Western Mail

21st December 1894 – Richard Hewlett

Re- Richard Hewlett, farmer, Canal Bridge farm (Bridge Cottage) Goytrey and Puddu Farm Goytrey.

The liabilities were estimated £130 9s and the deficiency estimated £88 19s. Debtor, who commenced business in 1879 attributed his failure to law costs, losses in stock and bad trade. Examination closed.

15th May 1895 – Gazette News
Richard Hewlett, Goytre Mon, farmer: First and final dividend 5s in the pound; pay at the official receivers, Newport.

16th May 1900 – Henry Crump

Henry Crump of Pengroesoped Farm Goytrey was charged at Pontypool police court, on Tuesday with attempting to commit suicide by cutting his throat with a pocket knife.

He was remanded to see whether his daughter would undertake to look after him.

15th November 1900 – Rosser-v-Knipe

Rosser-v-Knipe, this was a claim for £5 damages done to a trap and harness. Mrs Rosser who lives in Goytrey, stated she was coming home from Pontypool market on the 18th August, when the defendant, who is a farmer living in Griffithstown, drove into her trap, breaking the shaft, splintering the front of the vehicle and doing other damage.

The collision was admitted and Judge Owen made an order for £3.

28th July 1914

At the Crown Hotel Pontypool on July 27th M/s Pitten & Wilton offered several properties. Two freehold houses with 2 acres of land known as New House and Elm Trees were sold to Mrs Lloyd, Yew Tree Cottage for £410.

29th January 1915

Mr William Williams of Ivy Cottage Goytrey, who died on December 8th left an estate to the gross value of £667 of which £361 is net personally.

28th April 1917

Wilks – on April 26th at Hawthorn Cottage Goytrey, William Wilks, builder &c. Funeral on Monday at Goytrey Church yard at 2.30 pm (near Nantyderry Railway Station.)


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