Elizabeth Barland – Leaving a Child Chargeable to the Parish 1875

6th February 1875

Elizabeth Barland was charged with leaving her child chargeable to the Pontypool Union on the 22nd Jan.

Mr Hartley Feather, Master of the Union said about 6.30 p.m. he found a child near the door of the Workhouse, he took it in and looking over the Workhouse book he found a child born on 12th October 1873.

Defendant had been in service and had paid 2s 6d a week to a Mrs Rosser of Goytre for looking after the child; she was now out of work and could not pay for the child’s nursing; she had failed to prove the paternity of the child for want of corroborative evidence.

A Mrs Lewis of Canal Parade offered to adopt the child and Mrs Jenkins of Hanbury Terrace took both mother and child in to give them shelter.



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