Andrew Wm Rosser 1665

NLW Ref: LL/1665/40

Andrew William Rosser – Goytrey 1665

In the name of God Amen, the tenth day of June 1665 accordinge the computation of the Church of England.

I Andrew William Rosser of the County of Monmouth and pishe of Goytrey, yeoman, being sicke in body but of pfect memory and remembrance praised be to God, doe make and ordain this my last will and testament in maner and form following;

Viz: First I bequeath my Soule to the Almightie God my maker, hopeing that through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christ my only savior and redeemer to receive free p’don for my signs.

And as for my bodie to bee buried in Christian buriall at the discretion of my executrix herinafter mentioned.

Item; I give and bequeath towards the church of Landaff one shilling.

Item; I give towards my forgotten tithes unto the minister of my pish one shilling.

Item; I give and bequeath my house, lands with the appurtenances thereunto belonging in as lardge and ample maner as I at this time possesse it unto my wife Joan Phe duringe her naturall life, paying yearly the sume of twentie shillings at the feast of St Michael the Archangell unto John Andrew.

And after the death of the said Joan Phe I doe herby give and bequeath the fore mentioned lands and tenements with all appurtenances there unto belonging with the? of ancient time known unto my daughter Margarett Andrew for and during her naturall life on the condition that shee payeth or cause payment to bee truly done yearly the sume of three pounds at every sd feast of St Michaelmas the Archangell the sd John Andrew paying and discharging on halfe of all taxes and tallages that shall happen concerning the said premises wth out any denial whatsoever they may?

Item; my will is that after the death of the said Joan Phe my sd wife and my daughter Margarett Andrew the whole lands and all the appurtenances shall be unto John Andrew, his heirs and assigns forever.

Item; I give and bequeath tenne shillings to bee payed by the sd Joan Phe duringe her life tyme at the fore sd feast of Michaelmas unto Howell Andrew duringe the terme of his naturall life and after the death of Joan Phe my wife, that Margarett Andrew continue paiment of the sd tenne shillings at every feast of St John the Baptist yearly during her life tyme.

Item; I give and bequeath tenne shillings more unto Jane Andrew during her naturall life by Joan Phe and Margarett Andrew at the feast of the aforesd by equal porcions.

Item; my will is that Joan and Margarett? to discharge the debt I owe especially unto William Andrew my sonne and others, and I do appoint and ordain the sd Margarett Andrew sole executrix of this my last will and testament and all goods, chattells for to discharge the aforesd debts whatsoever as by this shee will bee enabled and hereby I doe revoke all other wills and testaments.

In witness whereof I doe put unto my hand and seale the daye and yeare above written.

The mark of Andrew Will:


Wm. Jones – senior

Wm. Jones – junior


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