Dog License Offences Rosser/Crump/Morgan 1876

3rd June 1876 – Dog License Offences

Before Col. H. Byrde, E.J. Phillips esq. & Rev T. Evans

John Rosser was charged with keeping a dog without a license on 21st April.

Defendant pleaded he thought he had a license. Mr Bolger said that Mr Rosser had always taken his license out; except in the present year; he had no doubt that Mr Rosser’s statement was true, but the explanation had already gone before the Commissioners, and they ordered this prosecution.

Fined 25s. The Bench agreed to recommend a still further reduction in this fine to the Commissioners.

Henry Crump was charged with a similar offence, defendant did not appear.

Mrs Crump appeared and handed in a license dated the 18th April; the information was laid on the 17th.

Fined 25s.

John A Morgan was charged with a similar offence. Defendant pleaded guilty but it was through neglect and not with intention to defraud the Revenue.

Wm. Yorath was charged with a like offence, defendant did not appear. Thomas Edwards proved the service and also the charge.

Fined 25s.


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