Lewis Edmunds Diaries 1839 – 1861

Lewis Edmunds was a plasterer and tiler born in Aberystruth in 1814,  as a young lad he travelled with his father who was also a tiler and plasterer learning the trade. He was taught his letters by Mr Davies Llanover in exchange for work his father did to the Chapel. As an adult he settled in Llanover, living first in High Street, Llanover, moving in 1873 to Yew Tree Cottage. He owned Yew Tree Inn Llanover (now the Goose and Cuckoo). He kept a diary from 1839 to 1897.  I have only taken entries relating to Goytre. Lewis died in 1903 and is buried at Hanover Chapel, Llanover.

February 16th – At Ann Howells (Pantalar, Llanover)
April 14th – At Saron
April 17th – Ann Howells died aged 59
April 19th – At the funeral of Ann Howells at Hanover
June 7th – At Thomas Evans Goytrey a whitening
September 25th – at Richard Rosser Rhydyllwyfan
October 28th – at John Philips Lower Hendre

April 8th, 9th 10th – at John Philips Lower Hendre whitening inside
August 28th – at Miss Charlotte Bird Goytree House
September 13th – at Hanover and at Chainbridge and Saron in the night

May 15th – at Rachel Anthony Goytree whitening
June 26th – at the Lower Hendre repairing the tile for Mr Phillips
July 19th – at Saron the night, Hanover in the morning

January 21st – at the funeral of Thomas Davies of Goytree, at Hanover aged 90 years
March 15th – at Walter Davies Goytree nailing the crest and at Thomas James Ty Cooke
March 16th – at the Halfway houses nailing the crest
May 6th and 13th – at Walter Davies lathing
July 2nd – at David Davies Bwrgwm pointing the house
October 8th, 14th & 15th – at William Parry Lanusk Goytree

January 23rd at William Parry Chainbridge whitening inside
May 24th – Ann Edmunds died aged 55 at Blaynah (his mother)
May 25th – at Blaynah buying things for the funeral
May 27th – at Blaynah buring my mother
May 28th – at the Blaynah Chapel churching after my mother
May 29th – at the Blaynah sharing the goods between my sister
July 31st – at the Goytree Church

May 10th – I was married at the Llangibby Church to Martha Williams of Court Plethin Farm

March 9th – I was writing the last will and testament of Jane Jones, widow of Vaughan Jones Goytree
March 22nd – at William Jeremiah Bwrgwm repairing
May 26th – at John Rosser Goytree Mill
July 18th – at Thomas James Goytree
July 19th – at Hanover all day preparing a prayer meeting because of the cholera
July 20th – at Thomas James Goytree
July 25th-31st – at Thomas James Goytree
August 1st-16th – at Thomas James Goytree
October 4th – at Cwmbran with Thomas Jones Goytree
October 14th – at Hanover twice, William Jones Goytree was received as a member
October 22nd – at the funeral of Mrs James, The Buck at Goytree Church
October 26th – at the funeral of Rachel Harris Bryn-y-pant
October 31st – whitening at Thomas James Goytree

January 4th – at Thomas James Goytree house repairing the pound wall
February 2nd – Anthony Richards did stave (starve) on the mountain aged 70 years
February 7th – at the inquest of Anthony Richards, cowman, who starved on Cwmllech mountain aged 70 years
February 25th & 26th – at Cwmbran repairing the oven for Thomas James
March 2nd – at Abersychan pointing round the chimney for Thomas James Goytree
March 8th, 14th & 30th – at Cwmbran repairing the house for Thomas James Goytree
March 27th – at the funeral of William Jeremiah at Hanover aged 23 years ( William lived at Bwrgwm Farm)
March 17th – Augusta Emma was born at a quarter past 3 o’clock in the afternoon at High Street Cottage Llanover
March 27th – Morgan William Court Plethin was at our house at High Street
15th & 16th May – at Martha Rosser Buck, Abersychan, whitening inside
May 21st – at John Rosser Goytree Mill whitening inside
May 22nd – at Rachel Thomas (Bwrgwm Cottage) finishing whitening. Augusta was baptised by the Rev Robert Thomas Hanover
May 24th & 25th – at Rachel Rosser Buck Abersychan whitening inside
June 7th – at the funeral of Lewis Williams Hollybush Hanover aged 48
June 27th & 29th – at John Philips Lower Hendre whitening inside
July 10th, 11th & 24th at Thomas Davies slating
July 26th & 27th – at Miss Powell Penpederheol whitening inside
August 9th at Miss Powell drawing the smoke
August 26th at William Williams Goytre Wharf
August 29th – Sarah James Goytre married John Thomas
September 3rd – 14th – at William Williams Goytre Wharf
November 11th – Martha Rosser and William Jayne got married at Talywain Church
November 25th – at Blaenavon buying the goods of Richard Morgan Crosshoped 10s 9d
December 30th – at William Williams Goytre Wharf

January 10th – at home dumping the potatoes, 31/2 sacks Goytre potatoes, 2 sacks p-man potatoes, 1 sack mangle worsens potatoes
February 2nd – At the Goytree, having possession of the green meadow with Wm Jenkins, tenant. I was authorised to take possession by Mrs Jenkins
February 24/25th – at Penpellenny Goytre, slating an oven for the railway company
March 29th and April 10th, 16th & 26th – at Wm Williams, Wharf, slating the thrive and whitening
May 21st – at John Rossers’ mill
May 24th & 25th – at Wm Williams Valentine Goytre, whitening
May 25th – John Rosser’s barns
June 10th – John Phillips Hendre died aged 68
June 14th – at the funeral John Phillips, Lower Hendre, Llanover
June 17th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd, 26th – at Thos Davies, Goytre
August 3rd – at the Goytre for the rent from Wm Jenkins, very wet day
August 19th – at Sharon Goytre in the night
October 5th & 6th – at Richard Jones Penystare, repairing the barn
October 20th – at Abergavenny with Hansby, meeting Francis Davies concerning a mortgage at Goytre. Killed a pig, 158 in weight
October 25th – at Blaen, giving £40 to Francis Davies as mortgage on Goytre place
November 27th – John Phillips, Hendre, married to Ann Rosser, Mill (Goytre Church)
November 29th – at Thomas James Goytre, repairing the barns
December 15th – at Wm Williams, Wharf, whitening inside
December 22nd – at Llanellen barns, repairing for John Rosser, Goytre Mill

February 12th – at the funeral of Jane Vaughan Jones, aged 84. Had half years rent of Wm Jenkins, Goytre, £4, allowed for helping 10s, rent paid 10s
February 15th – at Aaron Harris, Mamhilad, pointing the oven inside
March 3rd, 4th, 5th – at John Rosser’s, Goytre Mill, tiling the clover mill
March 12th –  Rachel Thomas (Bwrgwm Cottage)
May 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th – at John Rossers, slating
July 6th – at Jenkins Rosser’s funeral at Mamhilad aged 24
August 1st to 16th – at John Rosser’s Mill
August 17th,  18th & 19th  – at the Goytre School house, finishing the slating
August 20th to September spent at John Rosser’s Mill
September 19th – the Goytre place conveyed to me from Wm Williams
September 20th – at Thomas James, Goytre House, repairing the tiles
October 2nd – at Croesnypant working for Mr John Rosser. Eli and Thos James plastering at John Rossers
October 4th & 10th – at John Rossers
October 14th – at Thos James, Coed Robin
November 3rd  – at Abergavenny buying the place with Jane Williams for £25. £10 to Wm Williams of Goytre.
November 8th – At Abergavenny for the deeds of Jane Williams place at Goytre (Ty Jacob, 712 on the 1841 tithe)
November 10th – thanksgiving at Hanover and at Rachel Thomas at 3 o’clock
December 21st – at Goytre, meeting Jane Williams of Newport to take possession of the place and occupied by Wm Williams
December 23rd – Eli at Thos Davies, lathing inside
December 30th – at Thos Davies Goytre, finishing lathing the back kitchen ceiling

January 14th – Ann Phillips, Lower Hendre, was delivered of a son
January 20th – at John Rosser’s repairing the Mill
February 3rd – at Mrs Rosser,  Brynypant
February 23rd – at Usk brickyard looking for pantiles for Goytre Place
March 1st – at the funeral of Thomas Newman’s daughter at Goytre Church, aged 17. (Rachel)
March 13th to May 5th – he mentions going to Newport for timber for Jane Williams’s place, delivering lime and mortar, pointing joists, pointing the tile and finishing the house
May 6th – John Jacob did hang himself near Sir Benj. house at Llanover
June 13th – at Thos James, Goytre House, repairing the slates (Ty Cooke)
August 22nd & 23rd – at Aaron whitening outside
October 4th – at Thos James, Goytre House, repairing the new shed
October 7th & 16th – at the Star, Goytre, whitening outside
November 15th, 21st, 24th, at Francis Davies, his house near Goytre Wharf, pointing the tile
November 22nd, 27th, 28th, December 7th,& 8th, – at Penystare repairing the barn, stable and house
December 14th, 22nd & 27th – at Thos Davies, Goytre, plastering the ceiling in the back kitchen
December 2th – came home to Llanover and at Goytre, having possession of Ty Jacob land with Wm. Phillips

January 1st – at James Agg, Goytre, slating the stable
January 10th – at Thos Davies, Goytre, plastering the brickwork
January 17th on various days up to the April 14th – at Samuel Harries, (Gwenffrwrd) making mortar, lathing and plastering the dairy, whitening inside and out
March 12th – at the Star repairing the house inside for John Williams Tonteg
April 18th, 21st & 25th  – at Goytre Place, whitening inside the closing boards
April 19th – at Thos Davies, Goytre, panting the privy
April 26th – at Haymeadow, Goytre, making two gates
May 9th, 10th 11th – at Wm Cocker, Goytre (Kiln Farm) plastering inside and repairing outside
May 22nd – at Abergavenny with Francis Davies Blaen, signing the conveyance to Thos Watkins, Goytre
May 6th, 9th, 23rd, 30th, 31st, at John Rosser’s Goytre Mill, poiting
August 25th – at Goytre meeting the parson from Goytre, Harriet Davies from Pontrilas at Mr Gabb office to show my claim respecting the place of Jane Williams
September 15th, 26th & 27th – at John Rossers repairing the mill and making mortar
September 18th to 20th – at the Old Factory repairing and whitening
October 6th – meeting Mr Scammel at Goytre farm about repairing
October 30th – at Abergavenny with Mr Gabb enquiring about the leases that was to be renewed at Goytre
October 6th – 20th – at Wm Harris, smith, Goytre, hauling stone for the new house and slating the new house
November 5th – at Thos James, Goytre, repairing the tiles
November 10th & 12th – at Wm Harris, slating the new grocer’s shop at Goytre
November 20th – at John Jones, Lapstone Bridge, Goytre, repairing the house
November 29th & 30th, December  1st – at Wm Plaster (Plaister) Goytre, repairing the house
December 20th – Thos Davies, Bwrgwm, Goytre,  married Ann Cobner at Trevethin Church
December 21st & 26th – at Wm Harris Goytre, lathing
December 27th – at Goytre, hauling slates and timber from Pucas, Walter Williams, to the Goytre places
December 31st – at Wm Harris, smith, begining to plaster inside

January 1-4th –  at Wm Harris, smith, Goytre, plastering
January 5th – 10th – at Thomas Davies Goytre slating the house
January 11th & 12th – At Haymeadow roofing the beasthouse and at Wm Harris Goytre
January 18th – at Ty Jacob, Goytre place putting the roof on the brewhouse and at Wm Harris plastering the second coat
January 19th – 26th at Ty Jacob Goytre place and at Wm Harris
February 6th – 9th – making gates for Goytre place and at Wm Harris
February 13th to 15th – at Wm Harris Goytre
February 21st – I took the gates to Goytre place
February 25th & 26th – at Ty Jacob slating shed
February 29th – at Ty Jacob finishing slating shed
March 1st – at Wm Jenkins Haymeadow Goytre slating the pigs cot
March 3rd & 4th – at Wm Harris Goytre
April 2nd to 5th – at Wm Harris Goytre finishing the house
May 24th & 25th – at Thos Davies Goytre plastering etc
May 24th – at John Rosser’s Pencroshoped commencing a benefit club where 16 members entered
May 31st – at Rachel Anthony Goytre
July 16th, 17th & 18th – at James Age Goytre
September 19th & 20th  – at John Rosser Mill, repairing at Croesnypant
September 29th to October 3rd – at Thos Davies plastering inside
October 9th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing the tiles
October 11th to 13th – at Mrs Lewis Inn, slating the house at Goytre
October 27th – at John Phillips, New Barn Goytre repairing the house
October 30th & 31st – at Mrs Lewis Inn, pointing and slating the new house at Goytre
November 4th – at Thos James Goytre repairing and whitening his houses in Abersychan
November 11th – at Abergavenny showing the deeds of my late grandfather property at Blaenafon to Mr Hansby solicitor and paid him 5/- for renaming the old deed
November 19th & 20th – at Thos Davies Goytre measuring the house amounting to £6 7s 8d and repairing the stable
November 21st – at Mordecai Jones repairing outside
November 26th – at Thos Davies quarry Goytre dressing slabs for Wm James Llanydwr
December 4th – at Mrs Lewis Inn, riding lime at the new house Goytre
December 5th – at Wm Nicholas Yew Tree House Goytre making a bag of lime
December 11th, 13th & 24th – at Mrs Lewis Inn, Goytre, plastering the house
December 19th – at Wm Nicholas Yew Tree Goytre repairing the tiles
December 29th – Elizabeth, wife of Wm Jeremiah died aged 66 years
December 31st – at the funeral of Elizabeth Jeremiah Bwrgwm at Llanellen Church aged 66
January 19th – of Samuel Harris for work £3 17s 0d
February 12th – half years rent of Wm Jenkins Goytre £3 15s 8d
April 25th – John Phillips New Barn Goytre on years interest due 28th January last £6
June 18th – Rachel Anthony for work 3/-
July 18th – James Arg for work at Goytre £1 10s 6d
November 20th – Thos Davies for work £6 10s 0d

January 8th – at Mrs Rosser’s Brynypant helping her to kill a pig. 283 rite side 91lb left side 92lb
January 9th – 16th at Mr Lewis Inn, plastering the new house at Goytre
January 17th – at Rev John Evans obtaining permission for letters of administration with Mr Hansby after late Joseph JOnes
January 28th – about the parish of Goytre and Llanover with a petition against the proposed new reformatory school at Goytre and collected 91 names
February 1st – James Gwatkin Goytre was found dead in Goytre wood near Chapel Head aged 77
February 5th – at the funeral of James Gwatkin at Goytre Church
February 27th – at Abergavenny with Mr Gabb. I rented the Old House field being part of the Pwrcas Goytre from Gabs, rent £3 pa to commence September 1856
February 28th – at home and at Goytre hedging and taking possession of the Old House
March 12th – at Goytre putting a new stile on the old house field
March 13th, 14th & 27th – at William Nicholas Goytre whitening inside and outside
March 14th – at Mrs Rosser Brynypant Couling inside
March 31st – at Mrs Lewis Inn, new house at Goytre rendering inside and whitening inside
April 7th – at Mrs Lewis Inn, slating the shope and privy at Goytre
April 15th – Bess James late Ty Cooke married to David Davies at Hanover
April 28th – at John Rossers whitening inside
June 29th – at Goytre collecting poor rates
July 15th – at Thos James Goytre house meeting Mr Cook about tiling the point of the stable and slating the back of stable agreed £14
August 6th – at William Harris, smith, Goytre
August 13th & 18th – at Henry Mathews Goytre making mortar and repairing
August 24th & 25th – at Thos Watts Goytre pointing
August 26th – at Goytre House meeting Mr Cook and his mother and uncle to see the ? at Thos Watts Goytre
August 27th 28th & 29th – at Thos Watts Goytre pointing
August 31st – at Henry Mathews Goytre whitening
September 2nd – at Henry Mathews Goytre whitening
September 3rd & 4th – at at Thos Watts whitening
September 5th – at Miss Powell Penpederhewl goitre whitening
October 15th – at Ty Jacob Goytre whitening the pantiles
November 13th – at Abergavenny paying Mr Gabb £3 being a years rent for the old house field
November 14th – at Ty Cook Goytre measuring the timber. W Jones mason at Ty Porth
November 17th – at Goytre whitening for Richard Seamark
November 24th – at Henry Mathews whitening
November 26th – at Goytre house with Mr Cook measuring the timber, at Richard Seamark whitening in Goytre
December 1st & 2nd – at Ty Ivor goitre plastering both chimneys for John Phillips
December 23rd – at Wm Jenkins Haymeadow Goitre repairing the cow house

February 11th – at John Phillips, New Barn Goytre
April 7th & 8th – at Wm Proger repairing the store house for Prewet
April 11th – at Richard Prewett Goitre tiling and pointing and at Pengroesoped
April 18th 19th & 20th at Chapel Edd Goytre whitening
April 21st – at Thos Evans Halfway house whitening inside
April 27th – at John Stephens Penpelleny whitening
May 10th – at Rich. D. Prewett, Goitre, tiling pantry at Thos Jeremiah
June 27th & 30th – at Wm Progers whitening
July 5th & 7th – at James James Horseshoe
August 24th – at Walter Davies Goytre slating
September 27th & 28th – at Wm Nichols Goytre. At Henry Heaven Goytre for Mr Williams, yard
September 29th – Thanksgiving at Hanover and at Rachel Thomas Goytre at 2 o’clock
October 13th – at Thomas James Goitre House
October 14th – Thomas G Jones Goytre
November 10th – at Wm Cocker Goytre and Penystare
November 15th – at Wern Goytre
November 22nd – Wm Nicholas at the Wern Goytre whitening inside
November 25th – Rachel V Jones Goytre died aged 50 years
November 26th – at the Wern whitening
November 29th – at the funeral of Rachel V Jones Goytre Church
December 19th & 20th – at John Rosser’s whitening inside
December 27th – Mary Davies Goytre died aged 82 years
December 31st at the funeral of Mary Davies Goytre at Hanover

January 12th – at John Rosser Mill repairing the tiles
January 20th – at Evan Thomas Cwmbran buying 5000 bricks at 27/- per 1000 for John Phillips Goytre
January 21st – at home drawing a place of 2 houses for John Phillips
January 28th – at John Phillips Mamhilad cutting foundations for two houses
January 30th – the wife of James Roberts Bwrgwm Goytre died
February 1st to 3rd and 27th – spent at John Phillips two houses working at Croesnypant
March 5th – at Thos V Jones seeing the cottage with Mr Keith?
March 7th – Gwellian Lewis Bwrgwm died aged 71
March 12th – at the funeral of Gwellian Lewis Bwrgwm at Hanover aged 71 years
March 23rd – John Williams (Valentine) Goytre died
April 4th – at Newport with John Phillips Mamhilad buying 1700 slates and lath
April 9th 10th & 11th – at John Phillips Mamhilad slating
May 1st & 2nd – at Samuel Harris factory whitening
May 3rd & 4th – at Richard Williams Goytre slating the house
May 5th & 7th – at John Phillips Mamhilad making mortar
May 8th & 11th – at John Jenkins dealer making mortar
May 12th – at John Phillips making mortar
May 14th to 19th – at Richard Williams Goytre slating the house
May 22nd – at Thos Lewis taylor Goytre
May 23rd to 26th – at Richard Williams Goytre
May 30th – at John Rosser whitening and at John Jenkins dealer Goytre
May 31st – at Richard Williams
June 1st to 7th – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre
June 8th – at Thos Lewis taylor Goytre
June 12th – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre
June 14th 15th & 16th – at John Phillips Mamhilad
June 16th – at Thos Jacob Ty Cooke
June 28th – at Richard Williams Goytre slating the pigs cot
July 6th – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre slating the back kitchen
July 11th – at Walter Davies Goytre slating the pigs cot
August 7th 8th 13th & 14th – at Wm Cocker lathing plastering and whitening
August 27th – at Morgan Williams Bedwellty buying 3000 tile stones for Ty Cook Goytre at £3 5s 0d per 1000. Thos Davies late Goytre died at Newport aged 78 years
September 15th – at JohnPhillips Mamhilad slating and finishing the house
September 19th – at Newport authorising David Jones to bring the stones to Goytre
September 27th – at Goytre unloading the tile stones for Mr Cook jar Goytre House
September 28th – at Goytre holing stones
November 7th to 17th – at Goytre house tiling etc
November 24th – William Roberts Bwrgwm married Gwellian James at Llanydwr at Trevethin Church
November 26th – at thanksgiving Hanover then at Rachel Anthony Bwrgwm
December 1st to 7th – at Ty Cook
December 11th & 12th – at Penystare and New Barn

January 12th – William Harris smith one years interest due Sept 17th £1 3s 0d
January 20th – Samuel Harris factory for work since last year 9/-
August 23rd – Richard Williams for work near Sharon £7 0s 0d
December 4th – John Rosser Mill for work 7/-

January 1st – at John Phillips New Barn pointing
January 29th – at David Davies for 100 of ?
March 1st to 11th – at Thos James Ty Cook Goytre tiling the calfs cot
March 14th – at Thos Cook tiling the cider mill
March 27th & April 1st – at Richard Prewett Goytre plastering
April 20th – at Walter Davies Goytre whitening inside
May 30th – John Rosser Mill died aged 77
May 29th to June 1st – at Thos James Ty Cook tiling porch, pointing crest on cider mill and pointing the walls outside
June 12th at Walter Davies Goytre plastering the workshoip
July 13th – at Thos James Tycook pointing furness and boiler and making 8 bags of lime
July 18th – at Rachel Anthony whitening
July 19th – at John Rosser Mill whitening mill inside
July 19th – at Geo Painter Goytre making mortar at the Wern farm
July 27th – at the Wern Goytre slating the dairy
August 8th & 9th – at Geo Painter Goytre
August 26th – at Col Byrde
September 13th – at the Wern plastering the dairy and whitening inside
September 16th & 17th – at Mr Nicholas Goytre pointing the house
October 4th & 5th – at John Rees Park Bach Farm rendering the house inside
October 8th – in Abergavenny Gabs office with Wm Phillips Castle Goytre instructing them to prepare mortgage deed for £20
October 9th – at Walter Davies Goytre repairing the house and barn
October 15th 24th & 26th – at Thos James Goytre repairing Cooks house
November 6th – December 4th – at Thos James Ty Cook plastering granary & whitening
December 12th & 13th – at Park Bach collecting guanmo tare for John Phillips
December 25th – at Hanover and after at John Phillips of Maesbern Goytre to dinner
December 27th – at Pontypool paying the guanmo tare for Goytre park with John Phillips


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