Catching Salmon 1865

21st January 1865

William William’s, an elderly man and a lad named James Morgan and Roger Morgan (not related) were charged with having had in their possession a spear for catching salmon.

It appears that Wm. Atkinson, keeper and another man were on the banks of a river or stream at Goytrey on the morning of Sunday watching what is called a pit where salmon spawn, and some were spawning at the time they looked at it.

They afterwards observed one of defendants go to the same place and having looked well round about he returned down the river and met the other defendants.

They procured a long pole (produced) they had a spear to it and were apposite the place where the fish were spawning.

Seeing the keeper they ran off leaving the pole behind them. James Morgan, the other defendant pleaded guilty to having presented the pole.

The other defendants did not appear.

The bench said the penalty for the offence was £3, or 2 months imprisonment each.


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