Cae Holy 1701
Jones William J labourer: cottage + 3a land part of the waste of Pellenny common 1701
Jones William 3a waste common called Cae Holly 1701
Jones Francis tailor: messuage garden + 4a 1732
Jones Mary house garden + orchard in Goytrey 1732
Jones Thomas yeoman: cottage and garden 1751
Jones Thomas yeoman: cottage garden with att memo relative to the expiry 3a 1751
Jones Thomas cottage and garden 29th August 1751
Jones Thomas lease of a cottage + garden 1758
Jones John tailor:messuage, garden beast house + 3a 1774
Jones William cottage + a piece of land 1778
Jones William cottage and piece of land 29th Sept 1778
Jones William Coed y kerrig Cwmyoy yeoman: site of a cottage + several parcels of land 7a 1797
Jones William labourer: decayed cottage garden + 2 parcels of land 3a 1817
Jones William decayed cottage + 3a land in manor of Pellenigg 1817
Jones Daniel Rhydmeirch innkeeper: house garden + land – Cefn Mynog – 570 1859
Lewis Richard Mamhilad: messuage garden + 4a Pellenny common 1696
Lewis Edward Gent Bergavenny: messuage + parcels land called green y croft + Wain Vach 1699
Lewis William labourer: 4a waste land on Pellenny common 1701
Lewis Elizabeth Lanfoist widow: land called Alt +Burgum 100a att memo 1783 relative to new lease 1732
Lewis William husbandsman: house and garden in Goytrey 1740
Lewis Thomas tailor :parcel of land – 339 Park bach 1857
Lewis Thomas cottage and land – 359 Pwllmeyric 1860
Lloyd William Betts Newidd: cottage garden + 4 parcels of land – 4a – 115 The Gables 1803
Lloyd John cottage and garden – tithe 369 – Rose Tree 1830
Mathews Mathew Wm of Mamhilad: one tenm.t pt of greig dduy called cae u quarrell 3a 51
Mathews John house and parcels of land 1692
Mathews John Llanover smith: cottage smiths forge + garden in Goytrey 1705
Mathews William house + land common of Pellennyn 14th June 1763
Mathews Robert gent of Nantyderry: rough woodland + waste called wern verig 1859
Morgan Johanna wid: morgan davdi her son, dau Jane + caterina David:mess in which Wm Morgan John lives called cayr therwen prem to be held by Rich Wm Morgan forever: 1635
Morgan Edward carpenter: cottage garden + 4a on Pellenny common 1701
Morgan William son of Robert: cottage + 2a on Pellenny common 1701
Morgan William collier: cottage garden + 4a part of Pellenny common 1701
Morgan Philip cottage, garden + 3a: 29th Sept 1701
Morgan Thomas labourer: 4a land on Pellenny common 1701
Morgan Ann cottage and garden 1st October 1750
Morgan William of Penstair: 2 parcels land 23rd Feb 1770
Morgan John tailor: cottage, garden 4a rough land paart of Pellennig common 23rd Feb 1770
Morgan Gwellian 4a rough ground 25th Feb 1770
Morgan William Penstair lease of Craig yr allt: Wm 45:john h/s 15:Benj James 22 s/o Wm Jas Upr Llan: stpson of Wm Morgan 1771
Morgan William penystare: 3 parcels land 1776
Morgan William lease of lands: craig allt 120a: caia yr goruith 16a: gwastod bwrgwm 4a:gwern bwrgwm 13a: 1782
Morgan William lease of lands 1788
Morgan William LK messuage + garden + 2a pG 29th Sept 1807
Parry Andrew yeoman: 2 parcels (20a) 1687
Phillipp Rytherick con of Phillipp Mathew of Goy: tenmt called cae ffywen gweg being 1 messuage one barn 2 parcels of land (12a) 50
Phillips John labourer: cottage and garden 1701
Phillips Charles tailor: cottage barn 2 half a being part of Pellenny common 1703
Powell John Thos one tenm.t part of tenement called altwithy 3 parcels of land 47
Powell John cottage 4a part of common Pellennig 6th December 1765
Prichard William victualler: cottage + 4a in Pelleny 1701
Prichard William victualler: cottage + 4a in Pelleny 1701
Proger Richard messuage + 3a land in manor of Pellenigg 29th Sept 1807
Rees Juhana verch widow: Walter Llus tailor + Alson verch John h/w: to dau morgan par Llangattock juxta Usk: 8 parcels land + appurt 1552
Reynold Roger cott + 3 parcels of land called Gree y croft + vain vach at Croeshoped 13th October 1750
Richard Roger yeoman: cottage + 4a on Pellenny common 1692
Rogers William of white hse farm llanellen: lease (counterpart) site of a cott + 2 gardens 1800
Stephens Thomas collier:cottage and 1a land on Pelleny 1692
Stephens John rtd grocer 45: Eliza h/w 44:son John 17 1859
Thomas jenkin labourer: cottage garden + 4a of the waste of Pellenny 1702
Thomas Michael owner Hen Rogers clk: Mary wife of M Thomas 80a 1774
Thomas James owners Sarah Smith widowof Thos: Mary + Rachel Mathews sisters: Kiln farm 1838
Valentine David 2 cottages + 2a land in Pellennig 1763
Valentine John cottage garden + 2 pieces rough land 29th Sept 1778
Valentine John sells lease (castell bach) to Thomas Lewis 1799
watkin Wm Thos of mam for one tenem.t one messuage + diverse parcels of land (14a) called cae tay duy-caeyrth y teey cae pennoll 48
Watkin Edw Wm labourer: cottage + 2a land on Pellenny common 1701
Watkins Richard parcels of land 31st Dec 1781
William Valentine labourer: 2 cottages 2a on Pellenny common 1701
Williams Charles labourer: house garden + 4a land in Pellenny common 1701
Williams Walter lease of Pen y twyn 130a: from Hen Bosville + Giles Meredith par Llanellen 23rd July 1730
Williams David cottage + parcel of land 30th Sept 1776
Williams William labourer lease of the remaining part of property in 122 1807
Williams Thomas 5 parcels (6a) 29th Sept 1813
Williams Thomas white gables:sons Thos (dead) Joseph now a shoemkr then 11: then in lease to Col Byrde 1813
Williams William messuage garden + 3a 25th March 1821
Williams Thos dead: Ruth dau then 8: Abraham Morgan Govilonm=,miller 10: now Margaret Wms 1818
Wylym Matilda verch relict of John ap Price; to Juhanne verch Rys w/o Lewis ap Richard: 8 parcels land by cefn mynog 1537


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