Stinchcombe, Mr – 1870

Stinchcombe – 3rd September 1870

Mr Stinchcombe a farmer, of Monkswood, after returning from Pontypool market on Saturday last, was told that some cattle were trespassing in a field belonging to him, near Usk. He drove over to see. On his way home again his trap came into collision with a cart near Rhadyr Mill and he was thrown out and three of his ribs were broken. Of one of the shafts of his trap was snapped off and the horse galloped away, dragging the vehicle and was stopped near the Hendre Farm. Mr Stinchcombe’s little boy, who was riding with him, retained his seat and was uninjured.

25th September 1870

We have recorded that on Saturday 28th August, Mr Stinchcombe, farmer, of Monkswood, was thrown from his trap near Rhadyr Mill, had had three of his ribs broken. On Sunday last he thought himself much better and rose and eat a hearty dinner. Some time later he fell back into his wife’s arms and expired.


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