James Hayward -Application for Ejectment 1875

Application for Ejectment – 3rd April 1875

Mr Jas H Farquhar of Abergavenny, on behalf of the Blaenafon Iron Co., applied for an Ejectment order against James Hayward, Goytre.

Mr Forest, a former agent of the Blaenafon Iron Co.,was called by Mr Farquhar, and proved having engaged defendant for the company at a wage of 16s per week, including house rent; there was a distinct understanding that the rent was to be part of his wages.

Col. Byrde said that the country cottages were let at an annual tenancy, and he did not know if the rule applied to them.

Mr Farquhar said it was an invariable rule of the Blaenafon Company and in this case the man was given to understand that when he ceased working for the Company he would also have to give up the house.

Mr Rosser was called and proved having served Mr Hayward with a notice on the 15th ult., a copy of which he handed to the magistrate.

The Ejectment was granted.




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