Elizabeth Taylor – A Queer Way of Taking Care of a Baby 1872

30th March 1872 – A Queer Way of Taking Care of a Baby

Elizabeth Taylor, aged 15 years, was charged with stealing several articles of wearing apparel, the property of John Morgan of Goytre.

She said her mistress had given her the things.

Mrs Morgan deposed that on March 21st she missed a dress-hat, a bonnet and an apron. The prisoner, who was in her service, was sent to take the baby for a walk; and a witness afterwards found the baby lying in the dung water near the cowhouse, and the prisoner had de-camped.

She did not give the prisoner any of these things.

Pc Williams (42) deposed he found the things at the prisoner’s house at Coedygrig. He asked for the articles and the prisoner gave them up saying, that she did not steal them; her mistress gave them to her.

Mrs Morgan said, that the girl had several times said that she would cut the baby’s head off and so forth.

Committed to the house of correction for 14 days.


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