Prinnell, Mrs Harriet – 1863


On Thursday an inquest was held before C. M. Ashwin, Esq., deputy coroner, at the house of Richard Prinnell, whose wife, under the following circumstances, expired suddenly on Monday last.

Mary Painter said that she saw the deceased on Friday, when she complained of being ill. She said she had left her husband, and had been sleeping in barns, and such places, during the last few nights, and that she was afraid to go home … Mary Lewis said she had heard the deceased complain of being unwell, when she (witness) went to the husband and asked him to take her home, to which he consented … Richard Prinnell, labourer, and husband of the deceased, said that on Friday last his wife was very unwell, and that he had offered to send for a doctor, which he did not do in consequence of her being indifferent about it …. Ann Williams, who, since the separation of Prinnell and his wife, had acted as a servant, said that on Monday, the day on which deceased died, she gave her some tea, which she drank, having something to eat, which had also been provided for her.

At about half-past twelve, when she went upstairs to deceased and found her dead …. Dr F. Steel, Abergavenny, who had seen the body, and said that deceased died from jaundice and other internal disease. – Verdict, “Natural Death.”

28th February 1863


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