Stinchcombe, Mrs M. – 1962

Mrs M. Stinchcombe, May 4th 1962 – Goytre.

The funeral of Mrs Mabel Stinchcombe, 73, caretaker of Chapel Ed, Goytre took place at Panteg Cemetery.

Services at Chapel Ed and the graveside were conducted by the Rev D W Jones, assisted by the Rev David Davies.

Sorrowing husband; Mabel and Emily, daughters; Joe, son-in-law; Edwin, Shirley, Janet, Marion, George and Marion, grandchildren; Leoni, sister-in-law; Fred, brother-in-law; Bert, Will and Leon, nephews; Blanche, niece; Denis, Ciss, Rene, Bryan, Doreen.

Others present:
Messrs E Dobbs, A Davies, E Morgan, P Price, E Tippins, P Holmes, C Titcombe, Mesdames F Wilks, Conway, Thomas, Holmes, Evans, S Price, Powell, M Jones, A Titcombe and neighbours.

Sorrowing husband Will; Mabel, Emily and Joe; Edwin and Marion; Shirley and George; Janet and Tony; Marion and Denis; Michael and Caroline; Will, Bob, Fred, Cath and family; Relatives, Australia; Members of Chapel Ed, Goytre; John Davies and Rev and Mrs David Davies; Doreen, Stewart and Tracey; Mr & Mrs Jones; Mrs Watts, Ciss and Bob; Rene, Bryn and boys; Mr & Mrs Williams and family; Dot, John and Judith; Mr Stinchcombe and Pat; Mr & Mrs Messenger, Betty and family; Mr & Mrs E Dobbs and family; Mr & Mrs E M Jones; Mr & Mrs I Perkins; Mr & Mrs Ford and family; Mr & Mrs E J Tippins.


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