Gwellian John 1659

In the name of God Amen the eight day of November in ye yeare of our Lord God according to ye computacon of ye Church of England one thousand sixe hundred fiftie and eight

I Gwenllian John alias Griffeth of ye pish of Goytre in the Countie of Monmoth and Diocess of Landaph widowe being sicke in body but of good and pfect memorie (praised be God for it) doe make & ordaine this my last will & testamt in maner & forme followinge (that is to say).

First before all other things I doe bequeath my soule unto the hands of the Almightie whose bountie gave it me & in sure hope of a gloriouse resurrection through ye merittes and passion of Jesus Christ my onely saviour & redeemer.

I doe comend my fraile bodie to ye earth fro’ whence it came to bee interred in Xpt’an buriall in ye pish church of Goytre aforesaid.

Ite I give & bequeath one iron pott, one great candlesticke of brasse, one standing bed & one boorde cubbord to my sone in lawe John Morgan William.

It I give & bequeath one great brassen cauldron & one dripping pan to Thomas David my sone in lawe.

It I give & bequeath all my corne of what graine soen yt is in my barne or else where unto my sonne Edmond Griffith.

Ite I give one brassen pan, one iron pott, one cauldron, foure pewter platters one candlesticke of pewter, one brassen candlesticke, one witch, one coffer, one bed steed, one cubbord, one table with ye ioynt stooles there to belonging, two stands, one new barrell, one deske, one feather bed with its ptences, two flocke beds, one standing bed, two standing pewter cupps, one gray mare, two colts, one salt seller, one pigg, two hens, four strawe vessells, two sackes, two andiorns, one spitt, one truckle, one chafing dish, one chaire, one hedge bill, one hecker, one mattogge, one tubb of butter, all my bacon, one frieing pan, one grediron, all my garden beanes, one axe, all my hay in my barne or else wheare, one spade to Edmond Griffeth my sone.

Ite I give & bequeath all the residue of all my houshould stuff & goods as well in my house as beeing & abideing about & wth out the house in out houses or barne heareby not formerly given & bequeathed to my sone Richard Griffeth.

Ite I give & bequeath ye sume of five poundes due by one bonde or spetiallty of ye penaltie of forty pounds for ye payment of twenty pounds from Richard Griffeth ye first yeare after my decease unto John Morgan William my sone in law the husband of ye said Blanch my daughter.

Ite I give the other tenne pounds (that is to say) five pounds wthin ye second yeare & the five pounds wthin ye third yeare after my decease unto my said son Edmond Griffeth.

Ite I give & bequeath the other last five pounds to bee paid wthin ye fourth yeare after ye decease of mee the said Gwenllian John menconed in ye saide bonde or specialty bearing date ye eight day of November Ano Dni 1649 as by ye said bonde more att large appeareth, to bee equally divided betweene ye children of William Griffeth my sone and ye children of Thomas David my sone in law.

I doe constitute, nominat, ordaine and appoint my well beloved sone Edmond Griffeth afore said to bee sole executor of this my last will & testamt, revokeing and recalling all former wills legacies and bequeathes whatsoever.

In wittnesse where of I have heare unto put my hand & seale ye day and yeare above written. Gwenllian John alias Griffeth, widowe. The marke of ye said Gwenllia John

Memorand that these wordes ‘& the five poundes wth in the thirde yeare’ were interlined before the sealing & deliv’inge heare of

Sealed & deliv’d in the psence of us whose names are heare subscribed Thomas Jones; William Jones, script psentia; Maude Jones; William Jones, Cler

This Will have bin xned at Landaffe the 12th day of August in the yeare of or Lord God 1659 by the executor therein named. Before Thomas Prichard, Officiall


The true inventory of all ye goods cattells and chattells & houshould stuffe of Gwenllian John of Goytre late deseased, praised the first of August 1659, whose names are heare unto subscribed


£            s            d

First wee prise the wearing clothes of ye said deseadent                                                            15            0

Ite one iron pott one great candelsticke of brasse one standing bed on boord cubbord

prised                                                                                                                        20            0

Ite one great brasen cauldron one drippin pan                                                                        5            0

Ite one brasen pan, one iron pott one cauldron, foure pewter platters one candelsticke

of pewter                                                                                                            20            0

Ite one brasen candlesticke, one witch, one coffer, one bedsteede, one cubbord, one

table with ye ioynt stooles, two stonds                                                                        13            4

Ite one barell, one deske, one featherbed with the appurtenances, two flocke beds,

one standing bed, two standing pewter cupps                                                                        20            0

Ite one gray mare, two colts, one salt seller                                                                        1            10

Ite one pigge, 2 henns, four strawe vessels, two sakes, two andiornes, one spitt,

One truckle, one chaffinge dish, one chaire, one headg bill, one hecker,

One mattock, one tubb, one friing pan, one grediron, one axe, one spade                        6            8

Ite two covers of munckorne, two covers of pease, one cover of oates                                                10

Ite by speciallty of one bonde expressinge the sum of twenty poundes                                    20            0

Ite all the rest & residue of all the househould stuffe of the said deseadent                                    6            8


The sum                                    25            10            8.


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