Vimpany, Mr H – 1946

March 8th 1946

Mr H Vimpany, Goytrey.

The funeral took place at St Peter’s Churchyard, Goytrey, of Mr Harry Vimpany, aged 78 of Hay Meadow, Goytrey, Canon Morgan officiated.

Mourners: Wife; Harry, Ernest, William, Ivor, Harold, sons; Ena, daughter; Tom, son-in-law; Elsie and Doris, daughters-in-law; Georgina and Florrie, sisters-in-law; William, brother-in-law.

Bearers: M/s Hamer, Price, Powell and Hatchley.

Also present; M/s Churchill; Bybe; Gwatkin; Arthur Gwatkin; R Jones; Messenger; Dobbs and Jones.


Wife, Harry, Ern and Doris; Bill and Ivor; Harold and Elsie; Ena, Tom and children; Georgina; Will, Florrie and family; Mr & Mrs Gwatkin; Gweneth, Bill and Ann; Mrs Lionel Whitehead; Mrs Jones and Hilda; All at Gelli; Amy, Trevor and children; Mr & Mrs Hatchley and Joy; Mr & Mrs Price and Bobby; Mr & Mrs Hamer.


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