Court Leet 1785 – 1832

1785 Oct-21 William Rosser died possessed of a lease in Goytrey
1785 Oct-21 Daniel Edwards did not appear to serve on jury
1785 Oct-21 Thomas Williams did not appear to serve on jury
1785 Oct-21 John Williams did not appear to serve on jury
1786 May-10 none presented for Goytrey
1786 Oct-20 none presented for Goytrey
1787 May-18 Rachel Codygan Encroachment road from Borgom to penythosa hill
1787 May-18 Thomas Jenkins Encroachment from Llanviangell bridge to Pontypooll
1787 Oct-19 James James died seased of one tenement of Lord of Manor
1788 May-07 Richard Watkin died seased of a lease of the Lord of the Manor
1788 Oct-17 John Steaven
1788 Oct-17 William James for not appearing at the court Leet to do their duty
1789 May-10 Thomas Jenkins encroachment
1789 May-10 William Andrew Death
1789 May-10 Thomas Jenkins Death
1789 May-10 Damage for cutting cord wood near Pany y Pooding by side of turnpike road parish of Goytre
1789 Oct-15 Alas Watkins died seased of a lease
1790 Apr-26 John Rosser died seased of a tenement of Lord of Manor
1790 Apr-26 William Mathew died seased of a tenement of Lord of Manor
1790 Oct-22 John Morgan Evan
1791 May-27 Blank
1791 Oct-21 John Moses parish given in list of jurors
1792 May-04 Mary Williams died lease of Earl of Abergavenny
1792 Oct-25   Blank
1793 Apr-26 Nothing entered for this date
1793 Oct-18 Joshua Andrews died
1793 Oct-18 Mary Andrews died
1793 Oct-18 John Steaven died seased of leasehold land in Coytrey
1794 May-12 William Griffith Encroachment from Llanviangell bridge to Pontypooll
1794 Oct-24 Blank
1795 Apr-25 John Cooke died possessed of land in the said manor
1800 May-09 Thomas Cooke encroachemnt near his house in Goytre
1800 May-09 John Sparrow encroachment near his wood
1800 May-09 John Jenkins for enclosing the Lords waste to his leasehold land
1800 May-09 David Jones non attendance
1800 May-09 Thomas Prosser non attendance
1800 May-09 Daniel Edward non attendance
1800 May-09 Edward Williams non attendance
1807 Apr-29 Thomas Cooke encroachment near Rhydymeirch of Lords waste without his consent
1807 Apr-29 William Edwards for encroaching the road
1808 May-13 William Phillips died siesed of leasehold property
1808 May-13 Thomas Prosser constable
1808 May-13 Francis David
1808 May-13 Richard Proger
1808 May-13 William Lewis
1808 May-13 Thomas Williams
1808 May-13 William Jones
1808 May-13 William Jeremiah collier
1808 May-13 William Jeremiah farmer
1809 Apr-28 Thomas David
1809 Apr-28 William Jones
1809 Apr-28 Richard Proger
1809 Apr-28 Henry Lewis
1809 Apr-28 Edward Edwards
1809 Apr-28 William Jenkins
1809 Apr-28 William Jeremiah
1809 Apr-28 Thomas Jenkins
1809 Apr-28 Daniel Edwards
1810 May-11 William Williams encroaching near Penpellenig
1810 May-11 William Jeremiah encroaching a piece of land near Ceven Minog
1810 May-11 William Jones
1810 May-11 Richard Proger
1810 May-11 Henry Lewis
1810 May-11 William Lloyd
1810 May-11 Wm Thomas
1810 May-11 John Jones miller
1810 May-11 Richard Jones
1810 May-11 William Lewis
1810 May-11 James Hoskins
1811 May-08 Richard Proger
1811 May-08 Henry Lewis
1811 May-08 William Lloyd Snr
1811 May-08 William Lloyd Jnr
1811 May-08 Jenkin Rosser
1811 May-08 Edward James
1811 May-08 John Moses
1811 May-08 Vaughan Jones
1811 May-08 John Matthews
1811 May-08 Henry Lewis
1812 Apr-24 Wm Morgan Evan death seized of a lease
1812 Apr-24 William Edwards Encroaching piece of land on road Ceven Minong to the Lirose
1812 Apr-24 Henry Lewis
1812 Apr-24 William Williams
1812 Apr-24 Walter Vallant
1812 Apr-24 William Lloyd
1812 Apr-24 William Lewis
1812 Apr-24 John Parrott
1812 Apr-24 Thomas David
1812 Apr-24 Edward Jeremiah
1812 Apr-24 William Edwards
1813 May-06 Phillip Valentine Encroaching road from Goytre nr Gwern firich
1813 May-06 William Williams
1813 May-06 Richard Jones
1813 May-06 John Lloyd
1813 May-06 Jenkin Rosser
1813 May-06 Thomas Jenkins
1813 May-06 William Lloyd
1814 Apr-28 Elizabeth Evans encroaching road Ridy Lloyven to Peny hyga
1814 Apr-28 William Griffith died possessed of a lease in Goytrey
1814 Apr-28 Thomas Jones
1814 Apr-28 William Thomas
1814 Apr-28 William Lloyd
1814 Apr-28 Thomas Prosser
1814 Apr-28 Thomas Williams
1814 Apr-28 Edward James
1814 Apr-28 Thomas David
1814 Apr-28 Richard Proger
1814 Apr-28 William Lewis
1821 May-17 Walter Richards Goytre, freeholder
1821 May-17 William Jenkins Goytre Freehold tenement & Lease
1821 May-17 Frances Morgan Freehold tenenment Goytre 57
1821 May-17 William Edwards
1821 May-17 Lewis Williams
1821 May-17 Thomas Williams
1822 May-03 John Sparrow died as tenant of several estates G, LV, & LO
1822 May-03 Martha Morgan freehold estate in Goytre and Llanvair
1822 May-03 Edward Jeremiah died tenant of the manor leasehold in Goytre
1822 May-03 Thomas Lewis died seized of a cottage
1822 May-03 William Jeremiah footbridge near his house/& church out of repair
1822 May-03 John Lewis
1822 May-03 James Jones
1822 May-03 Richard Miller
1824 May-10 William Morgan died of Mamhilad Esq
1824 May-10 Susan Williams widow of John Williams
1824 May-10 Thomas Williams
1824 May-10 Thomas Evans
1824 May-10 James Lewis
1824 May-10 Richard Miller
1823 Apr-24 Richard Jones for encroaching joining Capel Leigh’s Lands
1823 Apr-24 David Valentine died possessed of leasehold land
1823 Apr-24 Richard Miller
1823 Apr-24 Thomas Williams
1823 Apr-24 John James
1825 Apr-29 Thomas Cook died possessed of estates in Goytre and Mamhilad
1825 Apr-29 Jn Morgan Richard died possessed of house and garden
1825 Apr-29 John Prichard Glascoed died poss of land in Goy occ Wm Lewis
1825 Apr-29 James Parry for neglecting to put a footbridge over brook btwn parishes of G & LV which is a path to G Church and a Mill.
1825 Apr-29 Mary Morgan of G neglecting to put a footbridge by Melinycoed
1825 Apr-29 Elizabeth Williams for stopping a path from Penpellig to Melinycoed
1825 Apr-29 Thomas Evans
1825 Apr-29 Richard Miller
1825 Apr-29 Benjamin Williams
1825 Apr-29 John Williams
1826 Apr-17 William Griffiths of Goytre for encroaching in Mamhilad
1826 Apr-17 William Morgan Esq for purchasing lower Panygoitre estate
1826 Apr-17 Thomas Evans
1826 Apr-17 John Williams
1826 Apr-17 Walter Rosser
1826 Apr-17 Joseph Griffiths
1826 Apr-17 John Lewis
1827 May-11 Richard Miller for stopping a path fron Penpederewy to G Church trough the Allt wood
1827 May-11 David Davies
1827 May-11 William Jenkins two Wm Jenkins (no other info)
1828 Apr-30 Jospeh Griffiths
1828 Apr-30 Thomas James
1828 Apr-30 William Jones
1828 Apr-30 William Watts
1828 Apr-30 William Lewis died poss of leasehold est in Goytre and Mamhilad
1828 Apr-30 Mary Hughes late of Goytre died with freehold estate
1828 Apr-30 Mrs Prichard wid of James Prichard of Llantrissent freehold est
1828 Apr-30 James Parry bridge on land of JP from Lanvairs old mill to G Church
1828 Apr-30 Richard Miller for turning path from Penpedar hewl to Church and also path through Allt wood
1828 Apr-30 William Jenkins Grocer
1828 Apr-30 William Jenkins
1828 Apr-30 John Lewis
1829 May-13 James Parry footbridge between Llanvair and Goytre
1829 May-13 footpath in field Cae Llwyne by end of raod to G Ch
1829 May-13 David Harry of Newport estate in Goytre
1829 May-13 William Jenkins freeholder
1829 May-13 John Lewis
1829 May-13 William Crump
1830 May-06 James Gwatkin
1830 May-06 Jospeh Griffiths
1830 May-06 Thomas James
1830 May-06 John Lewis
1830 May-06 John Rosser
1830 May-06 Phillip Jinkins died possessed of freehold
1830 May-06 William Crump
1830 May-06 Richard Proger
1831 Apr-23 James Gwatkin
1831 Apr-23 Jospeh Griffiths
1831 Apr-23 John Lewis
1831 Apr-23 John Lloyd
1831 Apr-23 John Prosser
1831 Apr-23 John Rosser
1831 Apr-23 William E
1831 Apr-23 William Edwards leasehold tenants
1831 Apr-23 William Jones leasehold tenants
1831 Apr-23 Elizabeth Jeremiah leasehold tenants
1831 Apr-23 John Lewis Mrs Little purchased an estae (Ironmonger alienated est Bwrgwm Mrs Louisa Little)
1831 Apr-23 Thomas Davies Jnr stopped up an ancient footpath leading from Tyr Ucha to Pentypica
1831 Apr-23 John Lewis
1831 Apr-23 William Crump
1831 Apr-23 Thomas Jenkins
1832 May-02 Thomas Jenkins continued as constable
1832 May-02 Jenkin Rosser died possessed of freehold estates


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