T38 – Letter to the Secretary of War – 1815


Copy of a letter from Lieut J M Pennington to the Secretary at War

Luzarches 19th December 1815

My Lord,
I have taken the liberty of begging your Lord’s interference in a lease the particulars of which are here detailed – after the battle of Vittoria, Lieut. Colonel Bird was left there on duty and his company (The Grenadiers) was paid by his brother for him until it was ascertained that the former was going to England about the 24th September when Major Clarke was appointed to the Company.

His brother and Captain Leech were authorised by him to settle his accounts both public and private.

The balances on the abstract 24th September were less by £106 9s, the amount of the minus credits to that period which was charged to Colonel Bird’s private account and creating to the Company account to October along with the balances to 24th September, after that the public account was signed by Captain Leech, for him, as correct and the receipts, memorandums &c to the period over to him for Colonel Bird last declaration.

The balance of his private account was sent to him as two remittances amongst which was credited the amount of our order drawn by Lt. Barry 87th Regiment for one hundred dollars on paymaster Sherlock which I counted as goods as having the money in my possession, being accepted by the latter and which I beg to leave to enclose. – On applying for the money it was refused on a plea that it was forbid by Lt. Barry in consequence for the horses (for which it appears the order was given) being claimed by Captain Thompson 83rd Regiment.

Finding I could not get the money for Colonel Bird I made him acquainted with it, as also that it would be charged by me to paymaster Boyd of the 2nd Battalion for him to repay as it was no transaction of mine whatsoever in paying the money before it was received and that he might be able to make some arrangement with Captain Thompson and Lieut. Barry concerning it.

I was however much surprised on being informed that Colonel Bird would not refund the money that being eighteen months ago and still preservers in with holding it from me.

May I request your Lord will have the goodness to assist me in recovering the amount from Colonel Bird by having it paid into the hands of paymaster Boyd on my account.

I am, Sr

J M Pennington
1st Battalion 5th Regiment
The Right Honble
The Secretary at War


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