James, Mrs Henrietta – 1949

November 4th

Mrs H James Goytre

The funeral took place at St Mathew’s Church Monkswood of Mrs Henrietta James aged 76, widow of Mr John James Elm Tree Cottage Goytre. She was a long and faithful member of Saron Baptist Chapel. The Rev. C A Reece, (Saron) officiated at the house and Canon D Ivor Jones (Usk) at the church and graveside.

Mourners: Cliff, Arthur, David and Irene, sons and daughter; Ted, Hilda and Bertha, son-in-law and daughters-in-law; Alfred, brother; Kathleen and John, grandchildren; Annie sister-in-law; John, brother-in-law; John, Will Ann, Jack, Jim, Flo, Harold, Edith, Violet, Alice, Tom, Ivor, Annie, Jonnie, Roy, Mary, Archie, Jack and Ivor, nephews and nieces.

Deceased only sister was unable to attend due to illness.

Bearers: Messrs J Williams, H Jacob, P Roberts, J Jones, W Powell, A James, E Dobbs and R James.

Flowers: Cliff and John; Irene and Ted; Arthur, Hilda and children; David, Bertha and Dilys; Flo and family; Abb, Milly and family; Annie, Ada and Lilly, Sheffield; Jack; Jackie, Violet and children; Ivor and May; Eva, Fred and Valerie, Birmingham; Mabel, Archie and Veronica; Mabel and Cedric, Rochdale, Sid, Bert, Archie, Harry, Arthur and Don; Polly and Will Gwehelog; Mr and Mrs Perrott; Mr and Mrs Reece and Mrs Williams; Mr and Mrs Thompson; Mrs Mathews and boys, Little Mill; Mr and Mrs G Bryant; Members and friends of Saron Baptist Chapel; Mr and Mrs Powell, Gelli; Mr J Jones, Mary and Bill; Berth, Ethel and Jimmy; Mr and Mrs P Roberts; Mrs Alexander and Mrs Rhys; Mr and Mrs Richards; Mr and Mrs J James; Mr and Mrs James and family, Pentre Farm; Mr and Mrs h Jacob and Arthur; the family of the late Mr Jones, The Knoll; Mr and Mrs Evan Williams; Mr and Mrs Dobbs and children; Mr and Mrs H Watkins, Monkswood; Mr and Mrs D Watkins, Monkswood; Mrs Radmore, Lilly and John, Barry; Mr and Mrs I Phillips and Esther; Jim, Caldicot; Ann, Jack and Ivor; Florrie and Harold; Will and Maud; Flo and Tom, Newport; Annie, Sylvia, Doreen and Peter; Alice and Percy; Jonnie, Melda and children; Roy and Mary; Charlie, Flo and children.


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