Timothy Curren – Bulldog Set on a Policeman 1889

Bulldog Set on a Policeman

24th February 1899

Timothy Curren was charges with stealing apples, value 1s, the property of David Thomas at Goytrey on 11th August 1895.

P.c. Davies said that on Sunday 11th August 1895, he saw the defendant go into Mr Thomas’s orchard and fill his pockets with apples.

There was a boy on the road watching with a big bulldog. Witness started to go for the defendant when he set the bulldog at him and kept him at bay. Every time witness tried to advance he set the dog at him.

He then unloaded his pocket of apples and went off. Witness took the apples to Mr Thomas. Defendant absconded afterwards and only recently returned to the district.

David Thomas said that on the day in question P.c. Davies had brought some apples to him, the value of which was 1s. A fine of 5s was imposed.

Defendant – in answer to the magistrate said that he had been in Ireland since the time the offence was committed.


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