John Scammell – Felony 1875

6th February 1875 – Felony

John Scammell 17, was charged with stealing a horse cloth, the property of William Williams, farmer of Goytre.

Complainant said that the prisoner worked for him and was at his house on the 3rd of Jan; the horse cloth was there then; on the following day he missed it.

In answer to the Bench complainant said he did not ask him why he left; he was no particular friend of his; the horse-cloth produced was his property; he recognised it by one of the straps being chewed a little by the cattle.

In answer to prisoner, complainant said he owed him 5s but prisoner left his employment in the middle of the week; he told him if he would stop he would pay him; he did not order him off the ground.

John Davis, farmer, Pentre, said he gave the cloth produced to the policeman; he purchased it off the prisoner, he asked him where he had got it; he said he found it on Usk road; prisoner had been speaking to his (witness’s) son three months previously to that about a horse-cloth which he had said he had found; he brought it to the witness’s house the Monday after Christmas, he paid him 2s.

Williams, re called said he had the horse-cloth on the 3rd January, it was in the stable, hung up with the other gear.

Pc Allen said that on Monday he received information on the loss of the horse-cloth from Mr Williams, and on searching for it found it at Mr Davies’s; he asked him where he had it from and Mr Davies said he bought it off prisoner; he asked Mr Williams why he did not inform him of the loss before, he said he was going to do so one day, but he, (policeman) had gone too far; Williams identified the horse-cloth as soon as witness took it to him when he arrested prisoner; he said he found it on the Usk road he said, “if I did take it, I would only be taking what he owed me.

Williams, in answer to the Bench said that he had bought the cloth off Mr Jones, saddler, Pontypool.

The Bench were of the opinion that the case clearly proves against prisoner, and he was sentenced to 14 days hard labour.


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