Morgan/Lambert Drunkenness 1877

9th June 1877 – Drunkenness

Thomas Morgan and Thomas Lambert, both of Goytre were charged with being drunk and disorderly on Sunday13th May.

Defendants had been summoned to appear the previous Saturday, but they did not attend then. They were also absent today.

P.c. Allen proved the service.

Mr Greenway, who appeared for complainant, [Mr T Watkins, solicitor, of Pontypool], wished to have a warrant issued for their apprehension, but the Bench decided to proceed against them exparte.

Mr Watkins gave evidence and said that on 13th May, his wife, two sisters, two brothers and himself were returning from Lanvair Church, and on their way perceived the two defendants leaning over a bridge near Panty-goitre;

Witness halted, and when his wife and sisters came up, defendants came across the road, and one of them said “I’ll have this one,” the other said “I’ll have these two,” these expressions were accompanied by cursing and indecent language, witness and his party walked off slowly; and defendants followed after them slowly;

Witness and his party quickened their pace and defendants did the same, and this continued until defendants got to Panty-goitre Lodge, when witness spoke to them and told them they had better go about their business;

They then commenced abusing, calling names, cursing, using most disgusting language and wanting to fight Mr Watkins and his brothers;

Fined 40s each or 21 days.


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