Old Stores No.1

No 1. Old Stores

As with number two and three Old Stores it has been difficult to make sure I have the correct families in each house.

Old Stores were built in the late 1870’s and early 1880’s, but I don’t know who by.

On the 1881 census Edwin Evans and his family are in residence, Edwin is a wheelwright, born in Panteg, his wife is Sarah, she is 29, a dressmaker and was born in Goytre. Their children are William 16, an apprentice wheelwright, Charles 12, Sidney 10, Lilly 6, Albert 4, and two year old Arthur, all were born in Goytre.

In 1896 the three properties were put up for sale this included a meadow of 3 acres 16 perches, the whole generating a yearly rent of £15. The starting bid was £250, the properties were then withdrawn unsold at £350.

No one was in occupation in 1901 but in 1905 twelve month old Henry Jones died and was buried at Llanover Churchyard.

By 1910 the owner is Charles Jones.

By 1911 the Walton family are in occupation, Henry is 40 and a labourer born in Worcester, he has been married to Ellen for 16 years, they had 8 children one of which had died, their children living with them in their home of three rooms are Rose 13, Herbert 14, Sidney, Lucy, and Edwin.

The family on the electoral register in 1919 are George and Annie Phillips who remained there until 1931 when John Meredith moved in. John Meredith died in 1936 aged 78, he was buried at Mamhilad.

There was no mention on the 1939 register of Old Stores, the last entry I have is Stanley Jones.

By 1948 Edwin and Lilian Jones were in residence.


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