List of Overseers 1733 – 1889

The Names of Overseers of the Poor
1733 Frederick Jenkin for the land of Charles Henry Esq
1736 David Morgan for the lease of Ann Andrews
Richard Plato for the land late of  James Griffiths
1737 Roger Reynold for his Lease
1742 John Gwillim for his own Lands
1749 David Williams for Mr Robers Land
1750 William Jenkins for Bossvile Lands
1751 Lewis Williams for Melinycoed
1752 Walter Evans for his Lease
Thomas Jenkins alias Oliver for his lease
1753 Walter Evans for Pen y t?yn
Llewelin Evans for Edg’r Jenkins
1754 William Jeremiah for Park y Brain
Thomas Howell for his own Land
1755 James Thomas for Abergwelvan
William Matthew` for his Lease
1756 Walter Griffiths for his Lease
William Jenkins for Loyn Celin
1757 Thomas Jenkins for his Lease
George Walbyof for Penpelenig
1758 William Harris for his own Lands
Thomas Jenkins for Daniel Simond
1759 John James for Esq Jenkins Mill Lands
James Prosser for his own Lands
1760 David Watkins for his own Lands
John Morgan for his Lease
1761 John Edwards for Higins
John Morgan for his Lease
1762 William Andrews for his own Lands
William James Smith for his Lease
1763 Isaac Harry for Thos Williams Land
John Morgan Mason for his own
1764 Morgan Evan for his own Lands
William Andrews for Late Roberts Lands
1765 William Lewis for his own Lnads
Richard Watkins for Burgwm
1766 Charles Lewis for Berllan Dowill
James James for his own lands
1767 William James for Mr Griffiths
John James for William Williams Land
1768 William Williams for Mr Edwards Land
Jospeh Watkins for the house by the Church
1769 Thomas Lewis for his own Land
Henry Edwards for yd? Pandy
1770 William Morgan Pen y stare
Thomas Jones for his own Late Andrew Parry
1771 Richard Waters for John Edwards Land
John Lewis for land of John Cooke Esq
1772 George Price for John Morgan Esq’s Land
William James for the late Lease of Sarah Morgan
1773 William Prosser for William Murphays Lands
Reginold Williams for his own Lands
1774 Jenkin Daniels for his own Lands
William Jones butcher for his own Lands
1775 John Jones Taylor for his Lease
1776 Henry Morgan for Penytoyn
Walter Griffiths Park y Brayne
1777 William Proger for his Lease
John Jones for Coed Robin
1778 Thomas Jenkins for his own Land Ty Pwcca
William Phillips for Mr Hanbury Williams
1779 William Mathew Smith 
|ohn Edwards for the Lands Melin y coed
1780 Morgan Evan Park Bach
Thomas John Jenkins for Daniel Simond
1781 William Andrews for Pentey Bach
John Rosser for his own
1782 William Morgan Penstair
Richard Watkins for Burgwm
1783 Francis Morgan for Pelenigg
William Williams late Peter Charles
1784 Roderick Jenkins Lwyn Celin
Gwillim Jenkins for John Williams Land
1785 William Hadfield for his Lease
Edward Edwards for Mr Jenkins Land
1786 James James for his own
William Valentine for his Lease
1787 John Moses for Mr Cook Land
1788 William M Williams for Mr S(missing) Land
1789 John Parrott for penytoyn
1790 William Lewis for Berllan Dowill
1791 Richard Jones late Mathews
1792 William Watkins Mr Sparrow Mill Lands
1793 Edward James for Mr Morgans Lands
1794 David Jones for James Lewis Lands
1795 John Mathews for late James James Land
1796 William Parry for Crossoped
1797 William Jones Butcher   
1798 Thomas David for the Upper House
1799 James Prosser for Mr Dibdin’s Land
1800 Richard Jeremiah for the House by the Church
1801 John Jenkins for Henry Simon
1802 Walter Griffiths for Park y Brain
1803 Jenkin Rosser for his own
1804 Thomas Higgins for John Sparrow Esq Great House
1805 Thomas David for the Lower House
1806 Thomas Jenkins for his own Land
1807 John Moses for Mr Cooke’s
1808 Vaughan Jones for the late Thomas Jones;s
1809 Thomas Jenkins for Penstair
1810 Mrs Elizabeth Bird her own late Thos Lewis Lower Goy  Hse
1811 Anselm Thurston for mrs Jones of Henrue
1812 John Parrott for Pentwyn
1813 John Watkins for late Jenkin Daniel’s
1814 William Lewis for Berllan Dywyll
1815 Richard Jones late Wm Matthew’s Ty hir
1816 Edward Lewis for Bwrgwm
1817 John Morgan for Melin y Coed
1818 William Rosser for Mrs Morgan’s Land
1819 Thomas Jenkins for Mrs Prichard the Lan
1820 James Lewis for his own the Wern
1821 James Lewis for Goytrey Lodge
1822 John William for New Barn
1823 James Prosser for Mr Dibdin
1824 Edward James for Thos David;s Upper House
1825 Richard Jones for Park y Brain
1826 Elizabeth Jenkins for Henry Simon
1827 John Rosser for Jenkins Rosser’s
1828 Thomas Lewis for Mr Cooke’s
1829 Vaughan Jones for his own
1830 John Harris for Goytrey Hall
Thomas David for Pentre bach
1831/5 William Lloyd with salary
1836 Henry James for Mr McDonnell
Thomas Prosser for his own
1837 Walter David for Llwyn Celin
John Jenkins Penstair
1838 Philip Morgan for Abergwelvan
John Prosser for Pellennigg
1839 William Jenkins for late Thos Jenkins
Charles Lewis for Berllan Dywyll
1840 William Evans for Miss Ann Jones Tre waelod
John Watkins Ty Hir
1841 James Gwatkin for Pentwyn
Edward Lewis for Ty’r Ywen
1842 William Jenkins Melin y Coed
1843 Ruth Jenkins Lan
John Lewis New Barn
1844 William Vaughan for the Wern
William Parry for Lan wysk
1845 Richard Jones for Park y brain
John Rosser Pant Glas
1846 Rees Rees for Penpellenny farm
Vaughan Jones Ty Llwyd
1847 Thomas Watts for Ynys y Pigau
John Willimas for Yew Tree Cottage
1848 William Rees for Nant y Derri
Thomas Davies for Pentre Bach
1849 William Williams for Kiln Farm
John Edwards for John Lewis farm near the Church
1850 Walter Davies for Llwyncelyn
Thomas Prosser for his own
William Gwatkin with salary
1851 Thomas Watkins for Goytrey House
Thomas Jenkins for Land
William Gwatkin salary
1852 William Jenkins Canal bridge no 83
Charles Lewis Berllan Dwyllt
William Gwatkin with a salary
1853 John Prosser Penpellenny
Henry Mathews Trewaelod
William Gwatkin with a salary
1854 Thomas Roberts Penystair
John Lewis Ty Hir
William Gwatkin at a salary
1855 William Gwatkin for the church with  a salary
Thomas James for Goytrey Hall
1856 Richard Miles for Pentwyn
William Nicholas Ty Yewen
1857 John Phillips for New Barn
Mordecay Jones for Coed Robin
1858 Thomas Evans Half House
Thomas Lewis Taybor
William Harris with salary
1859 Thomas James Tir Goytrey House
William Cocker for Kiln Farm
William Harris with salary
1860 Thomas James Goytrey House
William Cocker for Kiln Farm
William Harris with salary
1861 William Gwatkin for the Church   
John Williams for Melin y Coed
1862 Isaac Lewis from Glanwysk
Edward Charles for Park y Brain
1863 Daniell Tedman for Penpellenny farm
Thomas Jones for Ty Llwyd
1864 William Mortgan for the Wern
Mrs Rosser for Pant Glase
1865 Mrs Watts for Ynys y Pigau
Wm H Reece for Yew Tree Cottage
1866 Benjamin Jeremiah for John Lewis farm by the Church
Thomas Lewis for Llwyn Celyn
1867 Thomas Jenkins Lan Farm
Thomas Prosser for Upper House
1868 John Preece for Abergwelvan
John Bevan Star
1870 Jospeh Everson for Goytrey Hall
John Jenkins New House
1871 John Jones Pentre Bach
William Turner for New Barn
1872 Mordecai Jones for Coed Robin
Mr Moffatt for Pentre Cottage
1873 Richard Pruett for Woodland Cottage
Edward Williams for Woodland Cottage
1874 Henry Crump for Pengrosshoped Farm
Walter Jenkins for farm isa Pulga?
William Gwatkin with salary
1875 Isaac Lewis for Glanwysk
William Morgan for the Wern
William Gwatkin Assistant
1876 John Morgan for Barthalan
Mrs Ann Rosser Pantglase
1877 Edwin Wm Gwatkin Goitrey Yard
William Rosser Pengrosshoped
1889 Mordecai Jones for Coed Robin
John Oasis? Vellw Farm????


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