Poulson, Mrs Sarah – 1934

Mrs S Poulson

Funeral of Pentrepoid wife and mother

The funeral took place on Thursday week of Mrs Sarah Poulson who passed away on January 7th at her home at Pentrepoid after a long illness. She was laid to rest at Goytrey. The rector (Rev T J Richards) officiating, assisted by the Reverend Sproule Jones (Curator of All Saints Church Pontnewynydd).

Chief mourners were the husband, (Mr Frank Poulson), Frances, Olive, Ethel, Clarice and Iris, daughters. Rose, daughter-in-law, Leonard and Roland, sons.

Thomas, George and Arthur, sons-in-law.

Rachel, Ruth and Clara, sisters.

Mr John Rosser, sister-in-law.

Richard, John and Jenkin, brothers.

Rachel Ann Louisa, Lena, Eddie and Lily, nieces.

John, Enoch, Jim, Alfie, Cecil, Rolly and Frankie, nephews.

The bearers were Messrs Ivor Walters, Sidney Newman, Roger Tovey and Wesley Tovey. Floral tributes were sent by all at home.

Len, Rose and children.

From daughter Frances Celina Thomas and family.

Olive, George and Maria.

Ethel, Arthur and baby Owen.

Sister Rachel and family.

Sister Ruth, Oswald and family.

Jenkin, Lizzie and family.

Clara and family.

Harold and Maggie, Monmouth.

Stan, Pat and Gwen.

Alf. Bertha and Nancy.

John, Lily and family. Rachel, Ann and family.

From Lena and Rowland, niece and nephew.

Mr and Mrs W Richards, Glasllyn.

Mr and Mrs Oughtmore (??? Whatmore), Edith and Harry. Man and Cissy. Mr and Mrs Moore and Gwen. Mr P H Jones. Ty Cerion All Saints Choir. Mr Minchin, (dentist). All Saints Operatic Society. Mr and Mrs T Hall. Mr Walters and family. Ivor Walters. Mr and Mrs Tovey and family. From the neighbours. Mr and Mrs Tudor Thatcher and family. Mr and Mrs Ann Whatmore and family. Mr and Mrs W C Garrett. Mothers Union Pontnewynydd. Mrs and Mrs G Richards and Glyn. Mr and Mrs Richard Roden. A little friend Pearl Belsh. Mrs Walsh and Daisy.

Mr R J Phillips and sons, Pontnewynydd, carried out the funeral arrangements.

Free Press 7th January 1934 


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