1905 Free Press

Friday May 12th 1905

Fern bedding for sale 10s gambo load delivered – apply L. Morgan, Pentre Farm, Goytrey, near Pontypool.

Vestry – At St Peter’s vestry meeting the rector [Rev Joshua Davies] presided. The accounts were adopted and showed a balance in hand of over £35. It was stated that the communicants on Easter day numbered 101. The rector nominated Mr E. M. Bird the Pentre as his warden, and the parishioners elected Mr E.W. Gwatkin, Goytrey Wharf.

Friday July 7th 1905

Modern, attractive Villa Residence for sale, Heathfield, Nantyderry:

Good supply of water, garden, orchard, lawn, near river Usk, post, telegraph office and church – apply by letter to Edwin Richards, Nantyderry, near Abergavenny.

Monmouthshire, parishes of Goytrey and Trostrey, Marfell & Poole offer for sale Saturday July 15th 1905:

Lot 1: All that desirable freehold farm known as the “Yew Tree” situate in the parish of Goytrey, containing 14a 0r 14p of pasture land with convenient house and buildings in good state of repair, now in the occupation of Mr Merrick Jenkins, as yearly tenant at a rental of £24 per annum.

Friday November 3rd 1905

Name Not Painted

William Lewis, farmer, Nantyderry was fined 5s for using a wagon on the highway without name and address painted theron, at Panteg and Pontypool on Oct. 20th – PC Bevan said the name was written in chalk on the waggon.

Without Lights

Henry Knipe, farmer was fined 5s for driving a horse and trap without lights at Mamhilad on the 19th October. PC Nunley said at 11.30 pm on the Usk Road he saw defendant driving with only 1 light – The Clerk: I suppose the Goytre Farmers’ Dinner lasted a little longer than you expected Mr Knipe?

Friday November 10th 1905

Goytrey – To Let: Six roomed house with usual offices; convenient and cheap:


  1. Jenkins, Yew Tree, Goytrey.

Friday November 17th 1905

Black Beech Farm Goytrey,

4 miles from Usk and Pontypool, 1 mile from Nantyderry Station.

Marfell & Poole have been favoured with instruction from Mr T(homas) H Rees (who is relinquishing farming pursuits) to sell by auction on the premises as above on Thursday November 30th 1905, the whole of his Live and dead farming stock comprising:

18 cross bred and Hereford cattle viz: 3 dairy cows to calve in good season, 1 barren, 10 yearling steers and heifers, 4 calves:

21 stock ewes, 1 ram lamb, 2 oxford down, ditto:

9 cart and nag horses and colts, including cart mare 5 years, nag mare 6 years, cart horse aged ditto, yearling colt, 3 year old cob, 3 years old cart filly, ditto colt, sucker:

35 Turkeys, 70 Fowls:

Produce: Rick of hay about 10 tons, a quantity of sweedes and mangolds, 1 ton potatoes:

Implements include nearly new binder by Harrison and McGregor, wheel plough by Hornsby, bouting plough, 3 sets of iron harrows, scufflers, horse hoe, shearing machine, chaff machine and horse works, pulper, Bambury new cart, milk trap, market trap, phaeton, mowing machine, manual reaper, rick cloth, horse rake, corn drill, knife grinder and stand, wheel barrow, casks and tubs, long go and trap harness, sundry tools & c.

Luncheon at 11.30 – sale at 12.30 prompt

Auctioneers Office: The Willows, Usk.

Friday October 27th 1905

Goytrey & District Farmers Association: Successful show at Pentwyn:

The twelfth annual meeting of the above association was held on Thursday October 19th 1905 at the Pentwyn Farm, Mamhilad, kindly lent by Mr W. Jenkins.

The day was marked with cold fine weather, and a fair number of visitors were present at different portions of the day. The competitions in ploughing and hedging aroused not a little interest, and the standard reached by the competitors was as high as it was promising. The exhibits were also on a par with past shows and the horses, although not numerous were of the right quality. Pigs were few, but the few were all good ones, and would be difficult to beat. A nice display of poultry shewed that in this direction local farmers are paying special attention to catering for the public.

Though practically a young society, it has the right men at the head, and with improvements in certain directions there is no reason why the annual show should not become more popular in future years.

The chairman of the committee for the present year is Mr Henry Knipe, and the society still retains the valuable services of Mr W. Evans as secretary. (E.R. there was a William Evans at Thatch Cott Pengroesoped)

The judges were as follows:

Ploughing: Messrs D. Evans Tremynach Farm Raglan, and Allen James Treveddu Pandy:

Horses: Messrs T. Morgan Chatterton Blaenavon, and Evan Williams Victoria Hotel, Barry Dock.

Roots, Ricks and Clover: Messrs Peter Marfell, Cwm Clytha and W. Morgan David, Llansantfraid.

Hedging Messrs David Lewis, Gwehelog and T.(homas) Jones, Llwyncelyn, Goytre.

Pigs: Mr J. Davies, Pontypool.

Poultry: Messrs J. Knapp, Pontypool, and Mr J. Hobbs, Usk.

Cottagers Gardens: Mr J(ohn). Harding, Nantyderry.

Annual Dinner

In the evening the annual dinner took place at the Carpenters Arms Penpwllenny, when a good number were excellently provided for by Mr A.E. Price and the Misses Price.

Mr H. D. Jones [agent for the Llanover Estate] presided.

The chairman, having proposed the loyal toasts submitted that of “The Bishop and Clergy and Ministers of all denominations.”

Mr. G.W. Gwatkin as a churchwarden responded.

Mt T. Sykes gave the “Army, Navy and Reserve Forces.”

Mr W. H. Charles) proposed “Success to Agriculture and the Goytre Farmers Association.” He had been engaged in agriculture from his childhood he said, and the industry called for unceasing labour and skill. Shows such as theirs that day did much to encourage agriculturalists – tenant farmers, their sons and employees – in their work and to take a keen interest in it.

Mr Henry Knipe, the veteran chairman of the committee said he had been associated with such societies for a great many years. His brother and he started the meeting at Llantarnam over 60 years ago and he was connected with it until he came to Goytre. He was very pleased to say that the Goytre Association was increasing in membership and in usefulness. Its influence had been marked by the improvement which had taken place in all departments of agriculture since its formation. [Applause.]

Mr Lewis [The Hendre, Llanover] gave “The Donors of Special Prizes and the Subscribers” in a speech appreciative of their kindness; he regretted they had not, as their president that evening, one of the landed proprietors of the district. He proposed the toast of those who gave their help, getting no other benefit other than the satisfaction of knowing they were doing good. [Applause.]

Mr Aymes said it was a pleasure to him to be able to give, and he should continue to do so as long as he was able.

Mr D (avid H). Morgan [The Wern] proposed “The President.” Mr Jones, he said was actively connected with agriculture as the agent of one of the largest landed proprietors of the district, the Trustees of the Llanover Estate, and, after all, farmers had more to do with the agents than the landlords. They were pleased to have Mr Jones in the chair. [Applause.]

The Chairman briefly returned thanks, remarking that is was, as they knew, that he occupied the chair that evening. He regretted that Mr Isaac George had been unable to come and take the position.

Mr J. Parker gave the “Judges,” who he said, were all good men of experience whose awards they would all accept.

Mr Peter Marfell replying, said the root judges had seen a splendid lot, the mangolds being especially good. Competition had been keen. There would have been a difference if some of the competitors had put their drills a little closer.

Mr Waters returned thanks and Mr Evans; another judge confessed that it was not as good as he had expected to see. A good week’s rain previously would have shewn better work. The open champion class was a very good one. The boys’ class was a very funny one to judge.

Mr E Parker submitted “The Vice-Chairman” and referred Mr E. Spencer’s work for the Association.

Mr Spencer, in response, said he had always been ready to do his duty in connection with the society. He strongly regretted the fact that, though five or six of the local landed proprietors had been asked to preside, not one could be found to accept the invitation. However Mr Jones had come to the rescue at the last moment, and he was a worthy man of whom they were proud.

“The successful competitors” was also proposed by Mr E. Parker, who read a letter of regret at being unable to be present from Mr R. St John Bessley of Usk, who also conveyed his best wishes for the success of the meeting.

“The Unsuccessful Competitors” was proposed by Mr Morgan and responded to by Mr Worgent and Mr Gwatkin.

Mr J. Parker gave “Mr & Mrs William Jenkins,” who had served them so well at Pentwyn Farm that day.

Mr Jenkins in reply, said that he had done his best for the Association and his sons had helped him, but he thought his wife had had the hardest work of all. [Hear hear!]

Other toasts were “The Press,” proposed by Mr A. R. Beynon and responded to on behalf of the “County Observer” and “The Host and his sisters,” given from the chair and acknowledged by Mr Price.

During the evening several songs were sung, Mr Jones of Pontypool giving a especial pleasure and amusement by his contributions. Among others who sang were Messrs Luffman, Franklyn Harris, G. Turner and – Lewis, Mr A.R. Beynon acted as accompanist.

The Awards


Open Swing Class: Wm Whitney, Tycoch Farm

Wheel Plough – open to all comers: Amos Crump (Mr Hy Knipe]

District Champion Wheel Plough: 1. Edward Davies, Mamhilad; 2. George Mathews, [Mrs Turner Lanvair]

Farmers’ class or farmers’ sons; 1. Arthur Jenkins, Pentwyn; 3. – Nicholas, Mardy

Waggoners’ class: 1. – Harrison, [with Mr Geo Spencer,] 2. Mark Hinkerman [with Messrs Knipe Bros] 3. Dd Jones [with Llanover trustees]

Boys’ class, under 18 years; 1. Thomas Hardwicke, Wern, Goytre; 2.Ernest Bennett, Nantyderry; 3. Oswald Williams [with Mr Hopkins, Pentwyn:]

Best Digger; D Thomas, [with Mr A Jones]

Special Prize given by Mr H. Jenkins to the competitor who turned the farrows neatest – to be decided by the next meeting.


Horses and Turnout:

The neatest and cleanest turnout: 1. E. Nicholas, Mardy

Most valuable pair of horses: 1. W Beer, High Mead, Llanover; 2. [Prize given by Mr Amery, Pontypool] G. Spencer, Lanvair:

Cart Brood Mare: 1. + 2. W. Beer

Cart Sucker Colt or Filly: 1. E. Parker, Court Farm; 2. W. Beer; 3. E. Nicholas:

Nag Brood Mare: 1. W. Lewis, Lower Hendre; 2. J. Parker, Kemys;

Horse for Colliery Purposes: 1. [Prize given by Mr J. Parker], Wm Jenkins; 2. [Prize given by Mr H Knipe], Wm Jenkins;

Best Cob: 1. W. Lewis; 2. [Prize given by Mr Probyn, Pontypool], W. Pugh, Hendre; 3. [Prize given by Castle Brewery Co.], W. Pugh; 3. G. Spencer;

Two Year Old Cob: 1. W. Pugh; 2. A (lfred). Jones, Goytre House Farm; 3. C. Edwards, Lanvair:

Neatest trimmed tail on pair of horses: 1. E. Nicholas

Prize of £1 1s is given by Mr W. Lewis for the best foal insured by him: 1. E. Nicholas; 2. W. H. Charles, Park-y-brain.



Champion prize: 1. Joseph Jones, Gwehelog; 2. Charles Jones, Llanbaddock; 3. James Meredith, Lanvair; and Wm. Howells, Gwehelog.

Ditching and hedging, [14 yards within 6 hours]: 1. Sidney Howells, Goverra Farm; 2. Geo Spencer, Lanvair; 3. J. Charles, Park-y-brain.

Farmers’ sons or servants’ class: [under 23 years of age] 1. Cornelius Morgan, Glanusk; 2. William Phillips, Lanvair.


Rick Making and Thatching

Best and neatest made rick [thatched on a farm, including tidiest rick-yard] 1. George Spencer; 2. William Morgan, Glanusk:

Prize of 10s to the boy, not exceeding 18 years of age who shall have made and thatched a rick of produce in the best and most workmanlike manner. Second prize of a hacker and hedging gloves [given by Messrs Sandbrook & Dawe, Pontypool] 1. Arthur Jenkins, Pentwyn; 2. W. Jenkins, Pentwyn; 3. 5s, Isaac Charles, Park-y-brain:



Two acres Swedes [Chemical Manure Co’s prize] 1. John Hopkins, Pentwyn; 2. George Spencer, White House, Lanvair:

Two acres Swedes [Norrington, Hington & Co’s prize] 1. George Spencer; 2. Wm. Lewis, Llanover:

Two acres Swedes [prize given by Messrs E.B. Ford & Sons, Pontypool] £2 2s, Mrs Turner, Lanvair:

Three acres mixed clover [prize given by E.B. Ford & Sons, £1 1s] W. Beer, Highmead, Lanvair:

Three acres of Swedes [prize by Saunders & Co., Abergavenny £2 2s]   D. Thomas, Chain Bridge, near Usk:

Three acres of clover [prize by Saunders & Co., £1 5s] W. Beer:

Two acres Swedes [prize by Odams, per Mr Morgan Griffiths, Raglan] George Spencer:

Swedish turnips [prize by Dutfield & Frost £2] Wm. Morgan:

Two acres Swedes [prize by J. Turner £2 2s] W. Knipe, Pentwyn:

Two acres Swedes [prize by W. Gough, Hereford] Wm. Jenkins, Pentwyn:

Two acres clover [prize by W. Gough] Wm. Jenkins:


Association Prizes

Best and cleanest three acres of Swedes: 1. George Spencer; 2. Mrs Turner; 3. W. Beer:

Best and cleanest two acres of Swedes: 1. William Morgan; 2. Thomas Morgan, Kemys;

  1. George Stinchcome, Goytre:

Best and cleanest acre of mangolds: 1. W. Beer; 2. John Hopkins; 3. W H Williams, Goverra Farm:

Best and cleanest half acre of mangolds: 1. & 2. George Spencer and George Thomas, Chain Bridge:


Poultry Produce etc.

Turkey: 1. Miss Charles, Park-y-brain; 2. Mrs A Jones, Goytre House Farm:

Goose: 1. Miss Evans, High House, Mamhilad; 2. Mrs A Jones:

Pair of Ducks: 1. Mrs R Jenkins, Velincoed; 2. Mrs A Jones:

Couple of Fowls: 1. Mrs R Jenkins; 2. Miss Evans:

Two lbs of butter: 1. Miss Parker, Kemys; 2. Mrs T Morgan, Kemys:

Three Cheeses: 1. Miss Parker; 2. Mrs Jenkins, Pentwyn:

Best Cottager’s Garden: 1. Harrison, [employed with George Spencer, Lanvair] 2. Edward Jenkins, Kemys; 3. George Jones, Goytre:



Fat Pigs: 1. &2. Wm Walker, Goytre: (E Reg Ty Hir)

Cottagers’ Class: 1. Mrs Morgan, Glan-y-nant:

Store Pigs: 1. & 2. William Walker:

Sow and pigs: [prize given by Mr John Davies, butcher, Pontypool] 1. John Parker, Kemys; 2. J Rees, Goytre Farm, Nantyderry:


Block Test

Nearest judging of the weight of a sheep: 1 & 2 divided between H. Stinchcombe, Monkswood and – Morgan, Govilion; both guessing the correct weight, 84lbs:


Farm Servants etc

Longest serving with a tenant farmer, member of the association; 1. Workman, [with Mr W Morgan, Glanusk] 61/2 years 2. David Thomas [with Mr A Jones, Goytre], 3 years:

Prize of 10s 6d to the female servant longest with the same employer 1. L Harris [with Mr Thomas, Chain Bridge] 7 years 5 months:

The prize of £5 for the best site for the ploughing matches was awarded to Mr W Jenkins, Pentwyn:


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