T173 – Will of Henry Arnold


To all people to whom these presents shall come. I Henry Arnold of the city of Canterbury, gentleman send greetings.

Whereas Henry Arnold of ye province of New York, merchant, did old and in and by a codicil in writing to this last Will and Testamt. Bearing the date on or about the 4th day of September which was in the year of our Lord 1764 relating that the said Henry Arnold the testator since the making his will had by lease and re-lease the lease bearing date the 1st and the release the 2nd day of June 1764.

Purchased of Isaac Bromyn a farmer plantation and messuage lying in Dutches County in the Province of New York, also another farm or plantation and messuage lying at Shrewsbury in the Province of east Jersey being in three different parcels. Will order, direct and empower his executor thereinafter named or and survivors of them to sell and dispose of all his real estate, whatsoever and wheresoever for the most it would fetch and out of the proceeds thereof did thereby give and bequeath to me ye said Henry Arnold by ye name then described to his beloved nephew Henry John Cummings of the City of Canterbury, gentleman.

Maketh oath that he, this despondent did see and hear Henry Arnold of the sd City of Canterbury, gentleman, sign, seal and as his act and deed in due form of law deliver the paper, writing, deed, poll, or letter of Attorney hereto annexed bearing date 14th day of this instant September.

And this day dept.t further saith that the name of ye sd Henry Arnold to the sd paper, writing, deed, poll, or letter of Attorney subscribed is of the proper hand writing of him the said Henry Arnold and that the name of this despondent is John Cummings.

And also ye name of Richard Barham of the said City of Canterbury also subscribed to and sd poll, writing, deed, poll, letter of Attorney are of the respective proper hand writings of him the sd Richard Barham.

21st day of September 1772

Legacy £500

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T181 – Will of William Arnold, Yeoman


Will of Henry Arnold parish of Kingston Kent, yeoman.

To John Arnold messuage and tenement with barn, garden, orchard etc.

To Susannah, daughter, wife of John Marsh, all household goods, dinner and household furniture.

To Grandchildren:

Susannah, Henry, John and Jane Marsh £50 each.

Henry Arnold £200 to set him as an apprentice, son of John Arnold.

Henry Arnold, late of New York £20.

T189 – Land Account

T189 – 1821

310 Stock hold 2214 15 0

Land taken by the canal co £199-1-6 } 96

To timber and (unable to read) } 54 14

2364 9 0

1668 4 10

Balance 7696 4 2

Rec’d Wm Walters 270

Stock hold

Rec’d by Wm Watts share of the above 95 3 51/2

Thos Cook all(owed) 83 13 21/2

And Wm Richard Lewis and Georgina his wife

T26 – Samuel Bird Cash Account

T26 – Cash account of Samuel Bird

Aug 10th Paid interest to James Hutchinson 280 00
Aug 17th To paid Thomas Clare 1000 00
Aug 17th To paid Wm Pearce costs in the
Chancery suit 141 13
23rd To paid James Hutchinson the like 59 19
Dec 31st To paid Joseph Bird principal int.t 336 12
Balance due to Samuel Bird and which, since
His death hath been paid to his widow and
administration as will appear in Mrs Bird’s
administration account 2443 16
Title with the account general at the time of his death

Jan.y by cash received of Isaac Leferne 352 3
20th By received 6 months dividends on the
£4666 13 4d South Sea Stocks to 5th Janry

1791 – £1 13 4d
July 23rd
By 6 months to 5th July 1791 £1 13s 4d

Jan 20th – by 6 months due 1st Jan £1 13s 4d
July 23rd – by by 6 months due 5th July £1 13s 4d
Aug 6th – By receipt of James Hutchinson 100£ being
So much directed to before 100£ allowed by the master.
Aug 15th – by received on sale of 1190 10s part of the above South Sea Stock
Aug 25th – by cash received of Isaac Leferne £462 4s 0d

Statement of the stock received for Mr Samuel Bird’s share of the legacy bequeathed to him by Mr Elias Bird’s will and the manner they have been appropriated.

1790 Dec – By South Sea Stock transferred into Samuel Bird’s name
£466 13s 4d

1792 Aug 8th – transferred to James Hutchinson £2000
15 sold out to pay off debts £1190 10s

Mrs Bird hath received the dividends of this stock upton July 1794 and will appear in her administration account since which she hath transferred the stock as follows:
One half therof into her own name £733 17s 4d
One eighth to Henry Bird Esq., £100 9s 4d
The like to Wm Symons Esq
The like to W H Winstone
The like to Miss Elizabeth Bird

1793 Aug
By stock interest transferred into Mrs Bird’s name £3676 17s 11d
September sold out to pay debts £1300
Mrs Bird hath also received the dividends of this stock up to 5th July 1794. I carried them to the administration account since which she hath transferred the principal.
One half in her own name £4000 0s 11d
One eighth into the name of Henry Bird, Wm Symons, Wm Winstone and Miss Elizabeth Bird each receiving £297 2s 3d

1794 July
By bank 37pc by annuities transferred into Mrs Bird’s name in two sums £1205 12s 2d and £106 11s 9d together which in thus appropriated £1312 3s 11d

One half remaining in her own name £656 1s 11d

One eighth transferred to as above each receiving £164 0s 6d

1795 Aug
By more South Sea Stock transferred into Mrs Bird’s name who is thus appropriated £3019 0s 9d
One half remaining therof in her own name one eighth transferred to the like as before.

T39 – Itemised Solicitors Bill to H.C. Byrde Esq.. – 1862

T39 H.C. Byrde Esq., £16 1s 2d            
1862 Nov Re Change of Name       £ S D
  attending on you conferring and taking instructions for your change of name         6 8
  draw deed of declaration to change to be enrolled in Chancery       1 1 0
  copy for perusal         5 0
  draw notice to be inserted in the newspapers         7 6
  fair copy for perusal         3 6
  draw affidavid of execution of deed         7 6
  fair copy to be sworn         3 0
  attending on your reading over draft         6 8
  expressing deed on parchment         7 6
  paid for stamp and parchment       1 18 0
  for fair copy of notice to be inserted in several newspapers         14 0
  signature of deed and notices         6 8
  preparing affidavid and deed and signature of notice         5 0
  attending on commission and serving two affidavids on execution of signature         6 8
  paid for oaths         3 0
  sending deed and notice by London agents and desiring them to ensure the deed            
  in chancery and to insert the notice in the Gazette ot Times and to get your name            
  on the Sheriffs list altered and paid postage         3 10
  Brought Over       7 9 1
Dec 3rd sending notice to the editor of the Free Press with instruction to insert same         3 7
  sending notice to The Merlin         3 4
  having heard from the agents that the proprietor of the London Gazette would            
  not insert this notice writing them to instruct it once in the Times instead of the            
  Gazette         3 7
  paid agents bill of costs and expenses            
  attending to privy council   6 8      
  attending stamping   6 8      
  attending master of the rolls   6 8      
  attending for same   6 8      
  attending levy deed for enrollment   6 8      
  letter as requested by the enrollment chief clerk   5 0      
  attending the Times office   6 8      
  paid for insertion in paper 1 5 5      
  attending for deed enrollment   6 8      
  letter to chief clerk of privy council requesting change of name at sherifs court   5 0      
  clerk attending therewith and with deed for inspection   3 4      
  letter returning deed   3 6      
  letter posting and cab hire etc   10 0      
  paid advertisement local paper       6 17 0
          2 0 0
          16 1 2

T193 – Martha Arnold Court Case


Court Case King’s Bench between Hughes Minet & Rekar Fector and Martha Arnold, widow.

Defendant sets forth – John Arnold late City of Canterbury dec.d late husband of defendant.

On 21st May 1769 was indebted to the plaintiff for goods and merchandizes for £137 8s.

Also on the 20th Sept.r 1773 at Maidstone aforesaid was indebted to the sd plts in other £653. 2s for divers, other goods, weares and merchandise.

Cummings Attorney

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T52 – Letter to R Symonds, Bristol


Letter to Mr R Symonds, at no. 4 Queens Square, Bristol

Jan 19th 1802
Dear Friend,
Ceylon  – 10th Nov 1801
I wrote to you on my return from Bristol now near three months since and I fear either from your urgent uncertainty of our country past office on your having proved that you have not received it. I have therefore enclosed this to a friend of mine, Mr B Biggs, Linen Draper, High Street Bristol, through whose hands you will get it. I hope by this time you have got quite of your complaints by the help of care and your surgeons and if you can make it agreeable I will be happy to see you here to spend a little time.

I will furnish you with a house already equipped. Before I left Bristol I met our friend J T Mais and suggested or requested him to sell you of my being obliged to leave it and without doing my ….

Am your friend truly yours,
M Wm Drake
Near Axminster

T38 – Letter to the Secretary of War – 1815


Copy of a letter from Lieut J M Pennington to the Secretary at War

Luzarches 19th December 1815

My Lord,
I have taken the liberty of begging your Lord’s interference in a lease the particulars of which are here detailed – after the battle of Vittoria, Lieut. Colonel Bird was left there on duty and his company (The Grenadiers) was paid by his brother for him until it was ascertained that the former was going to England about the 24th September when Major Clarke was appointed to the Company.

His brother and Captain Leech were authorised by him to settle his accounts both public and private.

The balances on the abstract 24th September were less by £106 9s, the amount of the minus credits to that period which was charged to Colonel Bird’s private account and creating to the Company account to October along with the balances to 24th September, after that the public account was signed by Captain Leech, for him, as correct and the receipts, memorandums &c to the period over to him for Colonel Bird last declaration.

The balance of his private account was sent to him as two remittances amongst which was credited the amount of our order drawn by Lt. Barry 87th Regiment for one hundred dollars on paymaster Sherlock which I counted as goods as having the money in my possession, being accepted by the latter and which I beg to leave to enclose. – On applying for the money it was refused on a plea that it was forbid by Lt. Barry in consequence for the horses (for which it appears the order was given) being claimed by Captain Thompson 83rd Regiment.

Finding I could not get the money for Colonel Bird I made him acquainted with it, as also that it would be charged by me to paymaster Boyd of the 2nd Battalion for him to repay as it was no transaction of mine whatsoever in paying the money before it was received and that he might be able to make some arrangement with Captain Thompson and Lieut. Barry concerning it.

I was however much surprised on being informed that Colonel Bird would not refund the money that being eighteen months ago and still preservers in with holding it from me.

May I request your Lord will have the goodness to assist me in recovering the amount from Colonel Bird by having it paid into the hands of paymaster Boyd on my account.

I am, Sr

J M Pennington
1st Battalion 5th Regiment
The Right Honble
The Secretary at War

T64 – Account for Miss Charlotte Bird


Miss Charlotte Bird –
1820 – July 20th – Paid for you at Bromley as per Mrs Chalklen’s account 12 19 6

1821 – March – Paid for piano forte to Mr Phillips 10 00 0

1822 – September – Cash to go to Aberayron 11 00 0

December – Stamp for transfer of Midland Shares 2 0 0

50 19 6

December 25 – To 1 share in the Mon’shire canal transferred to you 170 00 0

To remain in balance of your share of the property listed In the land by mortgage £512 10 11

£682 10 11

Total sum paid to you and received in the land £733 10 5

It appears by the above account that I have the sum of £512-10-11 of your money in the land for which you have a joint mortgage with your mother, Lucy, Fanny and Maria and the interest I have to pay your mother for you on this sum of £512-10-11 at five pounds per cent per annum amounts to £25-12-6 a year which I shall continue to pay to her on your account till forbid by you to do so.

Henry Bird

T252 – “African” Henry Bird


'African' Henry Bird

‘African’ Henry Bird

“African Henry”

Lieut General Henry Byrde ob. 1892

He was the son of Charles Elias Bird, Capt. 5th Foot, and Charlotte Crook of Kinsale. Married 1816.

Who with his elder brother Henry served all through the Peninsular War and in the Montevideo Buenos Aires expedition. Charles Elias wrote the diary.

These two were strong men of the army. When sent to forage they returned carrying an ox between them.

“African” Henry never married. His last appointment was that of governor of Cape Coast Castle.

ORA Byrde

Gt grandson of Henry Byrde department Comm. general Ceylon

In 1945 Florence Marriott wrote the following to someone:
This is “African Henry” given to me by aunt Louisa because I always admired him as a child although I never knew him.
He was my earliest hero, I love it, though mother said he looked like a “fat butcher.”

Cape Coast Castle.was the administrative centre for the Gold Coast (modern day Ghana), Henry was governor their from April 1858 – 20th April 1860.