Martha Buckley – Application for an Ejectment Warrant 1884

24th October 1884 – Application for an Ejectment Warrant

Mr H Lyne, solicitor, Newport, made application for an Ejectment warrant against a woman named Martha Buckley or Beynon, who occupied a house near Pengroesoped Inn Llanover, which was the property of Richard Prewett, her father.

Several notices to quit had been served upon her but she disregarded them. David Williams, being sworn, said he was the agent for Mr Prewett who was the owner of a cottage at Llanover, at present in the occupation of Martha Buckley or Beynon.

Buckley was the name of her first husband, but as there was a doubt as to whether he was really dead or not, she had been mentioned in the notice by two names.

She was a tenant at will. She had been repeatedly asked to leave the premises and notice that a warrant for her Ejectment would be applied for had been served.

The bench granted the warrant.


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