John Redwood Affiliation Case 1872

July 13th 1872


John Redwood, of Goytrey, who did not appear was charged of being the father of the illegitimate child of Christiana Hooper now living at Llanithel.

Service of the summons was proved. Complainant and her step-mother gave evidence,


July 20th 1872

John Redwood, who did not appear, was charged with being the father of the illegitimate child of Christiana Hooper, the case had been adjourned. Mrs Powell, in whose service the girl had lived, deposed that Redwood came to see the girl frequently and no one else did so; she had seen no improper familiarities between them.

This not being sufficient evidence, the case was adjourned for a month.

Police Court August 17th 1872

Mr Watkins appeared for the defendant in an affiliation case, Christiana Hooper v John Redwood, which had been twice adjourned to allow the young woman to bring witnesses.

Mr Watkins objected to a further adjournment, which the complainant required; and the case was dismissed.


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