Williams, Mr E J – 1962

19th January 1962 – Mr E J Williams, Goytre.

The funeral of Mr Edwin James (Ted) Williams, aged 61, of Greenfield, Goytre, who died at St Woolos Hospital, took place at Saron Baptist Chapel, Goytre. Services were held at the house, chapel and graveside and were conducted by the Rev. C A Rees (brother-in-law). The organist was Mrs D Prosser.


Jim, brother; George, Cliff, Arthur, Dai, brothers-in-law; Dennis, Aubrey, Glaswyn, Peter, Keith and John, nephews; Harry, Archie, (senior and junior) Arthur, Bert, Charlie, Ivor, John, Roy, Basil, Harold, Peter, Tom, Percy, Horace, Ronald, Ivor Pitt, Ronald Meredith, cousins.

At The House
Wife; Annie and Ethel, sisters; Mary, Lucy, Bertha, Hilda, sisters-in-law; Cynthia and Dilys, nieces; Mabel Jacob, Mabel James, Florrie, Ede, Alice, May, Melda and Arthur Jacob, cousins; Mrs Wilkinson, Ples, Freda, Mrs James and Mrs Dobbs, friends.

Messrs T Jones, P Roberts, J Jones, and W Hewitt.

Sorrowing wife and Cliff; Jim Mary & family; Annie, George and Dennis; Ethel and Aubrey; Lucy, Ken, Keith and Joan; Arthur, Hilda and family; Dai and Bertha; Dilys and Eirlys; Flo, Harold and uncle Jack; Archie and Mabel; Ede, Little Mill, Alice and Percy, May and Ivor Pitt; All at Sunnyside Mamhilad; Maud, Tom Weeks; Mr & Mrs Shephersdon; Mabel, Harry and Arthur; Aunty Annie, Ada and Lily; Eva, Fred and Valerie; Mabel and Cederic; Peter, Wynn and family; Roy, Mary and family; Dilys and Aubrey; Archie and Anette; Flo and Tom; John, Melda and girls; Arthur and Joan; Horace and Eunice; Doreen, Basil and children; Ples, Ann and Emm; Thirza, Elias and family; Mr & Mrs Watkins; Mr & Mrs Evan Williams; Mr &Mrs Ted Jones; All at Woodlands; Mr & Mrs Donaghue; Joyce and Michelle; Mrs Watkins, Daphne and Doug; Thel, Bert and Jimmie; Roy and Freda Slingsby; All at Greenmeadow; Mrs Jones and Ethel; Mr & Mrs James and John; All at Gelli; Mr & Mrs Dobbs; Roselyn, Michael and family; Mr & Mrs Bill Carron; Bill and Mary Hewitt; Reg and Agnes James; Mrs H Davies and family; All at Great House; Cassie and Katy Nichols; Bert, Millie and family; Mrs James and family, Yew Tree; Mr & Mrs Cooper; Don, Nancy and Philip; Mr & Mrs Beeching; Mrs Harris and family; Mr & Mrs C Lewis and Walter; Mrs R Courts and family; Mrs Powell and family; Robert, Julian and Jane Logan; Mrs J James, John and Ivy; All at Red Castle Farm;

Funeral arrangements by T Jones of Usk.


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