Elizabeth Lindsay

Free Press 13th August 1909 – Children’s Court

Elizabeth Lindsay 14, Mamhilad was charged with stealing 2s 6d property of Thomas Price Pontypool on July 31st.

Edith Price aged 10 said that the girl Lindsay asked he if she could mind her purse in which there was 8s 2d. The defendant took two half crowns from the purse. Witness threatened to tell the policeman if she would not put it back. Defendant gave her one half crown and ran away with the other, witness then began to cry.

P.C. Weeks went up to the little girl and after hearing her story went in search of the girl Lindsay. He discovered her in a shop in Clarence Street and charged her with taking the money, she replied at first she did not have the money but on the road to the police station she gave the money up to him, saying she took the money because her mother was poor.

Mr T M Wintle, Pontymoile told the Bench that he had made enquiries and found that  the parents were in very poor circumstances and he thought the little girl would profit more by mercy rather than justice.

After cautionary defence, the Bench discharged her under the Probation of Offenders Act and her mother was bound over for her daughter’s good behaviour.


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