1939 Register (Census) Extracts

The 1939 England & Wales Register was taken in September 1939 in order to issue identity cards and ration books. The 1931 census was destroyed in the war, and there was no 1941 census.  

Ty Mawr
Williams William M farmer 12/25/77
Williams Florece May unpaid domestic 4/22/84
Williams William assisting father 9/26/18
1 closed record
The Garth, Nantyderry
Knight David market gardener
Knight Myra V café waitress 11/06/92
Knight Leah Victoria shop assistant 03/10/14
Richards Patricia M café waitress 10/04/23
Twyn Shinney
Harwood George horseman on GWR canal 08/08/02
Harwood Doris Ida unpaid domestic duties 10/02/04
Harwood Martha unpaid domestic duties 3/13/62
Greenmeadow Nantyderry
Whittingham Percy retired civil servant 02/08/93
Whittingham Jane E unpaid domestic duties 10/01/03
2 closed records
Glen Usk Nantyderry
Harris William farmer 2/25/88
Harris Sarah Ann unpaid domestic duties 03/10/87
Cross Roads Nantyderry
Griffiths Stafford river weir water controller 2/25/88
Griffiths Maud M unpaid domestic duties 7/25/91
Griffiths Reginald motor car mechanic 04/09/19
2 closed records
Brookside Bungalow
Fox Charles smalholder 4/18/84
Fox Henry assisting brother 03/05/90
Begley Louisa unpaid domestic duties 8/22/82
Sunnybank Nantyderry
Fishbourne William Joseph private means 5/27/79
Powell Rees motor car mechanic, retired 4/15/68
Rose Cottage Nantyderry
Taylor Eliza Ann private means 09/03/68
Happidias Nantyderry
Lewis Margaret unpaid domestic duties 7/20/64
Heathfield Nantyderry
Marfell Alice retired farmer 02/11/61
Marfell Nellie housekeeper 02/01/90
The Mill Nantyderry
Price David W farmer 4/15/98
Price Vera unpaid domestic duties 3/21/04
Jenkins Richard retired corn miller 11/03/57
Roselyn Nantyderry
Gill Frederick Arthur police patrol 09/06/00
Gill Hilda Maud unpaid domestic duties 12/02/99
Woodlands Nantyderry
Edwards Mary A unpaid domestic duties 12/31/92
Ellersley Goytrey
Hughes Henry J newspaper manager 4/14/79
Sansom Beatrice housekeeper 12/20/71
Charles William H retired farmer 01/10/49
Charles Edward H farmer 10/05/82
Sidney Payne general farm labourer 11/19/09
Prosser Rees retired police constable 02/09/65
Bridge House
Williams Arthur timber feller 09/02/04
Williams Louise Florence unpaid domestic duties 09/06/05
Court Ruth unpaid domestic duties 2/24/77
Beech Cottage No.1
Rosser Robert John sign writer/coach painter 11/01/84
Rosser Laura unpaid domestic duties 04/03/80
1 closed
Beech Cottage No. 2
Dobbs George permament way labourer, rtd. 1/21/73
Dobbs Sarah unpaid domestic duties 4/16/75
Saron Cottage No.1
Mills George bricklayer journeyman 12/02/74
Mills Elizabeth unpaid domestic duties 04/12/83
Mills Daniel builders general labourer 7/21/14
Mills Reece plasterers charge hand 7/18/16
2 closed
Saron Cottage No.2
Alexander Albert A general labourer 9/28/07
Alexander Vera unpaid domestic duties 1/22/09
Beech Cottage No.1
Williams David J general labourer 01/03/86
Williams Margaret unpaid domestic duties 11/29/87
1 closed
Goytrey Hall
Williams Thomas Jack at school 7/31/27
Whitehead Edith M private means 05/10/82
1 closed
Ruck Gertrude cook 3/17/04
Evans Bethel Ann ladies maid 7/23/87
Jones Elizabeth child’s nurse 6/29/88
Watkins Alice housemaid 9/30/14
Williams Thomas gardener 5/21/02
Williams Lucy unpaid domestic duties 01/04/05
1 closed record
Cefn Mynog
Williams James retired woodman 01/08/64
Williams Gertrude unpaid domestic duties 01/08/72
Rees Cyril minister of religion/Baptist 09/12/01
Rees Ethel unpaid domestic duties 03/01/07
Cefn Mynog Farm
Hall Leslie farmer mixed 1/25/03
Hall Agnus Edith unpaid domestic duties 5/26/66
Watkins John Lewis cowman 4/28/75
Hall Mona unpaid domestic duties 9/15/16
Ayr-y-bryn No.1
Herbert Florence unpaid domestic duties 12/16/71
Herbert Edward chauffeur retired 6/21/02
Herbert Ambrose sergeant RA 133 F reg 12/14/02
Herbert Winifred unpaid domestic duties 2/17/02
Ayr-y-bryn No.2
Bullock Arthur chauffeur 2/16/86
Bullock Lydia unpaid domestic duties 6/21/87
Bullock Aubrey permanent way labourer 10/25/25
2 closed records
Jones Ivor D permanent way labourer 7/27/97
Jones Harriet unpaid domestic duties 01/04/04
Williams Charles smallholder and carpenter 9/15/76
Williams Hannah unpaid domestic duties 8/17/84
Williams Herbert A general labourer/farm hand 1/24/15
Williams Arthur W gardener 4/16/17
Williams Victor Reg poultry farming/own account 8/29/19
Williams Francis H gardener 6/14/22
Williams John R assisting brother/poultry farm 09/07/24
Pear Tree Cottage No. 2
Isaacs Arthur builders general labourer 11/05/78
Isaacs Edith unpaid domestic duties 08/04/74
Mainwaring Thomas retired gamekeeper 11/04/66
Davies Wallace general labourer HMOW 11/18/20
Pear Tree No.1
Bishop Violet unpaid domestic duties 07/02/82
Black Beech Farm
Cook Gertrude unpaid domestic duties 1/26/78
Cook Philip E farmer/market gardener 10/19/10
The Windmill (Walnut Tree?)
Williams Olive private means 12/27/75
Williams Thomas farmer mixed farm 1/31/10
Llan Farm
Watkins Edwin farmer/own account 6/28/70
Watkins Elizabeth unpaid domestic duties 5/13/76
Lloyd George Clifford general farm labourer 12/12/16
Llan Farm
Jenkins Ivor ironmongers warehouse man 06/06/03
Jenkins Pleggie poultry farming 6/22/01
Powell Marion assisting mother/poultry farm 05/03/22
Twyn Cecil No. 1
Lewis Arthur general labourer HMOW 7/28/95
Lewis Margaret unpaid domestic duties 2/21/01
Lewis Walter C forester 7/29/21
Twyn Cecil No. 2
Jones James Henry colliery engineman 5/29/89
Jones Mary Emily unpaid domestic duties 11/09/92
Jones James Herbert John general labourer ROF factory 7/26/15
Birchgrove Nr Usk
Owen Edward Walter bricklayer 6/20/02
Owen Hilda Mary unpaid domesric duties 10/29/05
3 closed records
Nightingale Grove
Owen Albert Edward mason & bricklayer 1/23/73
Owen William A plasterer & tiler 3/31/04
Burgess Harriet Annie unpaid domestic duties 1/22/08
Owen Gwladys M unpaid domestic duties 01/03/10
Richards Florence smallholder own account 07/09/83
Richards Leslie HG steel welder 5/17/20
Richards Alfred L fixer & erector 4/13/24
Yew Tree Cottage
Owen David John bricklayer 4/26/12
Elliott Pauline Jean unpaid domestic duties 11/08/15
Fishbourne Harold electrician 02/06/86
Fishbourne Annie unpaid domestic duties 11/05/90
Royal Oak Cottage 1
James Arthur bricklayer 03/04/07
James Hilda unpaid domestic duties 11/03/10
2 closed records
Royal Oak Cottage 2
Pritchard Dorothy under school age 4/23/38
James Mary H unpaid domestic duties 5/30/12
James John Henry foreman bricklayer 02/05/11
Gilbert Marjorie under school age 9/19/35
Lewis Thomas F miner 8/18/16
Yew Tree Farm
Stinchcombe George retired farmer assisting son 11/11/65
Stinchcombe Harriet unpaid domestic duties 5/19/70
Stinchcombe Harold farmer mixed 05/02/04
Stinchcombe Nellie assisting brother farming 07/06/02
Ynys Picca
Edgar Edwin farmer 6/16/71
Edgar Sarah A unpaid domestic duties 3/23/74
Edgar Joseph farmer assisting father 5/13/00
2 closed records
Berthan Dywyll
Boyce Charles E farmer – own account 06/02/96
Boyce Margaret Joan unpaid domestic duties 06/02/96
Pentwyn Farm
Pritchard Mary Ann unpaid domestic duties 02/07/71
Pritchard William farmer 01/08/01
Pritchard George assisting brother 6/28/07
Williams Stanley George farm general labourer 03/12/12
Pritchard Edwin Sydney D house boy assistant 12/07/24
The Plough no.2
Jones Lilian household duties 10/23/94
1 closed record
Morris Hugh Maurice public works general labourer 3/16/83
Steenton Albert gardener 9/16/81
The Plough no.1
Rowles Arthur public works labourer 03/08/03
Rowles Lilian unpaid domestic duties 10/09/04
The Birches
Jenkins William retired farmer 05/01/64
Jenkins Sarah unpaid domestic duties 05/12/66
The Laurels
Mathews Gertrude unpaid domestic duties 2/27/96
Jones Elsie M grocer’s shop manager 2/25/00
Hill View
Owen Josiah builder/tiler/plasterer own acc 08/10/80
Owen Lydia unpaid domestic duties 8/18/84
James Eileen dress maker 10/25/11
Thornbury Cottage
Owen Henry bricklayer 11/15/85
Owen Edith Mary unpaid domestic duties 06/10/86
Williams Doreen assisting mother 5/19/21
Owen Reginald at school 9/14/25
Cefn Lys
Brain Lewis W retired manager boot trade 10/12/71
Brain Louisa F May unpaid domestic duties 05/01/69
The Gables
Griffiths William George permanent way labourer 11/25/96
Griffiths Minnie unpaid domestic duties 06/07/98
1 closed record
Saunders Mary Una at school 4/19/28
The Bungalow Gardens
Hancock William market gardener 6/29/73
Hancock Hannah E unpaid domestic duties 6/17/94
Lewis James E market gardener assistant 09/03/20
Nantyderry House
Tucker Sarah A nurse 11/07/83
Keay Millicent M nurse 9/25/13
Phillips Margaret unpaid domestic duties 07/09/04
4 closed records
Pratt Edward SB solicitor, food executive Usk 12/05/83
Pratt Mary E unpaid domestic duties 4/15/83
1 closed record
Ty Goytrey Farm
Harris homas dairyman farmer 8/30/85
Harris Sarah Elizabeth unpaid domestic duties 01/09/86
Davies Catherine assisting father 6/13/08
1 closed record
Price Morgan retired farmer 6/16/70
Price Sarah unpaid domestic duties 10/11/67
1 closed record
Jeremiah Abraham retired licensed victualler 12/13/69
Swinnerton william Stretton engineer steel tester 6/15/99
Levo Mary Ann private means 10/12/56
1 closed record
Morgan Sydney G clerk in holy orders 10/24/83
Morgan Harriet Jane unpaid domestic duties 06/04/84
Pursey Morgan general servant 2/13/22
The Haven
Jones Evan master mariner 01/11/78
Jones Annie E unpaid domestic duties 12/04/84
Ty Gwyn
Jones Charles Tedman surveyor of land and colleries 03/04/83
Jones Gladys M unpaid domestic duties 04/08/88
Bungalow Nantyderry
Williams Catherine unpaid domestic duties 8/29/94
Williams Emlyn P leather merchant 1/13/01
Bussell Nesta E at school 5/23/26
Thomas Isaac farmer 05/03/79
Nantyderry Cottages no. 4
Rouse Ernest gardener and chaueffeur 04/06/13
Rouse Mary Ellen unpaid domestic duties 1/24/15
Rouse Anthony under school age 2/17/39
Nantyderry Cottages no.3
Gwatkin Reginald tiler & plasterer 07/06/14
Gwatkin Winifred unpaid domestic duties 10/25/09
Nantyderry Cottages no.2
Rosser Archibald R permanent way lengthsman 11/25/05
Rosser Anne unpaid domestic duties 05/11/09
1 closed record
Rosser Phyllis at school 1/19/33
Rosser Kenneth John under school age 8/27/35
Station Terrace
Fay Thomas Edward retired platelayer 6/14/74
Fay Laura unpaid domestic duties 1/13/70
Post Office Nantyderry
Lloyd Leonard sub postmaster/postman 2/24/78
Price Cornelius farmer – mixed 7/16/03
Price Lena unpaid domestic duties 10/12/05
Refreshment Rooms
Hutchinson Margaret licensed victualer 10/07/09
Station House
Rouse William railway porter 12/16/89
Rouse Bertha unpaid domestic duties 9/19/24
Rouse Reginald general farm labourer 06/12/19
Winney Hilda Muriel general domestic 3/26/23
Harding John retired gardener 5/28/47
Harding Richard general farm labourer 9/29/82
Harding Gertrude unpaid domestic duties 11/05/87
School House 1
Jones George William retired gardener
Jones Clara Ann unpaid domestic duties
School House 2
Evans Thomas retired general labourer 06/08/59
2 closed records
Church View
Edwards Tom C farmer 10/26/07
Edwards Elsie M unpaid domestic duties 6/27/11
Wedge Albert bricklayer 3/25/17
Rowe John bricklayer 6/19/12
Jones Philip farmer 08/12/86
Jones Amelia unpaid domestic duties 12/11/85
Jones Donald farm work assisting father 06/11/20
Walnut Tree Bungalow
Davies Winton J pipe layer’s labourer 10/31/99
Davies Marjorie Gladys unpaid domestic duties 7/25/98
Martin CD under school age 29/0138
1 closed record
The Hawthorns
Williams John haulage contractor 11/10/79
Williams Eva unpaid dometic duties 10/25/85
Brown William bricklayer 06/06/09
Brown Harold MJ bricklayer 12/26/17
Bryn View
Watkins Arthur gas worker / machine hand 6/25/90
Watkins Eliza unpaid domestic duties 07/08/98
Carpenter Gloria unpaid domestic duties 9/14/22
1 closed record
Otwell Maric assisting mother 8/25/25
Harris Mary M unpaid domestic duties 05/06/69
Harris Mary E elementary school teacher 10/23/94
Wilks Mabel district nurse/midwife 11/07/97
Skirrid View
Dobbs Ivor George railway goods guard 4/13/00
Dobbs Sarah Ann unpaid domestic duties 3/15/02
2 closed records
Webb Cyril Thomas at school 07/01/33
Phoenix Cottage
Wilks Rachel retired sewing mistress 05/10/63
Ivy Cottage
Hickman Frederick bricklayer’s labourer 5/15/84
Hickman Margaret unpaid domestic duties 04/02/92
Rose Cottage
Williams Elizabeth private means 05/12/66
Morris Catherine private means 10/16/89
Morris Leah private means 7/31/97
Williams Wynham newsagent assistant 12/24/99
2 closed records
Morris Edward handyman 06/03/13
Goytrey Arms
Jones Arthur licensed victualler 11/10/79
Reardon John under school age 01/08/37
1 closed record
Reardon Harry steel roller 10/22/06
Reardon Millicent unpaid domestic duties 3/13/07
Ty Perllan
Evans Sarah A incapacitated 4/17/51
Evans Catherine unpaid domestic duties 6/29/84
Park View no.1
Jones Ann unpaid domestic duties 12/18/71
Thomas Edgar blacksmith 3/18/76
Clark John William bricklayer 11/05/05
Clark Freerick H bricklayer 3/13/10
Clark George Parker bricklayer 05/02/13
Park View no.2
Sexton Eliza Ann unpaid domestic duties 2/23/91
Sexton George Norbet general labourer 5/14/21
Rushton Frank carpenter joiner 05/02/14
Wright Richard carpenter joiner 05/11/14
Morgan Thomas J retired surveyor 01/05/89
John Edith M housekeeper 06/06/74
Goytrey House Farm
Hamer Reginald H dairy farmer 3/28/06
Prosser Florence M unpaid domestic duties 3/17/09
Edwards Christmas horseman/farm worker 12/25/07
Goytrey House Cottage
Williams Stanley coal distributor 11/27/10
Williams Nancy unpaid domestic duties 6/14/12
Goytrey House Cottage
Howard Thomas chauffeur/woodman 3/27/94
Howard Agnes F unpaid domestic duties 5/22/01
Waugh Beatrice unpaid domestic duties 04/10/81
Goytrey House
Byrde Owen R A retired headmaster 6/30/81
Byrde Lesley unpaid domestic duties 11/03/81
Bracey Gladys cook 5/13/09
Williams Olive parlour maid 05/04/12
1 closed record
Goytrey House Lodge
Davies Harold gardener 01/05/93
Davies Rachel unpaid domestic duties 4/22/82
Hopkins Betty Ray assisting mother 08/06/23
Morgan Wyndham poultry farmer 04/12/97
Morgan Elsie Mary unpaid domestic duties 11/05/97
Morgan Harry Perrott at school 6/16/30
Mathews Henry general labourer 11/30/95
Mathews Gladys unpaid domestic duties 07/08/02
Mathews Desmond at school 5/22/31
School House
Sobey Ernest schoolmaster 09/10/85
Sobey John ET medical student 10/01/19
Yew Tree Cottage
Mullett Arthur H general labourer 12/10/70
Mullett Florence E unpaid domestic duties 9/19/74
Myrtle Cottage
Mathews Matilda incapacitated 09/11/62
Thomas Ellen housekeeper 09/07/74
The Laburnams
Jackson William builder & contractor 09/02/78
Jackson Annie A unpaid domestic duties 10/03/77
Jackson Doris Irene assisting Post Office & gen. store 3/23/03
Penpellenny House
Wilks Agnes unpaid domestic duties 17/0471
Symmons Elias presbyterian minister 12/17/67
Sunnyside No.2
Colwell Ernest J permanent way labourer 2/24/92
Colwell Lilian May unpaid domestic duties 7/13/97
1 closed record
Sunnyside No.1
Hanies Ernest GWR lengthsman 08/06/01
Hanies Alice NM unpaid domestic duties 1/15/03
Powles Arthur W builder’s general labourer 05/06/88
Mustlow Gladys May unpaid domestic duties 6/13/04
Moran Anthony bricklayer 02/08/13
Gilquin Thomas bricklayer 2/28/11
Ty Hir
Vaughan Charles E dairy farmer & mkt gardener 02/08/90
Vaughan Clara unpaid domestic duties 03/10/94
Vaughan Godfrey assisting father 10/03/16
Davies Annie unpaid domestic duties 04/02/68
Davies Albert Alan dairy farmer & mkt gardener 10/04/01
Davies Laura solicitors clerk 11/26/99
Elm Tree Cottage
Jones Ruth market gardener 4/24/60
Jones Ernest James market gardener 4/21/93
Jones John Thomas incapacitated 10/16/81
Jones Winifred E unpaid domestic duties 10/29/96
Star Chapel Ed
Stinchcombe William farmer 9/22/53
Stinchcombe Annie unpaid domestic duties 6/16/59
Burgess Raymond general labourer 11/04/09
Chapel House
Tressie George retired mechanical engineer 5/27/62
Tressie Ethel unpaid domestic duties 3/15/83
Rose Cottage
Stinchcombe WH colliery Hitcher 04/08/89
Stinchcombe Mabel unpaid domestic duties 03/12/88
Floral Gardens
Messenger Arthur E dairyman & market gardener 5/17/90
Messenger Florence L unpaid domestic duties 12/07/91
2 closed records
Thomas Audrey at school 08/12/27
Porth Gwyn 2
Pritchard James Henry roadman C.C. 11/02/78
Clarkson Margaret housekeeper 5/21/73
Brook Cottage
Jones Dorothy unpaid domestic duties 3/15/91
1 closed record
Jones Taylor Joseph retired coalman 09/03/67
Price Douglas corn miller and farmer 3/14/05
Price Florrie M unpaid domestic duties 1/14/04
Vimpany Harry retired farmer 07/03/68
Vimpany Susan A market gardener own account 12/31/75
Vimpany Flossie May unpaid domestic duties 3/31/10
Winter Dorothy Eva drapers shop asistant 2/16/16
The Gwynedd
Morgan David H farmer 03/06/69
Morgan Ada C unpaid domestic duties 05/06/79
Gelli Farm
Powell William H farmer 04/08/05
Powell Annie May unpaid domestic duties 01/09/04
Powell William John at school 12/25/26
Powell Glyn at school 07/07/29
1 closed record
Powell David under school age 12/07/35
1 closed record
Lewis Edmund retired police sergeant 4/25/80
Margaret J unpaid domestic duties 10/19/78
1 closed record
The Wern
Meyrick Rees retired Cemetary Superintendant 07/08/74
Meyrick Mary unpaid domestic duties 12/10/74
Meyrick Wilfred railway booking clerk. Incapacitated 06/04/05
Jenkins Thomas retired farmer 6/26/60
Jenkins Annie unpaid domestic duties 5/22/61
Abergwellan Farm
Davies Emma Jane dairy farmer 02/04/66
Davies Thomas Evans school master 05/11/01
Bedfont Cottage 1
Morris Evan Retired GWR.Reserve officer territorials 9/21/60
Morris Ernest Charles house painter and decorator 9/17/93
Bedfont Cottage 2
Walters John railway signalman 5/19/83
Frewin Mary unpaid domestic duties 12/17/22
Bishop Frederick HT Railway carriage & waggoner examiner 5/19/83
Jones Doris May unpaid domestic duties 04/01/03
Bishop Frederick William general labourer 8/17/66
Feltham Cottage
Merrick Charles W music teacher 9/29/89
Merrick Dorothy unpaid domestic duties 05/12/91
2 closed records
The Hollies
Williams Henry general labourer HMOW 3/24/87
Williams Edith E unpaid domestic duties 8/22/88
Williams Stanley general labourer steel works 02/08/17
Williams William at school 12/17/26
Williams Aubrey at school 4/18/29
1 closed record
Roberts John general labourer in brickworks 3/27/99
Roberts Ann unpaid domestic duties 10/02/91
Crump Anthony B general labourer in brickworks 8/13/13
Arrow Cottage
Brown Joy Jane unpaid domestic duties 9/21/05
Dudley Eric James at school 02/10/27
1 closed record
Jones William railwaycarriage & waggon examiner 12/12/90
Beechine Elsie unpaid domestic duties 7/27/96
2 closed records
Ty Coch
Jenkins William J motor car mechanic 05/10/91
Jenkins Gladys E unpaid domestic duties 7/28/92
Lewis Arthur Stanley grocer & general dealer for father 11/21/20
Frewin William John railway carriage & waggon examiner 3/26/96
Frewin Caroline unpaid domestic duties 02/04/90
1 closed record
Gibbon Annie unpaid domestic duties 09/04/94
Broadley Joan Margaret at school 02/09/25
1 closed record
Evans Luther retired clerk in holy orders 09/04/67
Evans Hilda Margaret unpaid domestic duties 02/01/86
Evans Ernest Percival theological student 10/16/16
Evans John Walter theological student 2/22/19
Langdon Irene Dorothy unpaid domestic duties 6/26/01
2 closed records
Leith John retired police constable 6/30/84
Leith Hannah M unpaid domestic duties 5/25/85
1 closed record
Dyer Reginald electrician installation worker 04/09/00
Coker Alfred Edwin electrician installation worker 9/21/11
New Jersey
Barber Elizabeth unpaid domestic duties 10/11/82
1 closed record
Stedman Thomas George railway porter 7/19/19
Leonard Henry James electirican 07/03/15
Gregoreff Alexander apprentice electric engineer 6/13/17
Deakin Ivor certified elementary school teacher & air raid warden 5/19/08
Deakin Renee May unpaid domestic duties 11/26/06
Thomas Jean Yvonne at school 11/20/30
1 closed record
The Prospect
Rosser Jenkin builders general labourer 12/08/77
Rosser Elizabeth A unpaid domestic duties 03/01/82
Rosser Cecil John builders general labourer 1/26/08
Rosser Gladys Mary unpaid domestic duties 08/12/10
Rosser William C omnibus conductor 5/30/16
Penwern Cottage 1
Hawkins Avon motor lorry driver ROF 03/03/93
Hawkins Nellie unpaid domestic duties 08/12/03
1 closed record
Penwern Cottage 2
Rowberry William retired general labourer 11/22/75
Rowberry Annie unpaid domestic duties 2/29/76
Pen-y-wern Farm
Davies Edgar farmer 05/06/90
Davies Laura unpaid domestic duties 8/24/90
Pen-y-wern Bungalow
Smith Albert Edward shoeing smith 2/22/02
Smith Emily Elizabeth unpaid domestic duties 02/04/04
1 closed Record
Smith Marjorie Emily at school 09/02/28
Wi Warrie Bungalow
Rosser Alfred Thomas builders estimating clerk 09/02/28
Rosser Millicent unpaid domestic duties 12/02/13
Hopkins Ivor roadman PRDC 10/06/97
Hopkins Doris unpaid domestic duties 01/10/99
2 close records
Hopkins Leslie John at school 04/08/26
Arnold Catherine at school 3/15/31
Badham William A contractors general labourer 11/06/21
Penfound Edward retired farmer 7/18/75
Hewetson Olive M unpaid domestic duties 02/07/77
Langdon Ernest H mechanical construction engineer 7/14/00
2 closed records
Nantyderry House
Rogers Barbara domestic servant 02/04/12


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