Jones, Mrs Ann 1956

July 27th 1956

Fall hastened death.

84 years old Mrs Ann Jones of 1, Park View Goytre, died from hypostatic pneumonia said the Monmouthshire Coroner, Nr D J Treasure.

He recorded a verdict of “Accidental death,” at a Pontypool inquest after he had been told that the woman had fallen in her bedroom.

Mrs Gertrude Hayes, Arrow Cottage, Goytre, said her mother had been a widow since 1912. Since 1916 a Mr Edward Thomas had lodged with her.

Each night she used to visit her mother and had put her right for the night. Last Wednesday morning when she called on her mother she said she had fallen in the bedroom and had been helped to bed by Mr Thomas.

Witness said she called a doctor and her mother was taken for an x-ray but no fractures were found. She died on Sunday.

In her report Dr E Siddons said Mrs Jones had always received the best attention from her family.


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