People’s Wardens 1920 – present

(The following list was kindly provided by Roger Moss.)

1920-1924       W. J. Jenkins.

1924-1946       Herbert W. Gwatkin.

1946-1960       Capt. Evan Jones.

1960-1965       Robert John Rosser.

1965-1969       William Albert Owen.

1969-1973       Myles J. Gilmore.

1973-1974       Christopher J. Rollason.

1974-1986       Roger John Moss.

1986-1992       Henry James South.

1992-1997       Edith South.

1997-2001       Avril Briggs.

2001-2003       Henry James South.

2003-2016       Heather Rose Smith.

2016-present  Janette Ann Millett.


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