Richard William Griffith 1700

NLW Ref: LL/1700/54

In the name of God Amen this seaven and twenteeth day of June one thousand six hundred ninety two I Richard William Griffith of Goytre in the County of Monmoth yeoman being sick in body but of sound & perfect memory thanks bee to Almighty God, doe make and ordeine this my last Will & Testamt in maner following revoaking all other Wills by mee formerly made.

First I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God hopeing through the meritoreious death & passion of Christ Jesus my Saviour to have full pardon of all my sins and my body to bee buryed in Christian buryall in the church of Goytre, and as to that pte of tempall goods wch God hath bestowed upon mee I dispose of the same as followeth.

First I give unto my son James five busshells of eatch sort of graine and corne wch is now growing and standing on my lands, and also all my implem’ts of husbandry. It I give unto my sayd son the table boord and formes which stand in my hall. It I give unto my grand child An Morgan forty shillings to bee layd out by my daughter Maud for her use and advantage till shee comes to the age of fifeteene yeares. It I give to my daughter Jane ye least of my brass pots. It I give unto my grand child Mary Morgan two ewes and lambs. It I give betweene others of my daughters Maud, Katherine & Elizabeth all my goods catle and chattles as well with in doores as wth out to bee equally disposed betweene them, and in case they cannot agree upon the divident amongst themselves, my will is yt Will Morgan my nephew of Lanvayre Gilgedin & Thomas Ridley of the same shall decide the controversy, they being hereby desired and chosen to bee ov’rseers of this my Will. Last of all I hereby nominatt and appoint my three daughters Maud, Katherine & Elizabeth to bee joynt executrixes of this my Will. Wittness my hand & seale the day & yeare above written. Richard Griffith

Published, signed, sealed & delivered in ye presence of Will Morgan; Thos Ridley

June ye 27 92

Memorand: That it is the true intent & meaneing of this my here under written Will that the corne, implements of husbandry and other household goods are given by mee to my son James for and towards his full share & proportion of the corne now growing on my lands, and hereafter to grow and the rest to bee and remayne towards the use of my three daughters Maud, Katherine & Elizabeth wthout ye interruption of my son James. Wittness my hand & seale the day & yeare above mentioned. Richard Griffith

Wittnesses Will Morgan; Thos Ridley


16 April 1700

Proved by Matilda & Catherine Griffiths, executrixes named in the said Will, before me Hen: Salmon,


(Latin) Proved at Abergavenny 16 April 1700 before Hen: Salmon, Surrogate &c by Matilda & Catherine Griffiths, daughters & executrixes named in the said will top whom admon was granted &c


A true & pfect inventorye of all and singular the goods cattle & p’sonall estate of Richard Griffith of the pish of Goyterye in the Countye of Monmoth & diocesse of Landaffe yeoman late deceased being taken & prysed the 13th day of Appreill 1700 made as followeth


Imp’ris his wearing appell prysed to                                                            03            00            00

Item fower oxen prysed to                                                                              10            10            00

On cowe & calfe & two other kine prysed to                                               08            00            00

Six yonge cattle on mare & on horse prysed to                                          08            10            00

Twentye three swine smale & greate prysed to                                          05            00            00

Two standing bed steeds & theyer apptenances in the little parlor prysed             02            00            00

Item more pewter on coffer two chayers & on strawne chayer in the said roome            00            14            00

Fower chayers on skreene & on joynt stoole in the hall prysed to                        00            09            06

Two bedsteeds with theyer apptences in the chamber over the hall prysed to            01            00            00

Item beefe & bakon in the sayed roome prysed                                                 01            00            00

Ite brassen vessells of all sorts wch are in the entrye prysed to                     02            00            00

Ite more brasse & iron in the said roome                                                            00            10            00

Item wooden vessells in the cicthing & in the seller prysed to                        01            10            00

Ite on bedsteede wth its apptences & other woollen & linen & other

materealls there prysed to                                                                         04            10            00

Item all the implements of husbandrye & other trumparyes there prysed  00            10            00

Item corne being in the howse & barne thresshed & unthressed & maulte

prysed to                                                                                                        07            00            00

Item hay fordering the cattle prysed to                                                                00            05            00

Corne on the ground being 18 acres of all grynes prysed to                             09            00            00

Item money being due by spetialtye & desberate being in the whole             25            00            00

Nine acres of otes prysed to                                                                                     01            05            00


Suma totalle                                                    91            13            6


Praysors hereunto the mke of Peeter (X) Charles; the mke of William (X) Richard; Thomas Davies

(Latin) Exhibited at Abergavenny 16 April 1700 by Matilda & Catherine Griffiths the daughters and executrixes &c


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