Gwatkin, Mrs Annie – 1964

20th March 1964

The funeral of Mrs Annie Gwatkin of Parc Bach, Goytre, took place at St Peter’s Church, Goytre. The Rev. A L Davies conducted the services at the house and Church. Organist was Mr S Chard.

Mourners: Herbert, husband; Amy Elsie and Gwyneth, daughters; Reg, son; Bill and Harold, sons-in-law; Bess and Edith, sisters-in-law; Gilbert and Bert, brothers-in-law; Ann, Annette, Velma, Iris, Gordon, Len, Max, Tony, Eric, Lindon, Archie, John, Alwyn and Robert, grandchildren; Cliff, Reg and Lindon, cousins; Allan and Lewis, nephews; Evelyn, niece; at the house, Winnie, daughter in law; Marjorie, grandchild; Miriam, friend.

Bearers: Messrs W Morgan, C Morgan, L Williams and I Jones.

Others present: Mrs J Lewis, R Rouse, Roy Ball, S Williams, W James, R J Rosser, B Davies, R Burgess, I Dobbs, E Vimpany, W Rouse, E Morris, Mrs T Rees, Mrs C Price, Mr & Mrs R Maisy, Mr & Mrs W Owen, W Fyler, R Morgan and S Pain.

Flowers: Herbert, Amy, Tony and Marjorie; David (Hong Kong); Elsie, Harold and Gordon; Reg, Win, John and Rosemary; Gwyn and Bill; Ann, Len and the boys; Velma, Alwyn and children; Max, Dink, Sidney, Susan and Sally; Lyn, Iris, Paul and the baby; Annette, Archie and Carol; Eric, Hazel and children; Robert, Penny and Sadie; Gilbert and Winney; Mary (Vancouver) Flo and Ernest; Will and family, (Newport); Evelyn and Lewis; Edith and Bert; Era, Cliff, Maggie and Walter; Mr & Mrs Archie James; All at the Pydew; John Litten and Joyce; Idris and Marion; Lal Williams; Mrs T Rees; Mrs Courts and Louie; Eunice Prosser; Mr & Mrs G Williams and son; Mrs W Jenkins and Stan; Mr & Mrs Lewis and Bonnie; L & R Rosser; Mary, Bill and boys (Hull); Mrs L Owen, Eileen and the boys; Masie and Bill Fielding; Walter Tyler and family; Mr & Mrs W Owen; Mr & Mrs Powell and family; Mr & Mrs Ball; Mrs R Taylor;  G & E Perks; St Peter’s Mothers Union, Goytre; All at the Nurseries.
Funeral arrangements by James and Powell, Goytre.


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