Fire at New House 1925

Friday 16th January 1925 – Fire at New House

On Friday night between 11 and 12 o’clock, a fire occurred at New House Farm, shortly be to tenanted by Mr Herbert E Morgan and his bride-to-be, and formerly in the occupation of the late Mr Phillips.

The flames were fortunately noticed by a near neighbour Mr “Wick” Thomas, who quickly informed Mr D H Morgan {Gwynedd], who with Mr N E Morgan [his nephew] and other help, were soon at work quelling a rick fire, which had started burning in several places and was in close proximity to the house and outbuildings.

Had the discovery of the fire been delayed, even for a short time, the damage would have been disastrous. As it was, only about one ton of hay was spoiled.

We are pleased to state that all losses are covered by insurance.


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