Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions

April 19th 1834  – William Watts – Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions

Monkswood, Appellants: Goytrey Respondents

This was a case on the removal of a pauper 66 years of age, named William Watts.
The advocates were, for the respondents, Mr Talbot, for the appellants, Mr Nicholls.
Wm Watts, being examined by Mr Talbot, deposed that 45 years ago he married Martha Edwards, whose mother gave to him a cottage at Monkswood which he occupied 6 years.
The witness on his cross-examination by Mr Nicholls, stated that this cottage was given without a legal conveyance, by a parole agreement; and the brother of his wife had since disputed witness’s right of possession. The question was left to arbitration and it was decided that the pauper had no right to the possession during the lifetime of his mother-in-law; but £20 were awarded to him as compensation for a building which he had erected. The pauper afterwards left Monkswood and acquired property, value £160 in Goytrey, in which place he occupied a house at £12 a year.
Mr Talbot maintained that the pauper’s settlement was by property, in the parish of Monkswood and that the parole conveyance of the cottage was valid.
The learned gentleman quoted authorities in support of his view of the law of the case; but the order was quashed.
(Wm Watts was the innkeeper of the Royal Oak, from 1811-1815 later he lived at Ynyspwcca)


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